Mordus Folly, Level 4

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Part 1 of 2

Faction: Mordus
Mission type: Encounter (Get: Encrypted Ship log, 1 m3)
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Kin/therm
Recommended damage dealing: Kin, EM
Recommended ships: Maelstrom, Raven, Ishtar, Typhoon, Gila, Dominix/DNI
Bounties: 6.5 million ISK
The video above only covers part 1.

Single Pocket

No hostiles on the initial acceleration gate.

The last Mordus ship drops the mission objective, it's recommended to leave one frigate until the end so picking up takes no time.
Every new wave aggros you and your drones, so keep them safe.

Wave 1 (50km, autoaggro)

3x Frigates (Mordus Rapier)
5x Cruisers (Mordus Cheetah) Killing last one triggers wave 2
1x Industrial (State Industrial) Does not drop anything and killing it is not required to complete mission
1x Battleship (Mordus Gigamar) Orbit at 45km
1x Battleship (Mordus Mammoth) Orbit at 50km
3x Battleships (Mordus Sequestor) Orbit at 20km Killing the last one triggers wave 3

1x Battleship (Mordus Fleet Commander) - 5mil bounty & random implant

Wave 2

(50km, triggered by killing the cruisers in wave 1)
5x Cruisers (Mordus Leopard)

Wave 3

(58km, triggered by killing the group of 3 battleships in wave 1)
2x Battleships (Mordus Sequestor) Orbit at 20km Killing the last one triggers wave 4

Wave 4

(50km, triggered by killing the group of 2 battleships in wave 3)
4x Battleships (Mordus Phanti) Orbit at 32km Last one drops container

Mineable Asteroids

Mission contains a field of about 40 Veldspar asteroids with a diameter of around 40 km.

Five Abandoned Containers with t1 loot (usually 1 item per container). Tractor beam doesn't work on them.


Est Price: ~12 Mil


Part 2 of 2

Faction: Caldari State
Mission type: Encounter (Destroy the Caldari Supply Depot)
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Kin/therm
Extras: Target jamming (Taibu State Tachi/Tendai/Sohei)
Web/scramble: unknown
Recommended damage dealing: kin/therm
Recommended ships: Tengu, Maelstrom, Raven, Rattlesnake, Dominix/DNI
Difficulty: Medium

Single Pocket

No aggro on warp-in.

Wave 1 (50km)

1x Taibu State Tachi Frigate (ECM) - will aggro cruisers when fired on
2x State Shukuro Samurai Cruisers Wave 2 trigger - can be aggroed alone
3x State Shukuro Bajo Battlecruisers - can be aggroed alone
4x State Shukuro Daijo BS - orbits at 35km
2x State Shukuro Bishamon BS Wave 3 trigger - orbits at 34km

Wave 1

Triggered (if Wave 1 is alive and) the supply depot has lost about 25% armor.

2x Taibu State Tendai/Sohei Cruisers (ECM)

Wave 2a

3x Cruisers - will cause BS aggro when fired upon

Wave 2b

Timed trigger after the three cruisers before (?)

3x Taibu State Suriage/Shirasa Frigates (Web/Scram)

Wave 3

2x State Shukuro Bishamon BS
2x State Shukuro Shogun BS Wave 4 Trigger - orbits at 33km

Wave 4

2x State Shukuro Nagashin BS (Heavy Thermal damage, orbit at 67500 m. )
Nagashins move relatively slowly so if you move closer to their spawn point you can approach them after they spawn and destroy them before they get out of range.

Alternative to Wave 3 ( If you destroy the depot first then the initial Bishamons will not cause Wave 3 as listed, instead the last Dajo triggered a 4 Bishamon spawn and the regular Wave 4 triggered by the last Bishamon.

Mission completes when supply depot is destroyed.



Tags to be looted (can vary slightly):

Caldari Navy Admiral x 16
Caldari Navy Captain II x 3
Caldari Navy Captain III x 1
Caldari Navy Commodore I x 4
Caldari Navy Commodore II x 20

Standing loss:
0.02% from Caldari State per standing tick
No loss for destroying the depot!

Comment by PhreakinOut
2008-09-09 01:41:09
Tanked with Hyp LAR II, 2 N-type active therm, 2 N-type active Kin no problems. Waves will aggro to drones. Nagasin dmg is MASSIVE thermal - even with 2 n-type therms still taking hits for 2-300 avg w/ perfects at 5-600
Comment by JakeMcCord
2008-09-21 19:27:47
In part one, EMP L type ammo works much better against the Sequestors.
Comment by KaelStarfly
2008-10-13 13:08:28
I agree with JakeMcCord. In part one all the BSs are shield tanks. Took me forever to cut through their shields using Republican Fleet Phased Plasma L and Hammerhead IIs.
Comment by KaelStarfly
2008-10-13 21:58:38
In Part 2, Wave 4, the final Nagasin BS retreated went far beyond 70-75k. He went out to about 90k then started orbiting, but slowly going farther out. Kind of a pain because he got out of my Raven's targeting range and it wasn't worth my while to run him down. Means I got zilch from part 2 since I couldn't go back and salvage it, and there were no bounties.
Comment by KurullSkullsplitter
2008-11-21 09:57:56
I wasn't going to farm it but I did notice Part 1 would be hard to farm nicely since the Mission Objective drops with this trigger - "3x Battleships (Mordus Sequestor) Killing the last one triggers wave 2". Also for me the Abandoned Containers have not been worth the time spent looting them. The Mordus Fleet Commander seems to be a rather unlikely possibility up to this point as well.
Comment by PoiPoi
2008-11-30 01:01:27
I just wanted to add that I encountered a 5mil ISK bounty NPC on this mission, a Mordus Fleet Commander.
Comment by PoiPoi
2008-11-30 01:04:03
...during part 1. Sorry for double comment.
Comment by ThePear
2008-12-09 19:07:57
For the second part, you can snipe off the supply depot without too much trouble from the NPCs, as they are fairly easy to tank. Not much point to kill the npcs, as they dont have bounty, loot isnt too great (cept for tags), and the salvage is garbage mostly.
Comment by TyRannee
2008-12-14 00:23:51
Not sure if this is a variation or a correction that needs to be made, but in wave 1 of part 2 I had 2 x Daijo BS and 4 x Bishamon. The notes above have it the other way around.
Comment by TreeFingers
2009-01-02 15:08:11
Part I: make sure you bring enough firepower to crack the mammoth's shield tank. It's deep with an active recharger. Large guns/cruise should be able to do it, but it could take a long, long time with crap guns and T1 ammo. And getting in close will be tough without a phoon or an AB.
Comment by DonnaBlitzenn
2009-01-23 09:42:00
On part 2 of this mission, I was unable to tank the final two Nagasin battleships, even after going back and refitting for more thermal than kinetic resistance, and I couldn't even get through the shields of one of them before having to warp out. They use turrets only, and do severe damage especially when they get wrecking hits. Even going 400m/s with an afterburner didn't help. I had to wait until after downtime so the mission reset and go back. Then I killed the ECM frigate, 4 of 5 battlecruisers, 3 of 6 battleships, parked next to the supply depot and easily tanked the remaining first-wave ships while pounding the station to bits.
Comment by QianzingYanshu
2009-02-05 05:33:53
Hello, Fellow missioneers.
My experiences with part 1 of this mission differ from what is stated above:
up to now, I flew the mission only twice but both times the can first dropped from the last remaining battleship (a Mordus Phanti in both my cases)

And for part 2: Warp in, tank stage, close in on depot, hurl drones and missiles at the depot, kill depot, warp out did the trick. Jamming has not been that bad or I was just lucky. It took me with my medium damage skills on my alt 2 reloads on my CNR with 7CN-Cruises (30 missiles payload each) - so YES, loads of HP on this depot, but to no avail ;)

2 tips for those secondes while being jammed: Drones stay on target and keep on pounding it! reload while being jammed saves you precious time for firing missiles!
Comment by AresTan
2009-04-09 13:30:44
The item from the first part drops from the last ship. That's right - the last ship, not the last battleship. Keep the three frigates alive that circle you at 2km and kill them last, meaning you get the item without having to move a single meter.
Comment by Jhereg001
2009-05-22 20:00:09
First pocket -> 2,260,000 Veldspar.
Comment by AremonMoonserpent
2009-05-24 16:28:10
Just did that one the first time; part 1 is rather easy, in part 2 jamming from that lone frig is indeed not too bad - here and there it strikes, you re-lock, end of story. DPS however is remarkable, at least if you want to tank ALL rats without killing any. My first setup has a tank (according to EFT) of some 530 against Caldari et al, and it broke (though it took some time). Refitting for maximum tank (roughly 1200 DPS) did the job easily, shields went down to maybe 66 % (passive tank).
Comment by ProVersius1
2009-06-05 16:27:46
Part 2 of 2: After I killed the ECM frigate, All the ships aggro'd. There were 6 Daijo BS's, and 5 Battlecruisers NOT cruisers. You can add an Apoc or Armageddon to the list of recommended ships..
Comment by HomeFries
2009-06-26 15:24:40
Mordus Fleet Commander dropped a 'Yeti' BX-2 implant, -5% ice harvester cycle time.

Comment by TotalNewbie
2009-07-19 09:45:08
In Part 2 my wave 3 was 4 X Bishamon
Comment by MaggieMae
2009-08-31 14:06:38
I blitzed this mission in a pith-fitted Rattlesnake, never went below 76% shields, cap at 30%. Need to cycle the SB, but it can be done fairly easy.
Comment by ProVersius1
2009-08-31 15:31:34
Part 1 of Final wave- All Mordus Phanti-- They did aggro my drones. So you might want to start pulling them in for last wave.

Medium armor tanking skills in an Abby.. Three sets of crystals. Navy UL, micro, and Multi's. LAR II perma running never went below 70% armor.
Comment by LepPard
2009-09-18 12:46:50
No probs in neither pt.1 or pt.2 with a T2 fittet Mael
Comment by McApoc
2009-10-03 03:37:44
Part1-Torp Ravens made nice fireworks but not to much dps, cruise scorps seemed to be jamming my Vargur's turrets some, No factor...ok loot drops from the bs's. 7Mil+ pay with bounties.

Part2-Should have called this part "Raped by torp raven's" . Easily tanked if you watch your cap, Not much loot other than Admiral tags...cost me a med and heavy drone.
Comment by McSizzle
2009-10-26 10:58:13
For part 2. Not really a blitz but, to get through this part quickly, I just destroy enough non-trigger ships so they can't break my passive shield tank on my cane then go for the supply depot.
Comment by ForteEXE
2009-12-02 05:00:23
This mission was changed in Dominion, I've absolutely no idea how as I've yet to get this mission.
Comment by ForteEXE
2009-12-02 05:10:45
Furthermore, with the Projectile Ammo changes, I would suggest you used Phased Plasma if you're in a Minmatar ship, as it's the most optimal towards damaging Mordus, of the three -50% ammos.
Comment by LupusDei
2009-12-02 10:51:26
In part 1, the Mordus Fleet Commander dropped a Zainou 'Gnome' KVA2000
Comment by ForteEXE
2009-12-02 18:35:58
Mission has scramblers now, on the cruiser wave. Shirasa is their name.
Comment by EricDeloitte
2009-12-30 03:58:15
The Second Part has changed a bit

Firing on anything seems to aggro the entire room.

Upon Firing on the 3 Cruisers in wave 2, a wave of 3 frigates will spawn and one of these will web/ scramble you.

In Wave 3 often all of the BS are the same, they will appear as a group of 4 then the trigger will usually break off from the group at about 50km

Finally when you attack the depot when you get the depot into about 75% armor 2 cruisers will spawn and both will distrupt you so you cannot target. I took care of both of these with drones on aggressive before continuing to destroy the depot.
Comment by RaiaMortius
2010-03-11 14:45:43
fleet commander dropped a deadeye zgc100 for me. +3% falloff. nice for my mach :)
Comment by NeoReeves
2010-05-22 11:03:48
Had 3xTaigu State Shirasay (Frigs w Scramblers) spawan in Wave 2 and also Two Elite cruisers spawned after a while in the last wave
Comment by MgaLugn
2010-06-08 14:19:59
In part 1, EMP L works better than anything else on the Mammoth/Gigamar (those with the huge active shield tank). Was stuck at 50% shield with Phased Plasma / Titanium Sabot (new char with low skills)
Comment by RaikoOsburn
2010-08-12 19:22:00
Part 1: Done this in maelstrom. Had 1x kinetic and 1x thermic shield hardener but it wast enough. I had to come back and fit one invulnerability field cause I ran out of cap with only 2. Also I needed EMP L to shoot 1mil bounty BS.
Comment by AremonMoonserpent
2010-09-05 15:53:58
Just had part II again after a looong time and BOY did the dps increase since then! My Vargur almost got torn apart by the incoming stuff, had to speed tank around them and take them apart one by one with the ACs... doing that made it all easy again. Spiraling in at speed 400 almost nullified the entire damage.
Comment by VlosKtonos
2010-11-06 05:51:29
Part 1 - can dropped from last ship of wave 1

Part 2 - Blitzed with active cap stable Golem. I didn't shoot a single ship, was jammed maybe 3 times. I didn't want to take any faction hit for caldari, it seems to have worked.

2x Taibu State Cruisers spawned when depot was at approximately 50%
Comment by MoZo1
2010-11-23 13:17:40
Part2 Nagasin pwn:

If you have trouble with the Nagasin-s, leave wave 4 trigger alive and reaload, then when you kill it, rush one of the Nagasins, web it, and orbit at 500m! They have long range weapon, so it's half dmg to tank already. Then depending on your setup, you will have a high rad/s low speed and a hi distance hi speed target to choose.
Comment by SeamusDonohue
2010-11-27 08:16:21

I can confirm the results reported by VlosKtonos. *If* you can blitz the supply depot (a very big "if"), then you can complete the mission without getting a standing loss with the Caldari State. A -0.0% will show up for "Combat - Aggression", but no "Combat - Ship Kill".

I dual-account missions in battleships, nowadays, so I was able to put out the necessary DPS against the supply depot. I'm guessing that incoming damage peaked at around 800-850 pre-resistance Kinetic and Thermal damage, but I can't be sure.
Comment by MithorKarez
2011-03-23 07:02:14
Tanking to blitz is trivial with a regular Kin/Thermal tanked Tengu, you might get jammed but who cares...
Comment by SyzGre
2011-04-09 08:25:23
Easiest way to do Part II: Dominix with 2x LAR II, 2x Kin/2x Therm Hardener + Damage Control. Warp in, get Aggro, Drop Bouncer II and engage the Depot (orbit your Bouncers at 2500 to reduce Torp Damage). Then go get something to drink, eat, play with the dog or whatever.
Since the NPC cannot break your tank ever and jamming does not reduce your DPS, your drones simply finish the depot after a few minutes. Scoop them and warp out, mission complete without any hassle or standing hit.
Comment by Vis3
2011-04-13 04:58:10
Both parts completed solo in a faction frigate (Dramiel)

Part 1 took 50m mins, no problems other than needed RF EMP to take down the Mordus Mammoth.
I only got 1,884,908 units of veldspar, mined within 55 mins using Orca and two hulks,so was able to collect time bonus.
Veld amounted to around 17.4m

Part 2 was harder, I opted for the blitz, speed tanking was easy, however the two ECM Jamming Cruisers had me locked down completly, 3x T2 drones did not take down the ECM Cruiser in over 5 mins, had to rethink approach, fitted 3x Ladar Backup Arry II's (giving a total of 23.1 Sensor Strength) removing 3x Republic Fleet Gyros to make space for them (dropped my DPS by about 35%) so it ended up taking quite some time to complete the mission.

The Sensor Boosters gave me enough of a window to get lock on the Two ECM cruisers and take them down.

I did not see wave 1b so the trigger is likely to be linked to atticking the other ships.
Comment by AleCium
2011-05-19 13:28:02
Part 2 of 2 has Special Site Restrictions.

"This site is restricted to certain ship types; you may use your <Insert Ship Type> to access it, or one of the following types of ship:

•Assault Ship
•Black Ops
•Combat Recon Ship
•Command Ship
•Covert Ops
•Electronic Attack Ship
•Elite Battleship
•Force Recon Ship
•Heavy Assault Ship
•Heavy Interdictor
•Industrial Command Ship
•Jump Freighter
•Mining Barge
•Rookie ship
•Stealth Bomber
•Strategic Cruiser
•Transport Ship"
Comment by MatTheMatari
2012-05-11 12:10:54
After clearing all of the initial ships, two cruisers (State Tendai) spawned when I had the depot to 65% armour. The then jammed me 100% of the time. (Maelstrom)
Comment by QuasaraByss
2012-10-09 06:27:51
Re: 2/2- This is not a particularly easy or quick mission, and not that well paying. The 15M in tags is the only plus factor, but not enough for me considering the standing hit. 0.06% loss in total, I did the full/slow version to get the tags though.
Comment by KrinMalatai
2013-08-14 18:50:57
Not easy solo even with a higher (32M) SP character in a Machariel if you don't manage the aggro.
All the rats in part 2 are more vulnerable to Kinetic than anything else, but thermal is the better ammo because of the much higher pre-defense damage.
After all was said (shot) and done, I flew away with just over 55.8 million isk in loot.
Comment by TechReviewsAndHelp
2013-09-14 06:41:59
Part 1
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