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======Illegal Activity (3 Parts), Level 2======

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Faction: Gallente
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal Space
Damage dealt: Thermal/EM
Extras: Web - Delta II Support Frigates (Part 1 of 3)
Recommended damage dealing: EM/Explosion
Recommended ship classes: Cruiser
Recommended generic setup: Short Range DPS

=====Part 1 of 3=====

====Warp In====

===Group 1 (20km) (Auto Aggro) (Spawns after 30 seconds)===
2x Frigates (Federation Navy Soldier)
2x Frigates (Federation Navy Delta II Support Frigate)
- Support frigates Web
- Orbit at 2km-500m

===Group 2 (45km) (Spawns at same time as Group 1)===
4x Frigate (Gallente Miner)
- No weapons
- Drop unique item [[ | Gallente Mining Laser]]

===Group 3 (55km) (Spawns a few minutes after Group 1/2)===
3x Frigates (Gallente Navy Atron)
1x Frigate (Gallente Navy Officer)

On warp in fly straight for the Ruined Neon sign, you can avoid auto aggro of Group 1 if fast enough.
Wait for group 3 to spawn. Kill them, loot Gallente Light Marines from can. Warp out
==Mineable Asteroids==
41x Veldspar
Asteroid Mining Post, Dropped nothing... only attackable Large Collidable Structure
- Smartbomb warning... many Large Collidable Objects are present that give Concord warning when attempting to fire at them

=====Part 2 of 3=====

====Warp In====

===Single Group (55km) (Transmission then Auto Aggro)===
6 x Frigate (Federation Navy Soldier)
6 x Frigate (Federation Navy Atron)

None, kill all enemies to complete
==Mineable Asteroids==
- Stay more than 10km away from the ships and they never even fire.

=====Part 3 of 3=====
Space type: Deadspace
Recommended ship classes: Cruiser (Normal Ship Restrictions)
Recommended generic setup: Mixed Range DPS

====Warp In====

===Group 1 (30km) (Transmission then Auto Aggro)===
1 x Cruiser (R.S. Officer)
- Tries to stay at 30km, but slow. AB will help if fitted for short range.
- Must loot R.S. Officer's Passcard to access the Acceleration Gate

====Pocket 1====

===Groups 1-3 (30km) (Auto Aggro)===
1 x Gallente Sentry Gun
1 x Frigate (Federation Navy Soldier)
- One group to left, one right, one behind.

===Group 4 (100km)===
9 x Frigates (Federation Navy Maulus, Federation Navy Atron)

===Group 5 (100km)===
9 x Frigates (Federation Navy Maulus, Federation Navy Atron)

===Group 6 (75km) (Spawns after about 2 minutes, near Stargate)===
- Stay more than 10km away from the ships and they never even fire.
5 x Frigate (Convoy Escort Soldier)
3 x Frigate (Convoy Escort Maulus)
2 x Industrial (Roden Shipyard Courier)

If you already have key from a previous run, put in cargohold, and go straight for gate at warp in.
Wait for Group 6 to spawn, then destroy it. Complete when both Couriers and all Convoy Escorts are dead. Warp out.
==Mineable Asteroids==
2x Security Outpost, Dropped nothing
- If you have leave to empty cargo holds for more loot, don't forget to keep the R.S. Officer's Passcard to get back

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