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EVE-survival goes wiki!

The wiki detects if it's viewed in the In Game Browser and shows a simplified version of the wiki. There's a minimal of links and no stylesheets nor div-tags.

While the new page is being migrated, the old mission reports are still found at The new ones are found here: MissionReports

Want to comment?

If you got some comments about a mission. Perhaps you lost your ship to one. Or you have a really good setup for a mission, please use the comment form below each mission (use an out of game browser). You need to be registered and logged in to do that.

This way we keep the main mission page clean of personal views.

Want to report a mission or edit a current one?

  1. Register at this site.
  2. View the UserDocumentation documentation. Especially the templates and the naming convention.
  3. Make a new one or edit a page
  4. If you've made a new one, please tell us in the EVE-Survival channel (Look for the Janitors in TheTeam). We'll add a link to it. It's reachable from PageIndex until then.

If you got any questions, be sure to ask in the EVE-survival channel! No questions are too dumb. Remember also to look at the "EVE-survival mail" mailing list. I'll post changes etc there.

Want to register?

First join the ingame channel eve-survival for info about the invitation code. Everybody that registers may submit and update missions themselves. Use an out of game browser for this, but it is possible to UserSettings login ingame too. If you want to do something more for the guide, like being a janitor and being a mission report collector, tell us.

Please create an username that is similar to your ingame name. It's got to contain at least two capital letters or one capital letter and one number. It's the way Wikka links users and pages.

Example: ChepeNolon

Currently Under Migration and Upgrade

Before doing anything, you should go here and check out some useful pages (like mission templates etc): UserDocumentation

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