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======Location, Location, Level 5======

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Big thanks to JohnnyPneumonic. Ive borrowed his layout and info for this page. Only changes are for faction.

=====Part 1 of 5=====

Faction: Caldari
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace with Gate
Web/Scramble: All Frigates
Extras: Caldari Energy Neutralizer Sentry IIIs, Jamming
Damage dealt: Kinetic / Thermal
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic / Thermal
Recommended ships: (1) Ishtar w/ Passive Tank and (1) Osprey w/ Shield Transporters but recommend more DPS (I used a Drake for backup)

Acceleration Gate into Deadspace

====Single Pocket====

===Initial Group===
Contact’s ship is present at Warp-In at 15km away. But 20 seconds later you are notified in Local that, Oh sh--, “It’s a Trap!”
The Contact's ship vanishes and instead a Caldari Fleet uncloaks near the same spot. Ships are 25-40km to the right of Warp-In

{{image url="" title="Your position at warp-in" alt="Your position at warp-in"}}

3 x Frigates (Taibu State Shuriken) orbits at 10km, **Web/Scramble, 27.5% Jamming, --Trigger 1--**
3 x Cruisers (Taibu State Daimyo/Shugo) orbits at 17km, **37.5% Jamming**
12 x Battleships (State Shukuro *Bishamon/^^Shogun/Taisho) orbits of 32-50km, ***Trigger 2, ^^Trigger 3 **
5 x Caldari Cruise Missile Batteries **--Each is a Trigger--**
1 x Caldari Stasis Tower
3 x Caldari Energy Neutralizer Sentry IIIs

===- Spawn 1===
3 x Frigates (Taibu State Nagasa) orbits at 2.5km, **Web/Scramble**

===- Spawn 2===
2 x Battleships (State Shukuro Shogun/Bishamon) orbits at km

===- Spawn 3===
3 x Battleships (State Shukuro Shogun) orbits at 35km

===Each Missile Battery is a Trigger===
Triggered ships spawn at the Warp-In Beacon when the following Batteries are destroyed

{{image url="" title="View of Batteries from warp-in beacon" alt="View of Batteries from warp-in beacon"}}


===Battery 1 (Top) - Spawns:===
5 x Battleships (State Shukuro Bishamon/Daijo) orbits of 35km

===Battery 2 (Left) - Spawns:===
3 x Battleships (State Shukuro Nagashin) orbits at 68km **Trigger**
**- Spawn 2a**
6 x Battlecruisers (State Shukuo Seki) orbits at 22km, **Trigger**
**- Spawn 2b**
5 x Battleships (State Shukuro Nagashin) orbits at 68km //**Objective Complete**//

**Caution:** The Nagashins will quickly move out to 68km and do a LOT of dps! Make sure you are tanked or have a logistics ships. 5 of them do over 1500 dps after resists.

===Battery 3 (Middle) - Spawns:===
3 x Battleships (State Shukuro Turushima) orbits at 21km, **Jamming**

===Battery 4 (Right) - Spawns:===
5 x Battlecruisers (State Kanpaku/Shukuro Bajo) orbits at 23-35km

===Battery 5 (Bottom) - Spawns:===
5 x Battlecruisers (State Kerai/Ronin) orbits at 17.5km

- Use a Passive Tank or plan a capacitor that receives an additional 120 units/s
- Maximum damage dealing of initial group is 1814 hp/s (EM 58%, Therm 42%)
- Do __not__ shoot Missile Batteries first (unless you can tank over 4000 hp/s...)
- Mission totals 33 Battleships, 16 Battlecruisers, 3 Cruisers, 6 Frigates
- Mission flagged complete when all "Battery 2 (Left)" spawns are destroyed

=====Part 2 of 5=====
See [[HardWay5ca The Hard Way (2 of 5)]]

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