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======Minmatar Plot (1-3), Level 2======

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=====Part 1 of 3=====
Faction: Amarr, Gallente
Mission Type: Encounter: retreive the slaves
Space Type: Deadspace with gates
Damage Dealt: unknown
Recommended Damage: unknown
Recommended Ship: Cruiser

====Pocket 1====
4x Frigates (Imperial Disciple x3, Imperial Haran)

Note: They spawn once you get close to the Private Hangar.

Private Hangar drops misc trade goods

====Pocket 2====
1 Frigate (Republic Bormin)

Bypass the first pocket and just run to the 2nd acceleration gate, kill the frigate for the loot

=====Part 2 of 3=====
Faction: Minmatar
Mission: Encounter: retreive the data chip
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Unknown
Recommended damage: Unknown

====Warp-in (60km)====
4 Frigates (Federation Kontos)
2 Frigates (Federation Hoplon)

No blitz, need to kill all the ships, last one drops the container

=====Part 3 of 3=====
Faction: Gallente,. Minmatar
Mission type: Encounter: kill all the rebels
Space type: Deadspace
Damage Dealt: Unknown
Recommended Damage: Unknown

====Warp In====
===Group 1 (80km)===
4 Frigates (Federation Clevis x3, Republic Bormin)

===Reinforcement Spawn (40km)===
4 Frigates (Republic Tribal Gleede x2, Republic Kvarm x2)

Killing the Minmatar Contact completes the mission

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