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======The Insorum Hijacking, Level 4======
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Faction: Minmatar Republic
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Explosive/EM
Extras: Target Painting (Kvarm, Ymir)
Web/scramble: None
Recommended damage dealing: Explosive/Kinetic
Recommended ship class: Battleship
Recommended generic setup: Close Combat, Heavy Tank

Special Ship Restrictions: Only Shuttle through Battleship sized ships
Required Equipment: Salvager required to access objective

====Single Pocket====

===Group 1 (45-55km, No Aggro)===
4x Elite Frigates (Chief Republic Kvarm) **Target Painting**
4x Elite Cruisers (Chief Republic Rodul/Manadis)
6x Battleships (Republic Tribal Jotun/Jarl Republic Jotun/Jarl)
- All surround 6 Wrecks and 1 Container **Objective**
- All orbit under 10km, except Manadis (22km)
- Any one of the Cruisers can trigger Group 2
- Any one of the Battleships can trigger Group 3

===Group 2 (Auto Aggro)===
5x Battleships (Republic Ymir/Sigur) **Ymir Target Painting**
- Sigur orbit under 10km, Ymir at about 35km

===Group 3 (Auto Aggro)===
5x Battleships (Republic Tribal Jotun)

Randomly possible. If all ships are dead, even if last killed triggers another wave, it completes.
Easiest method is kill Frigates in Group 1, Cruisers, Group 2, then Group 1 BS's and hope trigger is the last.

==Mineable Asteroids==


- No aggro at warp in, idle drones do not draw aggro
- Kill frigates first as they target paint, increasing damage done to you
- Leaving and returning after spawning waves will reset aggro on Group 1
- Can then attack spawned waves without drawing aggro from Group 1
- Using drones on spawned waves after returning draws aggro from Group 1
- Rumor of Group 4 (5x Frigates, Chief Republic Gleeda)
- Remember to have the Insorum Components with you for turn in
- Maximum possible mission standing gain for completion

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