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In the Midst Of Deadspace Part 5, Level 4

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Faction: Khanid/Caldari
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: EM/therm from the Khanid Mashtori, Kin/therm from caldari
Extras: ECM (Taibu State Tendai)
Web/scramble: Spider drones, some caldari frigs may scram
Recommended damage dealing: therm for khanid, kin/therm for caldari
Recommended ships: Golem, CNR, Raven, Domi

"Imperial Navy Gate Permit" is required or you can't activate the gate. You obtain it as you accept the mission.

Pocket 1


Pocket 2

The two Amarr Cathedral structures don't drop any items. Cool explosion though.

Pocket 3

2x spider drone I
1x Battleship (Khanid Mashtori) Use thermal ammo. He orbits at 12.5km.
The Khanid Mashtori does Massive EM damage with Paradise Cruise doing 1500hp EM damage every 10 seconds.

Pocket 4

Left Group (Kill this 1st)

3x Battleship (State Zen (Scorpion/Juggernauts))

2x Cruisers (Taibu State Tendai (Blackbird/Flameburst missiles/A lot of ECM))

3x Frigates (Taibu State Yari (Kestrel/Thorn Rockets/Webs))

Right Group(Kill this 2nd)

3x Cruisers (Taibu State Samurai (Moa/Scourge missiles))
3x Battlecruisers (State Oni/Kanpaku (Ferox/Scourge missiles))

Middle Group(Kill this 3rd)

3x Frigates (Taibu State Nagasa (Crow (?)/Thorn Rocket/Web/Scramble))

4x Cruiser
-2x State Shukuro Chugen (Blackbird/Scourge missiles)
-2x State Shikuro Ashigaru (Blackbird/Scourge missiles)

3x Battleships (Caldari Navy Temuras (Raven/Juggernauts))

4X Caldari Cruise Missile Battery

Don't forget to destroy the manufacturing plant!
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