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Infested Ruins, level 4

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Faction: Rogue Drones
Mission type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: All kinds
Web/Scramble: Strain drones
Reccomended damage dealing: EM, Therm
Completed in standard raven 6x cruise, 2x tractor beams, 2x invul field, shield booster, booster amp, 2x pds, 3x bcs. All fittings were t1.
Difficulty Rating - Easy

Pocket 1

(Note: The right hand most battery when you warp in will agro spawn 2 if you shoot it. Recommend therefore that this is the last battery you take out. None of the other batteries cause more agro if shot)

Group 1: (Auto-Aggro)

Distance: 10-40km
4x Drone Cruise Missile Battery

Group 2

Distance: 90km
2x Strain Render Alvi/ Strain Splinter Alvi (Scram/Web) (Frig)
1x Silverfish Alvi (Frig)
6x Cruisers (Violator Alvum)

Group 3

Distance: 90km
5x Cruisers (Violator Alvum)
1x Battleship (Alvum Controller)

Group 4

Distance: 115km
3x Frigates (Raider Alvi)
5x Cruisers
4x Disintegrator Alvum
1x Enforcer Alvatis

All the spawns agro when you shoot the Lesser Hive.

Blitz: Once the lesser hive is down, the mission is complete so you don't actually need to kill the drones

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