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From the patch notes for Quantum Rise, released 11 November 2008

* Important multi-part storyline missions have had their expiry timers increased to one month to allow for completion.
* The Gallente COSMOS mission, Revenge is Sweet, will now provide a clear description to guide players to the next appropriate COSMOS agent in sequence.
* The message displayed in the mission "The Blockade" about the stasis tower being controlled by the pirates is shown only once and is not shown again when warping in and out of the mission location.
* The level 3 mission “What Comes Around Goes Around” has had the frigate NPC’s changed to Cruisers.
* The repair outpost in the level 3 mission “Break their Will” has had its hitpoints increased significantly.
* The acceleration gate in the level 4 missions “The Mordus Headhunters”, “Silence the Informant” and “Smuggler Interception” has been moved. Travel distance to the second areas is now reduced.
* The NPC’s in the Level 4 mission “Smuggler interception” have been reduced but are now stronger.
* The level 3 mission “New Frontiers (5 of 7)” will now have reduced neutralizing, DPS and Electronic Warfare.
* The agent Yuata Ishodaki, who was located at Notoras II - Lai Dai Protection Service Assembly Plant, has been moved and is now located in the station Sarenemi V - Home Guard Assembly Plant. Lai Dai didn’t want that Agent anyway.
* Agent mission bonus rewards above 100,000 ISK will now be subject to corporation taxes. For example, if your player corporation has a 10% tax rate then 10% of your mission bonus reward will now be added to the corporation wallet.
* The silo in the storyline mission "Shipyard Theft" will now drop a loot container.
* Battleships can now squeeze through the acceleration gates in the missions "My Sweet Privateer" and “Transport Duty”.
* There have been modifications to the names of structures in the "Lights Out" series of missions.
* The mission description for Undue Attention (1 of 3) has been made clearer.
* The trigger message in the level four storyline mission "Extract the Renegade" has been modified.
* The mission "Cleaning House" has had its description modified to clarify objectives.

* All gang members will now receive the same agent and corporation standing increases from missions.
* An exception is no longer thrown when right clicking after selecting all agents in the all agent folder under the agents tab.
* Completing the mission "Athran Exigency (1 of 5) will no longer cause an incorrect standing loss to the Khanid Kingdom.
* The mission "In the Midst of Deadspace" will no longer send players to different systems in parts 1, 3, 4 and 5. The deadspace encounters will remain in the same system.
* Spawn containers that appear when an object or structure is destroyed in a mission will no longer be empty. All spawned containers will contain items.
* A New Venture (3 of 5) – Healthy Competition" now drops the correct mission items.
* The “Mannar Mining Colony” mission can now be completed as intended.
* The mission “Augumene Allergen (5 of 5)” can now be completed.
* A grammatical error in the description of the LCO Radio Telescope has been fixed in the level 3 mission "The Score”.
* Several grammatical errors have been corrected in the mission “Minmatar Plot (3 of 3)”
* Multiple typographical errors have been fixed in the completion text of the mission "The Slaves must be returned".
* A typographical error has been fixed in the mission "A New Venture - Final Negotiations (5 of 5)".
* The mission "Foreign Investment" will now give the correct standings boost to the Caldari State.
* Faction standing changes have been corrected in the Gallente mission "Exploited Sensitivities".
* The mission "Suntendi Recall (2 of 5)” now features the correct agent conversation options.
* Agent Thanan Derif is able to give out the mission “Informed Attack (4 of 5)” once again.
* Omber has been removed from the level one mission "Fair Play (2 of 5)".
* Players can now equip and use a Micro Warp Drive in the mission "Air Show - Requesting a Flyby (5 of 5)".
* The correct amount of Scordite necessary to complete the mission "Data Mining" has been clarified.
* The PD Security Enforcer NPCs in the COSMOS complex "Pend Insurance Storage Bin" are now piloting the correct ships.
* The battleship General 'Buck' Turgidson will no longer disappear from the mission "War Situation 2 of 2"
* A gate in the "Mysterious Sightings (3 of 4)" mission has been relabeled.
* In the mission "Rogue Drone Harassment" the Kayzum Mother Drone will now leave the correct sized wreck.
* The image in the mission details window will no longer disappear when scrolling down to read the full mission details.
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