Massive Attack, Level 4

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Faction: Amarr
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: EM (56%) / Therm (44%)
Web/scramble: Elite Frigates
Extras: Tracking Disruptor (Centum Execrator/Slaughterer, Centii Savage, Centii Slavehunter)
Recommended damage dealing: EM (best), Therm (secondary)
Recommended ships: Nightmare, Abaddon, Apocalypse, Armageddon, Maelstrom, Dominix
Video: Nightmare, Machariel

Note: The majority hostile ships are frigate/destroyer/cruiser class with only a handful of battlecruisers and only a few battleships.
The warp gate into the pocket is guarded by a small group of ships. They will aggro immediately after you have warped in.

Warp Gate Guards (Auto-aggro):

2x Cruisers (Gistum Defeater) Web/Scramble
2x Destroyer (Imperial Crusader),
1x Destroyer (Imperial Templar Caius)

Pocket 1

Warp in is very near the Acceleration Gate (3500m)
Auto aggro from Group 1 at warp-in (53 km).

Group 2 has a proximity aggro of 25km.
Deploying drones to attack Group 1 will aggro Group 2.

Group 1 (Auto-aggro): Sansha's Outpost

1x Frigates (Divine Imperial Nabih)
2x Destroyer (Imperial Crusader)
2x Cruiser (Imperial Tamir)
1x Cruiser (Imperial Templar Muzakir)

Group 2: Control Tower (40-45km)

2x Destroyer (Imperial Crusader)
1x Battlecruisers (Imperial Avenger)
1x Battlecruisers (Imperial Equalizer)
1x Battleship (Imperial Ultara)
1x Battleship (Imperial Dominator)

Note : No loot from structures
Group 1 does not always aggro, if it doesn't shooting group 1 will also aggro group 2.

Pocket 2

Warp in is very near the Acceleration Gate (3500m)
Auto aggro from Group 1 at warp-in.

Deploying drones to attack Group 1 will aggro the entire pocket.

Group 1 (auto aggro): Conquered Sansha's Ruins (79-85km)

1x Frigate (Divine Imperial Felix)
2x Frigate (Imperial Templar Paladin)
1x Frigate (Divine Imperial Nabih)
2x Cruiser (Imperial Tamir)
1x Cruiser (Imperial Templar Muzakir)

Group 2: (140-155km)

2x Destroyers (Imperial Crusader)
3x Battlecruiser (Imperial Avenger)
2x Battleship (Imperial Ultara)

Pocket 3

Auto aggro from Group 1. Group 3 will aggro after several seconds.
Group 2 (located in the middle) remains neutral.

Any drones attacking Group 3 will be targeted and attacked by Group 2.

Group 1 (Auto-aggro): Warp in Point (15km)

1x frigate Imperial Nabih
3x Cruiser Imperial Tamir

Group 2: (98-100km): Asteroid Factory

2x Elite Frigate (Divine Imperial Imran)
1x Destroyer (Imperial Templar Caius)
1x Destroyer (Imperial Templar Crusader)
1x Battlecruiser (Imperial Justicar)
2x Battlecruiser (Imperial Avenger)
2x Battleship (Imperial Ultara)
1x Battleship (Imperial Dominator)

Group 3 (Auto-aggro): Asteroid Station (94-100km)

2x Cruiser (Imperial Templar Muzakir)
2x Elite Cruiser (Divine Imperial Equalizer)
3x Battlecruiser (Imperial Justicar)
1x Battlecruiser (Imperial Avenger)

Mission is flagged completed after you have eliminated all ships from Group 3.

Eliminate all ships from Group 3 in pocket 3. Warp out.

When first posted, there were questions about whether an Angel Cartel Gistum Defeater was outside of the gate for an anti-Amarr mission. If anyone else getting this mission could confirm it that would be useful.

Comment by MariaEpiconthe
2009-03-01 18:23:55
I see several "weirdities" with this report. Is this an actual mission or did you just copy paste from one of the other Massive Attack reports? Can you actually meet Amarr in this mission?
Comment by EventyOne
2009-03-04 17:27:33
Any weirdities with this mission are bugs (perhaps) with the mission. I've come on the channel in game to answer questions. Otherwise how do you propose to solve your doubts? I invite you to travel to stain and help with the mission if you seek additional verification.
Comment by MariaEpiconthe
2009-03-04 17:31:15
I doubt Angel Cartel is working alongside Amarr empire, so if anyone picks this mission up, enlighten us if the Angel Cartel rats are there for you or if this is a bug or whatnot. Thanks
Comment by StraightChillen
2009-04-15 21:57:44
I can confrim that as of today, there were infact gistum angel rats at the gate
Comment by HappyPants
2013-07-02 07:23:56
Confirmed again 2xgistum rats, didn't need to kill them to use gate, just killed amarr rats
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