Lights Out, Level 1

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Sun, 09 Dec 2012 10:10 UTC

Faction: Gallente
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace without gates.
Damage dealt: Kin/therm
Recommended damage dealing: Therm
Recommended ships: Completed in T1 Punisher
Difficulty: Very Easy

Single Pocket

You arrive in a toxic cloud similar to Recon 3/3. It does not do damage. A starbase control tower is the only entity in the cloud. You will receive instructions from your agent in local to attack the tower. Doing so, mission objective (Gallente Lieutenant) spawns at tower. His wingmen will spawn shortly after.

Group 1

1x frigate (Gallente Lieutenant)
8x frigates (Gallente)


No loot as of 9th December 2012

Comment by BoBojangles
2008-09-12 14:47:37
The tower drops a very significant amount of loot for a Lvl 1 mission. For me it dropped a 100-run Shuttle BPC, 1338 Robotics, 561 Gallente Federation Charters, 572 Strontium Clathrates and a 12th Tier Overseer's Personal Effects. Another missioner I spoke to on this got the Personal Effects but not the Robotics.
Comment by MrBraetaec
2009-01-30 18:40:41
10M to 20M ISK worth of loot
Comment by BtEnderas
2011-11-12 17:40:25
no loot from tower, barracks, acid plants, or habitation
Comment by MaxYoung
2012-08-30 10:11:30
I also didn't get anything from killing the tower.
Comment by TimId
2012-08-31 00:06:01
no loot from tower, good amount of trade goods from wreaks. Midshipman Insignias, etc.
Comment by MalMasters
2012-09-23 03:42:11
Standing Loss with this mission.
Combat - Aggression: -0.0%
Combat - Ship Kill: -2.4%
Comment by Rasael85
2012-12-09 10:09:50
Wingmens were:
2x Federation Clavis (Gallente)
1x Federation Libertus (Gallente)
Comment by CinTek
2015-08-23 22:09:39
just finished this one. I only killed the objective ship. my standing loss was only -0.0045% "combat ship kill" not enough to even change my -0.54 :)
used a target painter on the was enough to spawn the target then
I just ignored everything else and warped out, mission complete.
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