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Spare a couple dollars?
We all have website hosting fees. If you feel like contributing, a small donation is gratefully appreciated but in no way expected.
Thank you for your support

Regards Chepe Nolon

Server HOST Messages: IF YOUR GONNA COPY THE WHOLE SITE EVERY WEEK CAN YOU AT LEAST DO IT DOING THE WEEK WHEN TRAFFIC IS LOWER? ALSO could you be courteous to the users of eve-survival and not request 1000's of pages in a few seconds. Thank you. It is great to have backups when the site goes down but mirroring on 15 different sites at once and everyone getting their updates when demand is highest is hurting the Users not helping them.
Want to be a moderator for EVE-SURVIVAL contact Danice Krenstien in game.

Any server questions can be Directed at Danice Krenstien.Or direct email to (kb8mub at hotmail dot com)
Thanks Dreason

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