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======Name of the Mission, level of the mission======

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Faction: Which faction are the rats you encounter
Mission type:
- Encounter: Your main goal is to blow something up.
- Mining: Your main goal is to mine something.
- Courier: You have to transport something from one station to another (not reported unless part of a storyline)
Space type:
- Normal: No gates and your mwd works.
- Deadspace: Normally gates, but might be without. Mwd does not work
Damage dealt: What should you tank against. Most significant type first.
- NOS: Usage of energy vampires (Blood raiders)
- Jam: Usage of jammers. (Gurista Pirates)
- Damp: Usage of sensor dampening. (Serpentis)
- Tracking disrupt or just Disrupt: Usage of tracking disruption (Sansha Nation)
Web/scramble: Rats that web/scramble
Recommended damage dealing: What you should attack with. The average least tanked damage first.
Recommended ships: Any ship that has survived the mission.

====Pocket (number)====

Deadspace pocket. Usually reached from a gate

===Group (number)===

Group of rats. More or less detailed depending on the reporter


If there are any ships that shows up later in the game. Usually triggered by a ship, proximity of an object, time or just random.

Any way to complete the mission without killing too many rats.
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