In The Midst of Deadspace Part 4, Level 4

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Faction: Amarr
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: EM/Thermal/Kinetic (Jakar)
Web/scramble: web from Imperial Guards
Recommended damage dealing: EM/Thermal
Recommended ships: Paladin, Golem, CNR, Raven, Domi

One "Imperial Navy Gate Permit" is required or you can't activate the gate. You obtain it as soon as complete Part 3 of this chain. Several ships can use the gate after the first ship with the permit has unlocked it.

Pocket 1

Left Group (20-25 km)

3x Battleships (Imperial Security Captain)
-1x Amarr Navy Apocalypse
-2x Amarr Navy Armageddon
5x Frigates (Imperial Guard)
-1x Amarr Navy Delta II Support Frigate
-4x Amarr Navy Gamma I Support Frigate

Middle Group (16-23 km)

3x Battleships
-1x Imperial Security Commander (Amarr Navy Jakar)
-2x imperial security captain (Amarr Navy Apocalypse)

3x Cruisers
-3x Imperial Security Officers (Amarr Navy Maller)

Right Group (28-34 km)

3x Battleships (Imperial Security Captain)
-1x Amarr Navy Apocalypse
-2x Amarr Navy Armageddons
5x Frigates (Imperial Guard)
-1x Amarr Navy Delta II Support Frigate
-4x Amarr Navy Gamma I Support Frigate

Attack the middle group first as it aggroes separately. Aggroing the left or right groups will also aggro the middle group. The middle group will not aggro if you move a minimum of about 40km away.

No loot from structures. The NPCs drop lots of loot though.

Pocket 2

3x Amarr Sentry Guns (40-45 km)
1x Imperial Stargate
2x Cruisers (35-45 km)
-2x Divine Imperial Equalizer
1x Battleship (35-45 km)
- 1x Imperial Ultara

Your agent contacts you and orders you to destroy the Stargate before reinforcements arrive. Reports from a few other pilots suggest that these reinforcements dont spawn even after waiting for 2-3 hours. However be on your guard as the composition of these "reinforcements" are unknown and may be on a random timer.

The stargate has roughly 250.000 HP, so be sure bring maximum damage ammo and drones (the gate has 0 resists).

The first respawn appears relatively quickly and may already be present at warp in:

5x frigates (warp scram) (these were not present when entering with a Battlecruiser, or Command Ship)
2x divine imperial
2x imperial templar
2x Battleship (Imperial Ultara)
3x amarr sentry gun


In pocket 1, the Imperial Guard frigates approach fast making them difficult to snipe from far away. Bring small drones to take out the frigates, which will web you. The Imperial Security Commanders (Amarr Navy Jakar BS) have a significantly stronger tank than the Imperial Security Captains (Amarr Navy Apocalypse BS).

In pocket 2, remember to kill the warp scramblers. If you lose your ship you cannot get back to loot it (unless you buy another Permit on contract). Damage is not overwhelming if you got an adequate tank (doable in passive tanked Drake)

Another respawn from Ixtelle:

Approx 1hr after I entered the pocket (just as I was finishing looting it), 5x Imperial Avengers and 1x Imperial Equalizer respawned in the pocket.

Then two imperial templar torahs appeared about 18 minutes into the mission.

I believe I have seen the initial rats before on this mission but this was definitely the first time I ever saw the torahs come in during the mission.

Teiresias adds: There may be some variation in the mission drones here, rather than Imperial Dominator, i got Imperial Ultara. (Armageddon NPC) For the 18 minute respawn there are two Imperial Templar Ultara (not Torah)

Tip from Ixtelle:
Use EM Torps. The BS's have very strong tanks. Recommend EM Drones if only for the Divine Imperial Equalizers.
The stargate took about half as many torps to kill as the guide said (I had fired 186 when it blew, so probably 180 to kill it. Each torp did 558 damage, so that's about 100k HP + whatever my drones did, I estimate 150k hp absolute maximum.

Standing loss:
2.4% loss with the Amarr Empire per standing tick (15 minutes).

Tags to be looted:

Imperial Navy Colonol I x 9
Imperial Navy General I x 5
Imperial Navy General II x 5
Imperial Navy Sergeant II x 9
Imperial Navy Sergeant III x 1

The last and fifth part


Comment by RamZahn
2008-07-23 14:28:49
Middle - Right - Left seemed to do well for me. Attacking one group didn't uprouse the others and neither did my drones. Maybe it was the distance i first gained. (>80km)

The first gate opens only to the preliminarily gathered Imperial Navy Gate Permit. This tends to get a bit intricate when salvaging in tandem, but thankfully the gate seems to have a 10s access timer, similarly to AE bonus. (every mission should have such a lock at the entrance imho)

I can confirm two Imperial Templar Torah's while bringing down the stargate. They took a while to destroy though.
Comment by ReavosVishad
2008-08-07 13:42:53
I only had 2 battleships in the left and right groups in pocket 1. Also only 1 Imperial Ultara, 1 Imperial Avenger, and 1 Imperial Equalizer in addition to the 3 sentry guns in the 2nd pocket.
Comment by Ev3rM0r3
2008-08-09 08:40:57
What you didn't add is the center battleship in group 1 fires a kinetic cruise misslesat you every 4 seconds. This will kick your ass if your not careful.
Comment by SazukaKirr
2008-10-02 14:04:21
I had 4 Divine Imperial Imrans spawn, instead of 2, and one of them warp scrambled me.
Comment by XollstCriticus
2008-10-31 10:34:00
i ran this in a myrmidon shield tanked, only took about 10 mins to kill the gate with 2 heavy 2 medium and 1 light drone from it...

also i went straight ramming speed into the middle group in the first pocket with my drones out and eventually i had all aggro on my ship without moving anywhere so i think the drones drew aggro onto my ship instead of themselves
Comment by KashiMir
2008-11-25 10:35:58
Ran this in armor tanking Ishtar.
Only thing that was hard in this mission for me was to get full-agro in the first pocket in order to be safely able to deploy ogres.
Also it's good to have some light drones to deploy on those Support frigates if the get on you (5x web is quite bad for Ishtar).
Comment by KurullSkullsplitter
2008-12-24 22:12:04
2X Imperial Templar Torah "came through the gate" a minute before I destroyed it.
Comment by ImnarBlade
2008-12-25 01:57:22
Well had to leave this one to eat X-Mas dinner. Found this lot waiting for me in Room 2 when I came back. (2hrs after bonus expiry)

Divine Imperial Imran x 5
Divine Imperial Equalizer x 2
Imperial Templar Mathura x 5
Imperial Templar Agatho x 1
Imperial Equalizer x 2
Imperial Justicar x 2
Imperial Avenger x 1
Imperial Dominator x 1
Amarr Navy Jakar x 2
Imperial Templar Torah x 2
Amarr Sentry Gun x 3
Comment by KilloEve
2009-07-25 12:16:31
The only hard thing about this mission is the cruise missiles. the stargate did not spawn any new npc's for me.
as I killed it with 20 torp shots in my golem
Comment by LotharioPendragon
2009-08-28 14:35:33
About 1 hour, maybe an hour and a half after starting the mission, as i was salvaging, 2 Imperial Ultara BS's spawned in the second pocket at about 60km from the entry point.
Comment by CrucO
2009-09-26 13:51:28
Worst case scenario: You can loot your ship if you lose it, as well as any wrecks that you managed to destroy before being taken out. before warping out in your pod, bookmark your ship. Close the mission, and you'll be able to warp directly to your bookmark.
Comment by SpLend0r
2009-10-05 10:57:10
Done in: Ishtar (EANM,DCII,EM hardener, 2MAR), took ~5-10 minutes for my ogres to take down the stargate.
Comment by KainanJi
2010-01-10 10:15:42
Just did this.

in pocket 1, i took the middle group out first then the left and last the right one, they all came separately

in pocket 2, i only had
1x battleship (Imperial Ultara)
2x Divine Imperial Equalizer
3x Amarr Sentry Guns (40-45km)

no respawns or reinforcements
Comment by WridMuld
2010-08-18 06:01:28
In pocket 2, I started shooting two of the sentry guns. I always do this, to be able to come in with my Thrasher and salvage everything. I don't know if this changed things, but there never was any respawn.
Comment by WridMuld
2010-08-18 06:27:54
...and when I went back to loot and salvage there were two BS there. Two Templar Ultara - Apoc BS.
Comment by Godzues25
2010-11-22 13:34:18
After the groups are destroyed 2 Imperial Templar Ultrar spawn if you haven't destroyed the gate.
Comment by CaspardianGuy
2010-12-29 22:28:43
Pocket one, I fired at the middle group as suggested and the entire pocket aggro'd. This resulted in a massive problem with my tank, and I was seconds away from losing my ship by the time I was able to warp out.
Comment by Fragg86
2011-07-12 03:14:59
Yes, two Amarr battleships showed up after the gate went down. Not a good thing to warp in on in a Noctis.
Comment by MrEd
2014-10-31 04:23:12
was in a well tanked rattlesnake . pocket 1 warped in 15k from left group aggro straight away and was warp scrammed by 2 frigs, drones took them out , missiles for the rest just sniped them all from 70k out, use a mwd or afterburner to get some distance from the other 2 groups them just pick them off.pocket 2 warped in 20k from ships sentry guns opened fire just kept my distance picked off ships and sentries with drones and missles, destroyed stargate no other ships for me
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