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Level 4 Mission Reports

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This page displays a concise list of Level 4 missions to reduce the clutter and scrolling in the mainpage.
Please note that the mainpage MissionReports Mission Reports will remain as always.

You may bookmark this link if you are only doing Level 4 missions.


AmarrExcavators4 Amarr Excavators (Storyline)
AmbushtheConvoy4 Ambush the Convoy (Serpentis)
AngelCartelSpies4 Angel Cartel Spies (Angel Cartel)
AngelExtragavanza4 Angel Extravaganza (Angel Cartel)
AreYouReceiving4am Are You Receiving? (Angel Cartel/Amarr)
Assault4gu Assault, The (Guristas Pirates)
Assault4se Assault, The (Serpentis)
AttackoftheDrones4 Attack of the Drones (Rogue Drones)


Blockade4an Blockade, The (Angel Cartel)
Blockade4br Blockade, The (Blood Raiders)
Blockade4dd Blockade, The (DED)
Blockade4sa Blockade, The (Sansha Nation)
Blockade4se Blockade, The (Serpentis)
BloodRaiderSpies4 Blood Raider Spies, The (Blood Raiders)
BuzzKill4an Buzz Kill (Angel Cartel)


CargoDeliveryBlitz Cargo Delivery Blitz Information
CargoDelivery4br Cargo Delivery (Blood Raiders)
CargoDelivery4sa Cargo Delivery (Sansha Nation)
CargoDelivery4se Cargo Delivery (Serpentis)
CaseofKidnapping4 Case of Kidnapping, A (Storyline)
CoveringyourTracks4 Covering your Tracks (Storyline)


DamselinDistress4 Damsel in Distress, The (Mercenaries)
DesperateManeuvers4 Desperate Maneuvers (Blood Raiders/Serpentis/Guristas Pirates)
DiplomaticIncident4 Diplomatic Incident (Amarr)
RogueSlaveTrader4 Downing The Slavers (2 of 2) (Sansha Nation)
DuoofDeath4an Duo of Death (Angel Cartel)
DuoofDeath4br Duo of Death (Blood Raiders)
DuoofDeath4gu Duo of Death (Guristas Pirates)
DuoofDeath4sa Duo of Death (Sansha Nation)
DuoofDeath4se Duo of Death (Serpentis)


EndtoEavesdropping4 End to Eavesdropping, An (Storyline)
EnemiesAbound4p1 Enemies Abound (1 of 5) (Gallente)
Enemies Abound (2 of 5) (Courier)
EnemiesAbound4p3 Enemies Abound (3 of 5) (Gallente)
EnemiesAbound4p4 Enemies Abound (4 of 5) (Gallente)
EnemiesAbound4p5 Enemies Abound (5 of 5) (Minmatar)
ExploitedSensitivities4ga Exploited Sensitivities (Gallente)
ExtractTheRenegade4 Extract The Renegade (Storyline)


FederalConfidence4 Federal Confidence (Caldari)


GoneBerserk4 Gone Berserk (EoM)
GuristaExtravaganza4 Guristas Extravaganza (Guristas Pirates)
GuristaSpies4 Guristas Spies, The (Guristas Pirates)


HumbleBeginnings4 Humble Beginnings


IllegalActivity4 Illegal Activity (Gallente)
IntheMidstofDeadspace4p1 In The Midst of Deadspace (1 of 5) (Amarr/Caldari)
In The Midst of Deadspace (2 of 5) (Courier)
IntheMidstofDeadspace4p3 In The Midst of Deadspace (3 of 5) (Amarr)
IntheMidstofDeadspace4p4 In The Midst of Deadspace (4 of 5) (Amarr)
IntheMidstofDeadspace4p5 In The Midst of Deadspace (5 of 5) (Khanid/Caldari)
InfestedRuins4 Infested Ruins, The (Rogue Drones)
InfiltratedOutpost4 Infiltrated Outposts (Rogue Drones)
InsorumHijacking4storyline Insorum Hijacking (Storyline)
IntercepttheSaboteurs4am Intercept The Saboteurs (Amarr)
IntercepttheSaboteurs4br Intercept The Saboteurs (Blood Raiders)
IntercepttheSaboteurs4gu Intercept The Saboteurs (Guristas)
IntercepttheSaboteurs4mi Intercept The Saboteurs (Minmatar)
IntercepttheSaboteurs4sesa Intercept The Saboteurs (Serpentis/Sansha)


KhanidNobleman4 Khanid Nobleman
Kidnapping4 Kidnapping, The


MassiveAttack4am Massive Attack (Amarr)
MassiveAttack4sa Massive Attack (Sansha)
MassiveAttack4se Massive Attack (Serpentis)
MiningMisappropriation4am Mining Misappropriation (Amarr)
MordusHeadhunters4 Mordus Headhunters, The
MordusFolly4Mordus Mordus Folly


NavyArmada4am Navy Armada (Amarr)
NavyArmada4ca Navy Armada (Caldari)
NavyArmada4ga Navy Armada (Gallente)


PirateInvasion4an Pirate Invasion (Angel Cartel)
PirateInvasion4sa Pirate Invasion (Sansha Nation)
PirateSlaughter4an Pirate Slaughter (Angel Cartel)
PirateSlaughter4gu Pirate Slaughter (Guristas Pirates)
PoliceInvasion4mi Police Invasion (Minmatar)
PotandKettle4 Pot and Kettle


RacetrackRuckus4am Racetrack Ruckus (Gallente)
Recon4an Recon (1 of 3) (Angel Cartel)
Recon4br Recon (1 of 3) (Blood Raiders)
Recon4gu Recon (1 of 3) (Guristas Pirates)
Recon4sa Recon (1 of 3) (Sansha Nation)
Recon4se Recon (1 of 3) (Serpentis)
Recon4 Recon (2-3 of 3) (All Races)
RightHandofZazzmatazz4 Right Hand of Zazzmatazz, The
RitualistRaid4 Ritualist Raids
RogueDroneHarassment4 Rogue Drone Harassment
RogueSlaveTrader4 Rogue Slave Trader, The (1 of 2)


SanshaSpies4 Sansha Spies, The
Score4at Score, The (Ammatar Mandate)
Score4mi Score, The (Minmatar Republic)
Score4sa Score, The (Sansha Nation)
Score4se Score, The (Serpentis)
SerpentisExtravaganza4 Serpentis Extravaganza
SerpentisShipBuilders4 Serpentis Ship Builders
SerpentisSpies4 Serpentis Spies, The
ShipyardTheft4an Shipyard Theft (Angel Cartel) (Storyline)
ShipyardTheft4br Shipyard Theft (Blood Raiders) (Storyline)
ShipyardTheft4gu Shipyard Theft (Guristas Pirates) (Storyline)
ShipyardTheft4se Shipyard Theft (Serpentis) (Storyline)
SilencetheInformant4 Silence the informant
SmashSupplier4am Smash The Supplier (Amarr)
SmashTheShipyard4am Smash The Shipyard (Amarr)
SmugglerInterception4an Smuggler Interception (Angel Cartel)
SmugglerInterception4br Smuggler Interception (Blood Raiders)
StoptheThief4 Stop the Thief
SurpriseSurprise4 Surprise Surprise (Amarr / Caldari)


UnauthorizedMilitaryPresence4an Unauthorized Military Presence (Angels)
UnauthorizedMilitaryPresence4br Unauthorized Military Presence (Blood Raiders)
UnauthorizedMilitaryPresence4ca Unauthorized Military Presence (Caldari)


Vengeance4an Vengeance (Angel Cartel)
Vengeance4br Vengeance (Blood Raiders)
Vengeance4gu Vengeance (Guristas Pirates)
Vengeance4mo Vengeance (Mordus)
Vengeance4sa Vengeance (Sansha Nation)
Vengeance4se Vengeance (Serpentis)


WarSituation4am War Situation (Amarr)
WildcatStrike4drones Wildcat Strike, The
WorldsCollide4ansa Worlds Collide (Angels / Sansha)
WorldsCollide4bran Worlds Collide (Blood Raiders / Angel Cartel)
WorldsCollide4guse Worlds Collide (Guristas Pirates / Serpentis)
WorldsCollide4segu Worlds Collide (Serpentis / Guristas Pirates)

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