Part time mission runner, Author of the Epic Arc Mission Guide would like some input on how to present them on EVE survival. I was thinking the following.

Epic Mission Arc Page

Mission page

I could also use some more data for the missions as I've just been hammering through them and noting down the rats and objectives and some tips and tricks for new players. Information I'm missing is relating to spawn ranges and ranges of exisitng groups from the warp in point of most missions. There are a couple of missions with triggers that I didn't pick up on (and it doesn't seem to log the spawning of the new wave in combat or chatlogs) I was just going to throw up what I've got but there doesn't seem to be an obvious way to differentiate the epic arc missions from the rest of the missions.
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Comment by MariaEpiconthe
2009-03-18 20:04:58
Chepe Nolon is the one you want to talk to. He is the only administrator of this site and can help you set up the index pages. Send him a mail in-game.
Comment by JmarrHyrgund
2009-03-19 21:56:57
Will do, thanks.
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