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Scout Sites (3-5 pilots)

Nation Industrial Proxy
Distress Beacon
Forward Reconnaissance Outpost
Propaganda Cluster

Vanguard Sites (5-10 pilots)

NationMiningColony Nation Mining Colony
NationCommanderOutpost Nation Commander Outpost
OverrideTransferArray Override Transfer Array

Assault Sites (10-20 pilots)

OverwhelmedCivilianFacility Overwhelmed Civilian Facility
Nation Consolidation Network
NationCommanderStronghold Nation Commander Stronghold

Headquarters Sites (20-50 pilots)

TruePowerProvisionalHeadquarters True Power Provisional Headquarters
True Creations Research Center
NationRebirthFacility Nation Rebirth Facility
TheKundaliniManifest The Kundalini Manifest

Useful Information

IncursionConstelationLayout Incursion Constellation Layout
IncursionArmorWorkshop Armor Workshop
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