Informed Attack, Level 5

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Part 4 of 5

(Part 3 covered here: Prison Bust)

Faction: Amarr
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace - No Gate
Web/Scramble: Stasis Towers
Extras: Amarr Energy Neutralizer Sentry IIIs, NOS, Tracking Disrupter
Damage dealt: EM 64% / Therm 36%
Recommended damage dealing: EM/Therm
Recommended ships: (1) Maelstrom w/ Passive Tank and (1) Maelstrom w/ Shield Transporters

Direct Warp into Deadspace. No gate.


Ships are split into four groups 65-80km away

4 groups of ships at Warp-In

18 x Frigates (Divine Imperial Napat) orbits at 10km, 30% Tracking Disrupter
10 x Battlecruisers (Imperial Templar Seer) orbits at 22km, NOS, -- Trigger 1 -- at 50% Armor
4 x Battleships (Imperial Templar Diviner) orbits at 21km, NOS, -- Trigger 2 -- at 50% Structure
16 x Amarr Cruise Missile Batteries
1 x Amarr Energy Neutralizer Sentry I
2 x Amarr Energy Neutralizer Sentry II
1 x Amarr Energy Neutralizer Sentry III
4 x Amarr Stasis Tower

Spawn 1

When the first Battlecruiser of each group is reduced to 50% Armor, there spawns:
3-5 x Cruisers (Divine Imperial Ambrose/Basil) orbits at 7-19km, NOS

Spawn 2

As each Diviner is reduced to 50% Structure, there spawns:
2-3 x Battleships (Imperial Templar Judgment) orbits at 49km

Destroy the Extremely Powerful EM Forcefield (5,200hp, recharges 83hp/s), which reveals the Amarr Bio Weapons Facility (250,000 hp)

Weapons Facility Spawns

Shooting Weapons Facility Spawns
5 x Fighters (Imperial Fighter) orbits at 2km, Destroying triggers 5 more Fighters
4 x Frigates (Divine Imperial Imran/Sixtus)
8 x Battlecruisers (Imperial Templar Phalanx/Donus/Tamir)

At 20% Shields, there spawns 3 groups of
4 x Frigates (Divine Imperial Imran/Sixtus)
8 x Battlecruisers (Imperial Templar Phalanx/Donus/Tamir)


Part 5 of 5

See A Dirty Job (5 of 5)

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