Lights Out, Level 5

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Faction: Gallente Federation
Mission Type: Encounter (Normal)
Damage Dealt: Kin/Therm
Extras: Damps, Scramble, Web, NOS
Recommended Damage dealing: Therm/Kin
Recommended ships: Nighthawk (Passive), CNR (Active), Raven (Passive) and Vulture (None)
Difficulty: Very Easy

When you enter, you will only see the Control Tower, no rats at all. If you wait awhile, 2x Federation Fighter will spawn. Then when you attack the Control Tower more rats will spawn. Also when you attack the Gallente Lieutenant, more rats will spawn. They also agro randomly if you are doing this with more people. Also attacks drones.

Some of the frigates scrambled and web'ed, but because of some confusion they died before I could see who it was :) Was also unable to identify some of the ship classes. This was an overall easy mission, but don't tank with active tank, the NOS will drain your cap in only a few seconds.

Note: the fighters do not leave wrecks.

Blitz: Kill Gallente Federation Control Tower (and Gallente Lieutenant, mission was completed with only the Control Tower down for me)
Some or all of the fighters need to be killed also.

Single Pocket

Initial Spawn
2x Federation Fighter (show up as frigates but they're the equivalent of carrier fighters. these spawn without attacking anything.)
Typical hits with 87% resists are 50-100. One LAR2, one DC2, and 2x each T2 hardeners can tank about 8 of these things.

Second Spawn (after about 5 minutes)
4x Federation Fighter

Third Spawn (after another 5 minutes)
6x Federation Fighter

Fourth Spawn (after 3-4 mins)
5x Federation Fighter

Spawns triggered by shooting the control tower

These are not in order; they spawn rapidly, a few at a time.

9x Elite Frigates (3x elite fed manica, 2x elite fed matara, 3x elite fed phalarica, 1x elite fed libertus) (scramble, web)

9x Battlecruisers (3x fed prak auxilia, 6x fed prak arx) (damps)
2x HAC (elite fed navis, elite fed mentes) (damps?)

1x CS (Elite Federation Diablic)

1x BS (Federation Praktor Polemo) (the Lieutenant)
3x BS (Federation Praktor Dionia) (NOS, Damps)
5x BS (2x fed prak phanix, 2x fed prak hexeris, 1x fed prak praeses)

Spawn Triggered by shooting the Lieutenant

2x Frigates (elite fed matara)
1x Cruiser (elite federation arx)

Comment by GilliB
2009-02-04 08:46:24
It seemed like I had to kill the fighters aswell to complete it.
Comment by BreborFaydhe
2009-10-14 21:48:49
12th Overseer Effect= 9.9kk
Comment by Factor2000
2010-03-17 12:09:51
left last 4 fighters and took the control tower out for completion, lieutenant wasn't necessary. Also, asides from the overseers effects etc there was about 14 mil worth of robotics.
Comment by JohnAnderson
2010-03-18 10:54:10
confirming you had to kill the fighters.

Spawn rate was different in my case. Only 2 fighters spawned together with a combination of battleships, cruisers and frighters described without attacking the Tower but after 2-3 minutes.
Comment by GeneN
2010-04-21 17:00:05
Using rattlesnake, take out the control tower with Cruise and fighters with small drones. Total mission time to complete 11min.
Comment by Katellin1
2010-10-31 16:09:51
Only a total of 9 elite frigs, 3 elite cruisers, 1 CS, 2 fighters, 5 BS and the Lieutenant spawned in total. Blitz was the tower, lieutenant and 2 fighters.

Tower dropped 12th overseers, 3773 oxygen, 2733 robotics, 2281 coolant and 999 hydrogen isotopes.
Comment by Factor2000
2011-04-07 03:33:48
The lieutenant wasn't necessary for me this time, seems 2 fighters and the starbase is blitz although i took out a few of the bc too to reduce incoming dps so not 100%. Starbase dropped:993 starbase charter, shuttle bpo, 247 heavy water, 12th tier overseer.
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