Liberate the Miners, Level 5

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Faction: Caldari State
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace with Gate
Web/Scramble: Stasis Towers, All Frigates 25-50% chances of Web and/or Scramble
Extras: Caldari Energy Neutralizer Sentry IIIs, ECM Jamming
Damage dealt: Kinetic 79% / Therm 21%
Recommended damage dealing: Kin/Th
Recommended ships: Completed in Maelstrom w/ Passive Tank but recommend more support

Acceleration Gate into Deadspace

Single Pocket

All groups aggro within 10 seconds of warp-in


Tower Sentries

Between 25-80km away

2 x Caldari Heavy Missile Batteries
5 x Caldari Cruise Missile Batteries
2 x Tower Sentry Caldari IIIs
2 x Caldari Stasis Towers
2 x Caldari Energy Neutralizer Sentry IIIs (Destroying Neutralizers will spawn replacements 3 times, after which there will spawn 6 jamming frigates)

Group 1 – Broken Metallic Crystal Asteroid

70km from warp-in

4 x Battleships (State Shukuro Shogun) orbits at 33k

Group 2 – Caldari Control Tower

45k from warp-in

4 x Frigates (Taibu State Nagasa/Shinai) orbits at 3k, Web/Scramble
2 x Frigates (Taibu State Tachi) (separate) orbits at 10k, Web/Scramble, 28% ECM Jammer
4 x Battleships (State Shukuro Daijo/Bishamon) orbits at 33k, (Trigger 1)

Group 3 – Cloven Grey Asteroid

55k from warp-in

4 x Battleships (State Shukuro Taisho/Tenno*) orbits at 50k/29k, *2% ECM Jammer, (Trigger 2)

- Spawn 1

Around Caldari Control Tower

4 x Battleships (State Shukuro Shogun/Bishamon) orbits at 33k

- Spawn 2

Around Cloven Grey Asteroid

4 x Battleships (State Zen/Oshiro*) orbits at 35k/29k, *2% ECM Jammer, Trigger 3

- Spawn 3

Around Cloven Grey Asteroid

4 x Battleships (State Shukuro Bishamon/Shogun) orbits at 33k, Trigger 4

- Spawn 4

Around Cloven Grey Asteroid

2 x Battleships (State Shukuro Nagashin) orbits at 68k


Comment by Abdaar1
2009-07-16 14:30:38
easiest lv5 i have played so far. Aggro stays on the first ship warped in - even for spawns. Damage is not too hard to tank, but the foes tank rather well too. I recommend a least one set of sentry drones.
Comment by KlephT
2010-01-24 04:29:59
Aggro does not stay on first ship warped in. My logistics alt was aggroed in this mission.
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