Human Cattle, Level 2

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Faction: Rogue Drones, Amarr, Caldari and a few mercenaries
Type: Deadspace
Damage Dealt: Amarr: EM, Therm; Caldari: Kin, Therm
Recommended Damage dealing: Therm
Recommended ship classes: Cruiser or Battlecruiser

Human Cattle (1 of 5):

4 sentry drones and 3 missile batteries at the warp-in point. All aggro on warp in. You have to dispatch the drones to open the cargo can (disguised as a habitation module) and pick up the datachip needed for the mission. There are a bunch of other structures none of which dropped loot for me.

Standings: destroying the Caldari missile batteries nets you -2.4% with Caldari State.

Human Cattle (2 of 5):

Transport the datachip you retrieved to a different station. Straightforward transport mission.

Human Cattle (3 of 5):

4 frigates (Caldari Navy) sat at warp-in point. All aggro immediately. After a short time reinforcements arrive - 9 more frigs which appear pretty much at combat range, these are not triggered by the initial force as far as I can see. The residence in the middle drop some trade goods.

Human Cattle (4 of 5):

Warp to the gate which is locked and 6 Mercenary Fighters appear. One will drop the prisoners you need for the mission. Alternative wave is 5 Fighters and 1 interceptor.

Note: Interceptor will occasionally warp scramble, lost my first cruiser here. Takes a lot of dps to beat the shields on it, will web within 10k.

Human Cattle (5 of 5):

Deadspace encounter. For some reason you are dropped some distance from the gate, there are a couple of structures but no ships waiting for you here. Just fly through the gate as normal.

Pocket 1:

Several groups of ships, mixed force of Amarr and Caldari vessels. 9 frigs/destroyers at 15k range which all aggro on warp in. Approximately ten more frigs/destroyers in two loose groups plus two cruisers separately.

6x State Yumi
2x State Kai Gunto
1x State Shukuro Ashigaru
1x Imperial Templar Paladin
1x Imperial Agatho
2x Imperial Templar Forian
1x Imperial Haran
2x Imperial Felix
1x Imperial Sixtus
4x Imperial Disciple

Blitzing this section pocket 1 is possible, turn and run as soon as they are in range and pick them off one by one, takes a little longer but is achievable

Pocket 2:

3 Sentry guns and 2 elite frigs.

Pocket 3:

As soon as you warp in you complete the mission. There is 1 support frig (scrambles, but you can warp before it locks/scrambles) at about 20k range which aggros shortly after warp in and a whole lot of Amarrian navy vessels at about 130k range. Approach to about 65K and the Armageddons open fire, Turn and run again and you can pick off a few ships. It may take a few runs to complete this blitz section due to the sheer volume of ships. "Not for the faint hearted"

8x Amarr Navy Gamma I Support Frigate
3x Amarr Navy Gamma II Support Frigate
12x Amarr Navy Delta I Support Frigate
5x Amarr Navy Delta II Support Frigate
8x Amarr Navy Apocalypse
4x Amarr Navy Armageddon
3x Amarr Navy Maller
2x Amarr Navy Jakar

Drops about 2500 m3 of loot in total, including Large Tachyon Beam Lasers and a chance of some Caldari Navy Fulmination Heavy Assault missiles.


Comment by VenetiyanHel
2008-07-28 12:20:18
Thanks, made this easier to complete.
Comment by MeatiuS
2008-08-01 10:43:19
Part 3
1 of the middle Residence's drops
10 Dairy Products
10 Super Conductors
Comment by JohnDMes
2008-08-12 19:55:32
If you stay to fight in Part 1, the Sentry Drones drop typical Rogue Drone loot(compounds and alloys), and have typical Rogue Drone Saalvage. The Missile Batterys can drop ammo cans with light missiles
Comment by ForteEXE
2009-03-22 13:47:50
Has anybody managed to solo part 5's BS fleet spawn? I'd like to know the chances of a T2 gun, faction modules fit Paladin could stand a reasonable chance at standing upto the fleet.
Comment by Flaming111
2009-05-06 20:42:09
bb hangs 35km out, the arbi will optimal disruptor you.
Comment by ReawiDarkfly
2009-05-16 12:58:05
The Shipyard in pocket 1 of part 5 didn't have any loot.
Comment by Gothmog2x
2009-07-13 17:50:18
Have successfully soloed part 5 BS fleet using a Megathron sniper setup with 5x sentry drones (You need to do something about the support frigate before you start). With this set up could snipe at 130km; everything aggroes you, take out support frigs first or they'll swarm you. Once frigs are dead, only the Jakars seem to have decent long range damage ability (Wrath Cruises doing kin damage); the Apocalypses/ Armageddons all do EM/Therm; 2x hardeners for each and you can tank this easily.
Comment by SeamusDonohue
2010-02-23 21:10:08
I have not done this mission myself. Samjack2, a fellow University member, reported to me that the entire mission chain incurred *at least* a total of -4.8% for Amarr Empire and -4.8% for Caldari State for "Combat - Ship Kill".
Comment by WikiMatzumisi
2010-03-08 14:06:04
Did last pocket in a drake with fleet of 2 destroyers and a frig (pilots are 3 to 14 days old) - they pulled agro away from me a few times. Soloable if support frigs are killed off with precision missiles and then switching to fury to kill the rest. Total salvaged amount about 25-27millions, some good insignia dropped.
Comment by DrSlate
2010-03-15 19:02:39
Watch out for a hit to your standings on mission 3 of 5.
Comment by DanteVonKarma
2010-04-29 11:43:14
I got 8 ships at warp in in Pocket 1 of mission 5: only destroyers, at 12km.
Comment by ManeckStreetPreacher
2010-09-05 22:28:20
Confirming SeamusDonohue's comment. Several steps of this chain will cause Amarr/Caldari faction damage. Completing part 1 causes a -2.4% loss against the Caldari for "Combat - Ship Kill", despite the lack of any Caldari ship.
Comment by SeamusDonohue
2011-12-06 15:13:57
A fellow Unista named "Mordre Urah" had to quit this mission and reported the following standing losses for "Mission Failed":

-0.014% - Minmatar Republic
-0.4569% - corporation
-2.6109% - agent

People who accept the mission by mistake might be better off quitting the mission than taking the Caldari standings hit.
Comment by Fist1
2012-08-24 12:06:51
In part 3 of 5 the reinforcement wave seems to be proximity based and not timed. Had to move away from the warp in to trigger the wave.
Comment by Klann2
2013-09-06 18:02:36
After completing mission 1 and only killing drones - rec a combat ship kill penalty from Caldari of - 2.4%
Comment by GhostWish
2014-01-09 15:05:10
Fought the last pocket's support frigate. Did not scramble me.
Comment by JeffMings
2016-07-21 01:33:34
I did part 1 without firing on the missile batteries or the habitation module, and didn't take a faction hit. It was trivial to tank the missiles in my Brutix, and probably for most cruisers as well.
Comment by PwrPakki
2017-01-23 12:48:10
Trying to preserve Faction Standings, then do NOT do this mission.
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