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======Kidnapping, level 4======

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Faction: EoM/Mercenary
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal space
Damage dealt: Kin/Therm for pocket 1-3 and 5. All kinds for pocket 4
Reccomended damage dealing: Kinetic and Thermal

You warp directly into pocket 1.

====Pocket 1====
No Aggro at warp-in

===Single Group===
2x EoM Ogre
1x EoM Hydra

====Pocket 2====
No Aggro at warp-in. Drones doesn't get aggro. Easy to pick off the groups.
Saboteurs warp scramble.

===Group 1===
2x EoM Death Lord
4x EoM Saboteur (Scramble)

===Group 2===
4x EoM Hydra

===Group 3===
5x EoM Crusader
6x EoM Succubus

===Group 4===
2x EoM Ogre
4x EoM Black Priest

====Pocket 3====
No aggro at warp in. Easy to pick off group by group. Drones doesn't get aggro.

===Group 1===
1x EoM Death Lord
1x EoM Ogre
1x EoM Hyrdra

===Group 2===
2x EoM Hyrdras
6x EoM Prohphets

===Group 3===
Warps in when you have killed group 2
3x EoM Ogres

====Pocket 4====
For shield tankers, take out the Mercenary Commanders unless you wield an em-hardener. For armor tankers, take out the wingmen, unless you wield an exp-hardener. Rest is kin/therm dmg.
Aggro from 4 mercenary overlords. Drones will aggro the entire pocket.
Gang members that fire on anything including the 4 overlords will get aggro from the rest, if not aggroed.

==Tip: you can afterburn away from the group and then kill the 4 bs first then fly in and kill the rest.==

===Group 1 (Aggro)===
4x Mercenary Overlords

===Group 2===
2x Mercenary Overlords
4x Mercenary Commanders

===Group 3===
6x Mercenary Commanders
4x Mercenary Wingmen

====Pocket 5====
Aggro at warp in

===Group 1===
1x EoM Behemoth
6x turrets (Tower Sentry Drone II)

Can is dropped by the Behemoth

Roid summary by Jenina Hawke:
First pocket has veldspar, second pocket has veld + scor. 3rd pocket veldspar, 4th pocket omber + veld

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