Missing Persons Report, Level 4

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Faction: Caldari Navy
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal
Damage dealt: Kinetic/Therm
Web/scramble: NA
Extras: NA
Recommended damage dealing: Thermal, Kin
Recommended ships: Raven, Dominix, Drake, Typhoon.

Pocket 1

No spawn on entry, can warp at range.
Spawn is triggered by approaching the Acceleration Gate (13km) or the Damaged Gallente Passenger Liner (22km)

3x Battleships
4x Frigates

Pocket 2

Auto aggro at warp-in by Groups 1 and 2.
The Damaged Gallente Passenger Liner is 34km from the warp in beacon but does NOT contain the mission objective.
You must destroy all ships in this pocket and loot a Cargo Container that is dropped when the last ship is destroyed.

Group 1: (40km)

4x Battleships
3x Battlecruisers

Group 2: (48km)

3x Battleships
3x Frigates

On killing last battleship of Groups 1 and 2.

Spawn: (48km)

3x Battleships
3x Battlecruisers

Aggro after firing at Group 3 (or hitting them with a Target Painter)

Spawn: (45km)

4x Battleships
4x Battlecruisers

Approaching within 15km of the Damaged Gallente Passenger Liner or killing the last ship in Group 4.

Spawn: (45km)

4x Battleships
3x Battlecruisers

Killing the last ship in Group 5 drops a Cargo Container at the Damaged Gallente Passenger Liner. This contains 1 x Survivor which is the mission objective.


Triggering Groups 3 and 4 of Pocket 2 may cause an uncomfortable amount of DPS heading your way. If you had difficulty tanking the first 2 groups of that pocket you might want to call a friend.

Standing loss:
0.02% with Caldari State if you remain in the site. Warp out and return will incur another 0.02%.
Fleet members also incur penalty.

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Comment by SeamusDonohue
2011-09-25 13:59:00
FACTION BALANCING: This mission incurs a total of -0.08% standing loss with the Caldari State for "Combat - Ship Kill". This should be negligible for most people.
Comment by SasmoTana
2011-11-12 11:57:54
My experience on this was that group 4 spawns a few seconds behind group 3. I was waiting for group 3 to aggro me so I could send out drones and group 4 spawned. Both groups auto-aggro.
Comment by MorbertFlorbin
2012-01-12 13:58:18

After close to 4 hours of fighting off 6 respawns of 4 Battlecruisers and 4 battleships, there was NO Liner in the pocket to retreive the Survivor from. I left the pocket and returned to the gate. Another 15 minutes to kill everything ate the gate to unlock it, used gate to return to pocket --- the liner was there however when I opened it there WAS NO SURVIVOR. I can not complete this SPECIAL MISSION.


Please note, that you may need to approach a certain object/structure int he mission, before the needed item drops. Please open the overview settings panel and check the "Large Collidable Objects" and "Large Collidable Structures" to display. This should make finding the needed structures much easier to locate.

Best regards,
Senior GM Capella
The EVE Online Customer Support Team

I have done as you suggested before creating this petition. - the Large Colidable object is a Gallente Passenger Liner when I open it there is NO Survivor

Please try traveling around the area a bit, see if you spot a wrecked Frigate.

Best regards,
Senior GM Capella
The EVE Online Customer Support Team

There are at least 10 Wrecked Frigates and even 3 Named Fraters all of which I have approched and been unable to open because they do not have the option to open - then returning to the Galentee Passenger Liner and opening it There is NO SURVIVOR.

Better have a Real good tank and lots of time before takeing this mission on.
Comment by MorbertFlorbin
2012-01-12 14:08:57
According to the mission design, the item is supposed to drop after you approach a specific structure, unfortunately it does not specify which exactly. I can try resetting the mission, in case there is a technical issue.

Best regards,
Senior GM Capella
The EVE Online Customer Support Team

Oh, Please - I do not have another 8 hours to run this mission from scratch been at it since 20:00 last night returning to it after DT, and now you offer to restart it - No Thanks
Comment by MorbertFlorbin
2012-01-12 14:12:25
So anyhow they restarted the mission from scratch.
Comment by MorbertFlorbin
2012-01-13 22:21:37
The second time through - much better

There is a Gallente Passenger Liner (Obelisk) approching it triggers a spawn at the gate of 7 Caldari Ferox and 7 Ravens(30KM away) After taking these out the gate is unlocked.

Through the gate.

There are two groups of 4 Ferox and 4 Ravens(60KM and 75KM away)
After these are gone you get 1 more respawn again 4 and 4

After the room is cleared (check the "Large Collidable Objects" and "Large Collidable Structures" to display.) There will be another Gallente Passenger Liner (Obelisk) approach and open for your Survivor.
Comment by TyphanyMynx
2012-04-09 01:40:09
WORST MISSION EVER! I did this in a Drake. Took me 6 hours! The frakkin battleships just keep coming and they take forever to kill. My tank never failed.. if fact my shields never went down more than about 15%.. If you get this mission, either do it with friends, or with a ship that can put out some massive damage. Or you are going to be here all day! Utterly stupid!
Comment by OneNeo
2013-08-18 23:59:58
Beat it in about 2 hours with a Megathron fit with 7 T2 425mm Railguns with passive and active armor tanking... Should get just under 100 mil worth of dog tag loot alone...
Comment by DiegoJer
2014-03-13 13:57:20
Group 4 seems to aggro only when attacking a battlecruiser in group 3. I was able to delay their spawn by killing the battleships first.
Comment by Ruffie83
2015-07-08 07:22:36
For me the last group appeared after I destroyed the 4th.

I finished the entire mission in a Kronos with 4 T2 425rails, 3 t2 and one serpentis mag field stabbers, in just 30 minutes and got 135 mil in loot so really worth chaining imo.

Completion trigger is the last bs in the last group (don't remember wich one I killed last but I thought I could chain by leaving one bc alive, this did not work).

For the chainers : LEAVE ONE OF THE LAST BS ALIVE!
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