Mordus Headhunters, level 1

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Faction: Mordus
Mission type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Kinetic, Thermal
Reccomended damage dealing: Kinetic
Video: Rifter
Loot: None from Structures.

Pocket 1

Warp in Point


3 Mordus Rookies

Pocket 2

Group 1:

1x Mordus Rapier
3x Mordus Rookie

Group 2:

2x Mordus Rapier
3x Mordus Rookie

Group 3:

1x Mordus Gladius
1x Mordus Rapier
5x Mordus Rookie

Comment by BlueMurder
2008-07-13 03:39:56
After group three, 2 additional Mordus Rookies showed up. Not sure if this is typical.
Comment by SazukaKirr
2008-08-22 21:33:09
I found that I had to fly further into the second pocket to get Group 2 to spawn. My mission was also marked as complete after Group 2 had been killed. Group 3 didn't spawn after I killed Group 2, so I'm guessing I had to fly closer again, but I didn't wait for this. I just flew out and cashed in the mission!
Comment by MrDummy
2009-02-06 16:54:46
If you stay at the place immediately after warp-in Pocket 2 part, and you have also long range weapons, all groups shall come to you.
No really need to fly to another group.
Comment by EagleHawkstrike
2009-08-04 06:20:02
When I did this mission Group 2 consisted of only 3 Mordus Rookie's and Group 3 consisted of 3 Mordus Rapier and 1 Mordus Gladius.
Comment by AxxonGnosa
2010-12-14 03:48:28
only two groups in pocket 2 for me and second group consisted of only 1 rapier, 1 gladius
Comment by DrRoic
2011-05-13 03:49:21
Two rapiers after group 3, but the mission was complete and I did not need to kill them.
Comment by IcareAboutOre
2013-11-30 07:08:42
No asteroids.
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