The Insorum Hijacking, Level 4 Caldari State Storyline

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Faction: Minmatar
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Explosive/Kin/EM
Extra: Target Painting (Chief Republic Gleeda)
Recommended damage dealing:
Recommended ship: Tengu
Extras: Requires a Salvager Module

Single Pocket

On Warp In...

The convoy wreck that you must salvage is 40km away surrounded by 1 group of Minmatar ships

6x Battleships (Republic Jotun (trigger spawn 2)/Jarl/Tribal Jotun/Tribal Jarl (trigger spawn 3)
4x Cruisers(Chief Republic Rodul)Trigger Spawn 1
4x Frigates (Chief Republic Kvarm)

Spawn 1 10km

5x Battleships (Republic Sigur)

Spawn 2

4x Frigates (Chief Republic Gleeda) Target Painters

Spawn 3 35km

5x Battleships (Republic Tribal Jotun)

Salvage the wreck
Destroy Republic Tribal Jarl

Lots of Minmatar Battleships and they fly fast, outrun their turret tracking with a speed tank and watch out for the painter spawns.

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