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Intercept The Saboteurs, level 3

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Faction: Amarr
Mission type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: EM, Thermal
Extra Features: There was one or two ships that used NOS (Imperial Tamir)
Webber/scramble: Divine Imperials
Recommended damage: Thermal, EM
Recommended ships: Drake, Hurricane, Brutix, Myrmidon

Initial Pocket

6x Frigates (Imperial Felix/Paladin)

Pocket 1

5 groups

Group 1

5x Cruisers (Imperial Agatho/Donus/Mathura/Muzakir)
Note: Attacking group 1, group 2 aggros.

Group 2

2x Frigates (Divine Imperial Felix/Imran/Nabih/Sixtus)

Group 3

2x Imperial Agatho
0x Imperial Donus
3x Imperial Felix
2x Imperial Forian
3x Imperial Matendi
1x Imperial Mathura
2x Impreial Muzakir
0x Imperial Paladin
Note: Attacking group 3, group 4 aggros.

Group 4

1x Devine Imperial Felix
1x Devine Imperial Imran
1x Devine Imperial Muzakir
0x Imperial Imran
1x Imperial Crusader
0x Imperial Muzakir
0x Imperial Nabir
3x Imperial Paladin
1x Imperial Tamir
1x Imperial Templar Caius
0x Imperial Templar Muzakir
3x Amarr Transport Ship

Group 5

1x Imperial Agatho
1x Imperial Caius
1x Imperial Donus
1x Imperial Exarp
1x Imperial Felix
2x Imperial Paladin
0x Amarr Transport Ship
Note: Attacking group 5, group 4 aggros. No Aggro from group 5 when firing and destroying the Transport Ships.

The mission objective drops from the last transport ship destroyed.

Notes: The loot is also pretty poor, and most of it ended up being Amarr Tags.

Veldspar - 51 asteroids
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