Lights Out, Level 3

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Faction: Gallente Federation
Mission Type: Encounter (Normal)
Damage Dealt: Therm/Kin
Extras: Sensor Dampening
Recommended Damage: Therm/Kin

Single Pocket

Upon warp-in, no NPCs. Agent will message you telling you to attack the outpost.
Note: All hostiles sensor-dampen, but not very often. All hostiles aggro soon after spawn and may attack drones.

Wave 1 (Shortly after attacking control tower):

1x Gallente Lieutenant (Elite Federation Navis) spawns at 20 km

Wave 2 (About 30s after Wave 1)

2x Federation Frigates (Praktor Belos, Praktor Harpago)
1x Federation Praktor Hippeus

Wave 3 (About 1m after Wave 1):

2x Federation Frigates (2x Praktor Belos)
1x Federation Praktor Hippeus

Wave 4 (Several minutes after Wave 1):

2x Federation Frigates (Praktor Belos, Praktor Harpago)
1x Federation Praktor Hippeus

Wave 5 (On destruction of Waves 1-4):

7x Federation Cruisers (3x Federation Hastatus, 3x Federation Nauclarius, 1x Federation Misthios)

Killing only the Gallente Lieutenant shows the mission as completing.

No loot.

Blowing up the Starbase Control Tower is tougher than normal, but results in the entire outpost exploding building by building in a great fireball.

Comment by ElectroFreak
2008-09-05 02:08:50
Needs to be tested, after Waves 1-3, may have trigger spawns.

I had the following happen:
Fired on Control Tower, shortly thereafter Wave 1 spawned at 20 km with aggro from a Gallente Lieutenant (T2 Cruiser).

A short period of time afterward, Wave 2 spawned at 35 km with aggro from Federation Nauclarius (Cruiser), 2x Praktor Belos (Frigates).

After a few more moments, Wave 3 spawned at 35 km with aggro from a Praktor Hippeus (Cruiser), 2x Praktor Belos (Frigates).

Killed Praktor Belos x4.

After killing the Praktor Hippeus, Wave 4 spawned at unknown range with aggro from a Federation Hastatus x3 (Cruiser), Federation Misthios (Cruiser) x1.

Killed Federation Hastatus x3, killed Federation Nauclarius x1, killed Federation Misthios x1 and attacked the Gallente Lieutenant for the first time.

Right as I fired on the Gallente Lieutenant, Wave 5 spawned at 30 km with aggro from Praktor Hippeus (Cruiser) x1 , Praktor Belos (Frigate) x1 , Praktor Harpago (Frigate) x1.

Killed Praktor Belos x1, killed Praktor Harpago x1, killed Praktor Hippeus x1, killed Gallente Lieutenant x1


May/may not be trigger spawned, could just be strange timing. Also notice a difference in the number of ships I listed, my spawns varied (Wave 4 and 5 were switched in order) and my Wave 4 of only cruisers had 3 less ships.
Comment by JeroNimax
2008-10-06 00:44:40
The Lieutenant gas heavy armor tanking, with activ booster. I foynd that the best way to take out his armor is not by Therm or kin, but i used EM on his armor tank. I also got spawned when attacking him. I did this mission in a Ferox with using 5 heavy mis. launcher T2 and had no problems with it.

Tip: save one frig that flyes withing nos range and put two small nos'es on it if you're using active shield hardners.

Loot gives a lot of Gallente insignias wich may be worth some, or used later in LP store. I also salvaged the wreck for a couple of mill. (Using a specified ship with setting for looting and salvaging is recomended) It means running back and worth once or twice, but worth it. i sold the coolant alone for 3.5M So this mission gave me about 15 M all together, roughly calculated...
Comment by TheSysX
2008-12-14 02:58:59
Blowing up the Control Tower will drop a 12th tier overseer's personal effects (+/- 9.5M ISK) a shuttle BPO between 400 and 700 starbase charters, between 200 and 300 units of ICE products and between 500 and 1200 units of two types of control tower 'fuel items' such as Robotics, Mechanical parts, Coolant, etc.
Comment by ChasperLee
2009-02-08 16:43:23
Wave 5 is not triggered by destruction but by time.
Comment by CrimsonCalis
2009-03-14 05:15:00
Did the mission before Apocrypha - got the loot from the Control Tower. But now there is no loot, and that's not only me.
Comment by MjedMazga
2009-03-18 13:20:13
I noted significant changes to this mission after the Apocrypha patch. The control tower is destroyed much more quickly, attacking the tower causes only the Gallente LT to spawn, and no fun loot can is dropped upon the destruction of the tower. You also now receive a -2.4% gallente faction standing loss upon destruction of the tower, which was never received before. You still receive a small spawn upon attacking and then destroying the Gallente LT.

After a petition questioning the changes perhaps being due to new graphical updates to control towers, since no mention of any changes to this mission was made at all anywhere in the patch notes, I received this response:


This mission has been altered with Apocrypha. We apologize for not including the specific changes that were made to this mission.

We apologize for any inconvenience this situation has caused you."

Yes, not only did they not mention any specific changes to this mission, but they did not mention any GENERAL changes, either.
Comment by JuniorChief
2009-03-30 17:04:54
there is changes in this mission, no loot from any structures and the tags are few like 10 tops,,, the loot is also around 15m3 thats it no more.. sorry guys is not what is used to be.. thx alot eve :-)
Comment by TatonkaSmith
2009-04-10 03:28:46
Blew up the station and killed lieutenant plus 3 others. didnt get any more spawns after that. waited a few minutes and nothing happened
Comment by WhiteSky
2009-11-02 10:10:27
Single shot to Station spawned the Lieutenant. Shots to him spawned his escorts, but after I killed the Lieutenant, mission was flagged complete. Did not kill anything else, not the escorts or the station (which is good because my Gallente standing is hurting as is). Super easy, just tank the escorts, hit and run if you are grinding for standings.
Comment by TobiasS
2010-04-13 16:48:42
Faction standing hit:
Station -0.0 % (Combat - Agrression)
Lieutenant -0.018% (Combat - Ship Kill)
Comment by DrRoic
2011-05-22 04:50:39
Using EM on the lieutenant's armor tank as suggested above is a bad idea, kinetic worked much better for me.
Comment by SeamusDonohue
2011-10-02 22:56:03
FACTION BALANCING: I can confirm what WhiteSky and TobiasS have reported: as long as you destroy *only* the Gallente Lieutenant, you get only a -0.018% standing loss with the Gallente Federation for "Combat - Ship Kill" and a -0.0% for "Combat - Aggression".
Comment by HezzarK
2011-12-20 13:23:04
pethetic loot, tags worh max 2mil, just blitz it
Comment by SibiusAidon
2012-11-12 21:54:00
I completed this in a passive Drake:
7x XR-3200 Heavy Missile Launchers
2x Medium FS-9 Regolith Shield Inductions (shield extenders)
1x Medium Ancillary Shield Booster (not really passive, but it's there if I need it)
2x Kinetic Deflection Field I
1x Thermic Dissipation Field I
2x BCUs
2x Beta Reactor Control: Shield Power Relay I
3x Medium Core Defense Field Purger I

Just kill the Lt. No bounty on the rest so you'd really just be wasting ammo if you went after the rest. You only need to kill the Lt even though it says to kill his guards. Unless you are planning on salvaging.
Comment by Klann2
2014-06-02 12:42:06
After running mission today and just killing the Lt. took a -2.4% loss in standings, however another character of mine ran it 2 days ago and only took a -0.018% loss ??????? what gives
Comment by CinTek
2014-08-14 18:57:46
blitz worked great. fired 1 volley at the control tower to get the spawn, then ignored it and everything else, quick pop on the Lt. looted the wreck as well :)
I got the 0.018% standing drop for combat ship kill.
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