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====L4 Bliztable Missions and Tactics====

This list will only contain standard L4 missions and some storylines. It will not include faction kill missions.

||Anomaly, The||Rogue Drones||Moderate||**Part 1:**
Use Oura Madursari to open the first gate (not consumed),
Shoot the container located at 7 o'clock to the anomaly whilst flying towards to anomaly,
Pick up the Doctor.
**Part 2:**
Simply carry the neurowave scanner to the Unstable Rift and drop it in the container.
**Part 3:**
Pocket 1:
Kill the two battlecruisers to spawn the gate, along with any frigates that are warp scrambling.
Pocket 2:
Burn to, and drop Fajah Ateshi into the rogue drone ship to complete the mission,
Kill the elite frigate to prevent webbing.
(Optionally shoot a few drones for the bounty)||
||Assault, The||Guristas Pirates||Fast||Ignore everything in Pocket 1,
Kill the group at 100km in Pocket 2 to complete mission.||
||Attack of the Drones||Rogue Drones||Very Fast||Kill the closest cruiser/battlecruiser to trigger the battlecruiser reinforcement spawn,
Eliminate the battlecruiser reinforcement spawn to complete the mission.||
||Blood Raider Spies, The||Blood Raiders||Very Fast||Shoot the group of 3x Destroyers and 3x Battlecruisers furthest away to complete the mission||
||Damsel in Distress, The||Mercenaries||Fast||Destroy the pleasure garden furthest from warp in,
Loot the damsel from the container and turn in mission.
You may need to kill the elite frigates if they are warp scrambling, also killing Zor can drop a valuable implant.
**Caution:** Blitzing will cause significant DPS from all spawns.||
||Dread Pirate Scarlet||Angel Cartel, Blood Raiders, Guristas Pirates, Serpentis||Very Fast||Use a gate key to open the first gate,
Burn directly to the 2nd gate, shoot ships on the way for bounty,
Attempt to kill Scarlet in pocket 3 for the implant drop. If successful mission is completed, pick up the implant and leave. If unsuccessful continue into pocket 4 and kill Scarlet to complete the mission.||
||Duo of Death||Angel Cartel, Blood Raiders, Guristas Pirates, Serpentis||Very Fast||Shoot the 2 battleships, loot the can and warp off.
If required, kill the spider drones to allow you to burn to the can. (tractor beam is recommended)||
||Gone Beserk||EOM||Fast||Identify Right Tree,
Kill the crusader,
2 Death Knights spawn, kill both,
Hydra Spawns, kill it,
Hydra and Ogre spawn, kill the Ogre,
Death Lord spawns, kill it to end mission.||
||Mining Misapproproation||Blood Raiders||Very Slow||Mission is completed when all rats are killed.||
||Pirate Invasion||Angel Cartel, Sansha Nation||Fast||Count the spawns, eliminate the 5th spawn to complete mission.||
||Rogue Drone Harassment||Rogue Drones||Very Slow||Kill the Kayzum Mother Drone to trigger all spawns,
Eliminate all spawns to open the gate,
Eliminate all rats in pocket 2 to complete mission.||
||Score, The||Sansha Nation, Serpentis||Moderate||Eliminate all rats in Pockets 1 and 2,
Kill the 4 battleships in the 3rd pocket, closest first.||
||Silence the Informant||Mercenaries and Rogue Drones||Slow||Kill all rats in pockets 1 and 2,
Kill the lone cruiser in pocket 3||
||Stop The Thief||Mercenaries||Fast||Eliminate the Mercenary Overlord to trigger spawn, Eliminate Shadow to complete mission (loot reports if required, can be purchased from Market)||
||Unauthorized Military Presence||Angel cartel, Blood Raiders||Fast||Ignore the inital gate group as gate is unlocked,
eliminate the group with the two transport ships,
loot the militants and warp out (looting can be skipped if you already have militants)||

=====Mission Standings List=====
||Right Hand of Zazzmatazz||||||2.5127%||||||||
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