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Mission Reports: COSMOS

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Title CCorporationLevel & QualityAgentLocation
CorpseDealer Corpse DealerBrutor TribeL3Q0Rozor MothrusAni(Minmatar)-Barkrik-The Carnival
Title FCorporationLevel & QualityAgentLocation
FederalInspection3 Federal InspectionFederal Intelligent OfficeL3Q0Onreun CoenAlgintal(Gallente)-Fluekele-Central Administration
Title HCorporationLevel & QualityAgentLocation
HiddenTruths Hidden TruthsEifyr & Co.L2Q0Remy OucheAni(Minmatar)-Lanngis-Sanctum Psychosis
Title ICorporationLevel & QualityAgentLocation
InfiltrationCOSMOS InfiltrationCaldari NavyL3Q0Maro YamaOkkelen(Caldari)-Friggi-Clear Wing Spring
Title LCorporationLevel & QualityAgentLocation
LostLoveManchuraThePirate2of3 Lost Love L4
Title MCorporationLevel & QualityAgentLocation
ManelsDisappearance3 Manel's DissaperanceKador FamilyL3Q0Nossa FaradAraz(Amarr)-Chanoun-Governor's Audience Chamber
Title NCorporationLevel & QualityAgentLocation
NefariousBusinessCOSMOS Nefarious Business

Corpse Dealer (COSMOS, 3 parts) CorpseDealer Level 3

Federal Inspection (Cosmos - 5 missions) FederalInspection3 Level 3

Hidden Truths (Cosmos) HiddenTruths Level 2

Infiltration (Cosmos, 3 parts) InfiltrationCOSMOS Level 3

Lost Love (Gurista) (Cosmos) LostLoveManchuraThePirate2of3 Level 4

Manel's Dissaperance (Cosmos) ManelsDisappearance3 Level 3

Nefarious Business (Cosmos, 4 parts) NefariousBusiness Level 3

Rescue Isone Flosin (Cosmos) RescueIsoneFlosin3se Level 3
Revenge is sweet (Cosmos) RevengeIsSweet3 Level 3
Rogue Drone Risk (Cosmos) RogueDroneRisk Level 1

Terrorist At Large (Cosmos) TerroristAtLarge Level 2
Tourist Run (Cosmos) TouristRun2 Level 2
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