A Million Little Pieces, Level 3

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Faction: Gallente
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Kin/therm
Extras: timed spawns
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic
Recommended ships: Harbinger, Drake
Gate only allows up to Command Ships (no BS)

Single Pocket

Stage aggro after 1 minute

Group 1

Distance: 35km
3x Light Missile Batteries
2x Heavy Missile Batteries

Group 2

Distance: 20-40km
4x Frigates (Federation Machaira)
4x Cruiser (Federation Praktor Optioon)

Group 3

Distance: 60km
2x Cruiser (Federation Praktor Legionarius)

The waves spawn every 1-2 minutes

First Wave

Distance: 40km
2x Cruiser (Federation Centurion/Legionarius)

Second Wave

Distance: 40km
3-4x Battlecruiser (Federation Praeco/Pezos)

Third Wave

Distance: 40km
3x Battlecruiser (Federation Praeco/Calo)

Fourth Wave

Distance: 40km
6x Frigates (Federation Pelekus/Arcus)

Fifth Wave

Distance: 40km
5x Battlecruiser (Federation Bearcus/Calo)

Sixth Wave

Distance: 40km
6x Frigates (Federation Pelekus/Praktor Phalarika)

(Optional: Destroy Communications Relay - Prevents reinforcements)
Destroy Ore Processing Plant, Warp out.

The mission objective Ore processing station drops 5 mining crystals, some ores and some cap charges.

Comment by LordOfTheSheep
2008-12-19 09:40:23
this mission is really hard, and if you have to warp out youll be coming back to a place where all waves have spawned
Comment by ReDempTi0N
2008-12-22 15:31:16
Ran this mission in a passive fit, t2 fit drake perma boosted. Not a problem, shield never went lower than 70% at any time. Keep an eye on drones as they gain aggro per wave.
Comment by IncuSus
2009-01-06 00:02:58
This mission can be blitzed as there are no web/scram dirty rats. Blow up the Ore processing station & warp out. Completed in a Drake with Caldari Navy Wrath missiles.
Comment by TekPede
2009-01-06 23:46:09
Passive fit t2 drake with rigs. It was a cake walk. Ore station takes lots of dmg.
Comment by IncuSus
2009-01-13 00:05:44
OK, I was bored and decided to see how much dmg it took to blow the station. The answer is 66k
Comment by HutchinsLLJK
2009-11-22 14:02:38
Blowing up the 'Communications Relay' structure seems to prevent reinforcement waves from spawning. Once you take out the defenders that are there on warp in, you can destroy the station at your leisure. Completed in a T2 fit beam harbinger.
Comment by GuzkalI
2010-01-27 21:59:16
Just ran this mission for about the fifth time, previously found it very difficult.
This time I ran with two kinetic AND two thermic hardeners (N-Type), made the damage MUCH more managable.
Comment by RaabenFeder
2010-06-18 14:33:03
done with a fast sniper cyclone. staying out of their blaster range - no warp-outs needed.
ore station takes long to bring down, but drops 500 units of jaspet as loot this time.
no other loot from the structures.
and the gallente turrets there attacked me with havoc missiles, so watch your
explosive resistances...
Comment by KarelWintersky
2010-07-31 02:50:50
WARNING: Average -2.4% gallente faction standing loss.
Comment by RaabenFeder
2010-08-06 13:37:54
loot update for the station:
this time 500 units jaspet + 999 units plagio + 5 bistot mining crystals this time
(exact the right reprocess ore ammount)
Comment by VentrethraX
2010-12-15 18:07:20
In my run of this mission all I received from the Processing Station was cap rechargers
Comment by BcZateki
2011-05-02 01:00:04
I have gotten no loot from it a couple of times if it wasn't mission reqd I wouldn't even bother takes forever to kill
Comment by DarkAngelx
2012-06-10 02:38:20
6 x veldspar astreroids are also present in this mission.
Comment by CiyaAraund
2013-01-01 07:57:27
No standing loss if blitzed.
Comment by DrXenocide
2015-01-16 22:52:09
Confirming no standing loss if blitzed.
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