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Faction Damage to deal Damage to tank Notes
Amarr Empire EM, Thermal Em, Thermal Uses neutralizers
Angel Cartel Explosive, Kinetic All Uses target painters
Caldari State Kinetic, Thermal Kinetic, Thermal
Equilibrium of Mankind Kinetic Kinetic, Thermal
Gallente Federation Thermal, Kinetic Thermal, Kinetic
Guristas Pirates Kinetic, Thermal Kinetic, Thermal Uses ECM
Khanid Kingdom EM, Thermal Kinetic
Mercenaries Thermal All
Minmatar Republic Explosive, Kinetic All
Mordu's Legion Thermal, Kinetic Kinetic, Thermal
Rogue Drones EM, Thermal All
Sansha's Nation EM, Thermal All Uses tracking disruptors
Serpentis Thermal, Kinetic Thermal, Kinetic Uses sensor dampeners
Blood Raiders EM, Thermal EM, Thermal Uses tracking disruptors and neutralizers
Thukker Tribe Explosive, Thermal Thermal


Probe Range Max Deviation
Quest 4 AU 2,088 AU
Pursuit 2 AU 6,250,000 KM
Comb 1 AU 125,000 KM
Sift .5 AU 2500 KM

1 AU = 149,598,000 KM (Approximately)
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