In the Midst Of Deadspace Part 1, Level 4

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Faction: Amarr/Caldari
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: EM/therm, kin missiles (Amarr), Kin/therm (Caldari)
Extras: Bring an afterburner if you can, the gates are a little spread out.
Web/scramble: Caldari support frigates in the first pocket, amarr support frigates in the second and third
Recommended damage dealing: EM/Thermal against Amarr, Kinetic/Thermal against Caldari
Recommended ships: Paladin, Golem, CNR, Raven, Domi, Tengu

Pocket 1

Group 1 (18-20km)

Aggro at warp in
4x Cruisers (4x Caldari Navy Moa)

Group 2 (20-27km)

2x Frigates (2x Caldari Navy Delta II Support Frigate)
2x Battleships (2x Caldari Navy Raven)

Group 3 (32-38km)

2x Battleships (2x Amarr Navy Armageddon)

Group 4 (54-57km)

2x Cruisers (2x Amarr Navy Maller)
2x Battleships (2x Amarr Navy Apocalypse)

Minable Asteriods
11x Veldspar (0.75M Units)
13x Scordite (0.91M Units)

Pocket 2

Group 1 (5-32km)

Aggro at warp in
4x Frigates (4x Amarr Navy Gamma II Support Frigate) Take them out first they will web you and are the main dmg dealers early on
2x Battleships (1x Amarr Navy Apocalypse, 1x Amarr Navy Armageddon)
5x Amarr Sentry Guns

Minable Asteriods
8x Veldspar (0.65M Units)
34x Scordite (1.26M Units)
1x Omber (90K Units)

Pocket 3

5 Visible groups in this stage. Left, Right, Top, Bottom and Back. No aggro on warp in but attack aggro varies, explained below.

Left Group(68-73)

Attacking left group causes aggro from the back group
4x Frigates (2x Amarr Navy Gamma I Support Frigates, 1x Amarr Navy Delta I Support Frigate, 1x Amarr Navy Delta II Support Frigate)
1x Battleship (1x Amarr Navy Apocalypse)
1x Amarr Sentry Gun

Right Group (72-76)

Attacking right group causes aggro from the bottom group
4x Frigates (2x Amarr Navy Delta II Support Frigates, 1x Amarr Navy Delta I Support Frigate, 1x Amarr Navy Gamma I Support Frigate)
2x Battleships (1x Amarr Navy Armageddon, 1x Amarr Navy Apocalypse)
1x Amarr Sentry Gun

Top Group (68-74)

4x Frigates (2x Amarr Navy Gamma I Support Frigates, 2x Amarr Navy Delta II Support Frigates)
2x Battleships (1x Amarr Navy Armageddon, 1x Amarr Navy Apocalypse)
1x Amarr Sentry Gun

Bottom Group (68-74)

3x Frigates (2x Amarr Navy Gamma I Support Frigates, 1x Amarr Navy Gamma II Support Frigate)
2x Battleships (2x Amarr Navy Armageddon)
1x Amarr Sentry Gun

Back Group (85-105)

3x Frigates (3x Amarr Navy Gamma II Support Frigate)
3x Cruisers (3x Amarr Navy Maller)
2x Battleships (2x Amarr Navy Jakars using Kinetic Cruise Missiles)

No Structures drop loot.

  1. Fire on the bottom group to get aggro from 3 groups. Different groups may aggro but the strength is the same.
Amarr Navy Jakars deal a lot of damage and tank very strongly with EM being the lowest resist at 50%.
The Sentries will only fire on you if you get close to them (Around 30-40km).
If you can, kill the frigs while they approach with their MWDs active.
Otherwise consider: All Interceptors orbit between 3000 m and 6300 m, thus Smartbombs can be used to destroy them quickly, but faction ones (e.g. Imperial Navy Large EMP Smartbomb) are required to eliminate all interceptors. Tech 1 large smartbombs do not have enough for this job. Drones work fine but the number of interceptors in the third pocket is rather high.

  1. The mission objective (Amarr Light Marines) is dropped by the last ship of the back group.

  1. The proper way to do this mission safely is to attack the LEFT group first, but this is tricky to do unless you have the range to attack them without approaching - the low group has proximity aggro around 50km (?) which means neither you, your buddies or your drones can get too close
to them. Anyway, attacking the left group agroes the back group as well, and that group contains the mission objective. Start heading away with as good speed as you can and downing frigates with guns, and drones when the enemy is beyond agro range of the low group. This is best done with a sniper fit (i.e. able to hit for good damage beyond 50 km). You can then attack the other groups if you want to (or not, to "blitz").

  1. When doing the mission in a Tengu, be sure to kill the Frigs first and be sure to have a decent 10mn AB equiped so you can speedtank most of the larger ships.

Standing loss:

2.4% loss with the Amarr Empire (for Navy Apoc battleship in the first room and sentry tower in the second) per standing tick (15 minutes). NO loss with the Caldari State.

Tags to be looted (worth about 20m+):

Caldari Navy Admiral x 2
Caldari Navy Captain II x 2
Caldari Navy Commodore II x 4
Imperial Navy Colonel x 5
Imperial Navy General I x 7
Imperial Navy General II x 12
Imperial Navy Sergeant II x 12
Imperial Navy Sergeant III x 11

Part 2 is a simple courier mission.
Link to Part 3

Comment by QianzingYanshu
2008-07-23 15:25:51
I encountered in the 1st. pocket only 4 Caldari Navy Moa and in the 3rd. pocket only 2 Jakar.
Comment by ReavosVishad
2008-08-06 23:37:37
a T2 fitted Raven with thermal cruise and T2 thermal drones with get you through this mission no problem
Comment by KhurI
2008-10-23 05:11:30
I completed this in AC/AB Sleipnir, the interceptors with their webbing are annoying, and getting cought by them for too long will be the death of everyone relying only on angular velocity. Drones will kill them fairly effective though, and med AC's gets the job done, but you have to shoot them before they reach you and starts orbiting, so thats tricky, but possible.

I reccomend Phased Plasma, or that's what I used, and it will melt everything once I'm in range.. I rate this mission medium.
Comment by ForteEXE
2009-03-24 12:51:41
Important note, it seems that Jakar-only aggro doesn't work anymore. Twice out of the last two times I've done part one, I've gotten full aggro when firing on a Jakar first.

Fortunately I was able to kill frigs/BSes/Cruisers fast enough before tank fully broke, but maybe I just had really awful luck.
Comment by ForteEXE
2009-03-24 17:28:40
Followup on previous comment: Bottom group aggro works as posted. Does not aggro entire pocket, much more manageable. Had a third ITMOD offer that I tested it out on.
Comment by SaintJohn
2009-05-20 14:03:35
in pocket 2 , a frigate warp scrambled me , another was webbing me
Comment by MaciejSimm
2009-06-03 10:52:38
in part 1, pockets 1 and 2 dump you 20km from nearest ship and there's autoaggro, so fit for close-range damage (dealing and receiving.)

The last pocket allows you to get as much range as you feel comfortable with. sentry drones & t2 rail snipin make pocket3 a yawn.
Comment by OovarvU
2009-06-21 11:11:54
in follow up to forteexe, the jakar aggro works, just fire on the other ships in the group not the jakars.
Comment by OovarvU
2009-06-21 11:16:10
and no loot in the structures either so don't waste your time.
Comment by DethNinjaDragn
2009-06-24 23:14:16
I fixed it to due to the comments and my own experience. Just did the mission and its the BACK group NOT the bottom/Top group
Comment by CanuBis
2009-06-25 10:51:22
I got this mission, flying in an Armageddon with 4 tech2 specific hardeners and 1 LAR "accomodation". In first room I had to swap to 2 Kin hardeners to take out the caldari and then I swapped back to 2EM/2Therm for the amarr ships.

In Pocket 2 I had forgotten my drones so landed right on top of the perma scram/web fighters. Luckily I had a friend who could help me out after I had taken the BS out.

Pocket 3 (after picking up drones) I first pulled the left group and got bottom+right+back group(jakkar one) and I had to warp out after killing 3 fighters because the kinetic dmg from jakkars were higher than my tank could sustain. I didn't see anything scrambling me so after fitting some more tank (swapped to 2*Therm, 1*Kin, 1*EM and 1* EANM all Tech2) I went back and everything was all over the place so when I after getting to 70kms distance pulled everything came after me and I got horribly pounded and lost my ship because one of the Gamma support fighters scram'ed /blush.

I went and picked up an apocalypse the day after, fitted 2*therm 1*kin 1*em and 2*LAR "accomodation" with 8 pulses and cleared the last room without any hassle..

I might've just been unlucky but I'd recommend that if you have to warp out of third pocket make sure you have a proper tank when you warp back in.... Nothing aggros on warpin though so plenty of time to get range but those fighters reach you very fast.
Comment by KaeloLePetit
2009-09-14 06:07:17
In Pocket 2 I got 2 Amarr Navy Apocs instead of one Apoc and an Armageddon. interestingly, one of them orbited at about 38-35km, the other got right up to me and orbited at around 6km.

I had warp scrambling from Delta II supp frigates.

Also, the Mallers in the last pocket seem to have beastly resists to either Kin, Therm or both. I was doing almost half the damage I usually do.
Comment by CaptCurry
2009-10-21 00:21:48
Pockets one and two where really easy, no hassle from the frigs (5x hobogoblin T1's killed them rather quick)

Pocket 3 wasnt really an issue either, only had agro from one or two groups at a time (Left group and the jakkars -> top -> right and left roughly) the thermal drones ripped the frigs apart so the 7 webs didnt bother me. The can dropped from the last jakkar i killed

Done in a maelstrom, 8x1400mm prototype seige artys. T2 X-large shield booster, EM/therm shield resisters (T2 active) and a invuln T2. (T1 kin rig). T1 shieldbooster and a T2 cap recharger. didnt even need to worry about cap/shield %'s (cap stayed about 50%, got a T1 semiconducter and a CCC)
Comment by CaptCurry
2009-10-21 00:25:27
Because i fail, i used phased plasma on every ship apart from the two jakkars which i swaped to republic fleet emp, the tank on those ships didnt seem to bad compered to others tbh.
Comment by KilhuEmmek
2009-12-09 19:04:02
Firing on the Jakar aggros everything as of this date, so that's confirmed. Aggro from everything forced a warp-in/kill stuff/warp-out approach until I got the groups down enough to tank.

Webbers/scrammers are present in that last pocket, so be careful with this one.
Comment by CrashCat
2009-12-19 05:16:35
Did this with a Domi with no problems.
2x cap recharger II, 3 omni tracking links
1 LAR II, 2x EM hard II, 2x Them hard II, 2x CPR II
2x Sentry rig, CCC

Drones: Gardes and Hammers
Comment by CrucO
2010-02-03 15:26:34
Did this in a Proteus. Resists: EM 92% Kinetic 88% Thermal 94%. Tanked the entire last room.

Possibly very helpful bug- I had four ships blow up. Now, that wouldn't really be out of the ordinary...except I didn't even have these ships targetted. My drones were all on my target. it's like they just self destructed. No idea what in the world happened, but they all turned into wrecks for no reason that I could see.
Comment by AlauraLorraine
2010-11-08 20:51:51
Firing on the left group in the third room aggros a third or so of the room. All the Int's aggro but therm drones take them out easy. After that bunch, you can target one group at a time and its easy enough.

No real bounties, but lots of tags and good salvaging if you take the time to do it
Comment by AsCendancy
2011-02-01 19:11:22
how much rep loss on this mission/chain?
Comment by ForteEXE
2011-02-03 13:58:13
ITMOD is one of the harshest ones for standings. So don't do it if you're a standings primadonna. :P
Comment by DurentiS
2011-04-29 03:15:13
Sentry tank and you take 0 damage in the third pocket. It's really that simple.
0) Do not move after warp in.
1) Target frigates/others (DO NOT FIRE FOR AGGRO)
2) Deploy sentries
3) Tell sentries to pop frigates first, then others
4) If sentries take ~90% damage to shields, scoop to drone bay. (All ships engaging sentries will snap back to their starting locations even if they're on top of you! You will not be targeted.)
5) Return to step one until pocket empty.
6) Salvage with Noctis (3x salvage tackle, 3xsalvager2, 5xtractors, 3xcargo2, 1xmicrowarp2, 1xcaprech2).
Comment by GideonDelta
2012-08-10 03:23:15
Although a little slow, I completed this in a Myrmidon with dual Med Armor Rep II's. I followed the instructions of carefully choosing targets and pulling them away from the group. Kill the frigates ASAP. The other battleships were pretty much a joke save for the Jakars.

I would highly recommend warping back and switching your armor resists prior to moving on to pocket 2. I went in with EM, Thermal, and Kinetic hardeners for the first pocket. Warped back. Swapped the kinetic hardener for an EM plating. Worked well. Except for maybe against the jakars whom I probably should have kept the kinetic hardener.
Comment by MrEd
2014-10-31 03:18:50
used a well tanked rattlesnake , was easy , attacked bottom group first , right group aggroed, moved way from the other two picked off the ones following me, then went back for the other two . my ehp was 90000 , dps @ 900 no trouble kiting them use afterburner or mwd
Comment by RedTyr
2015-10-15 13:48:06
Made 63mil from loot and salvages with Domi sentry and after Noctis
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