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The Mordus Headhunters, Level 3

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Faction: Mordus
Mission type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Kinetic, Thermal, Kinetic missiles.
Web/scramble: Mordus Bounty Hunter
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic, Thermal
Recommended ships: Drake

Pocket 1

Two groups. 1st group about 25-35 km away from warp in point, 2nd group 45-60 km away from warp in point.

Group 1

7x Frigates (Mordus Katana)
2x Cruisers (Mordus Puma)

Group 2

3x Frigates (Mordus Katana/Rapier)
3x Cruisers (Mordus Leopard/Lion/Puma)

Pocket 2

All about 30-40km away from warp in point

10x Frigates (Mordus Katana/Gladius)
2x Interceptors (Mordus Bounty Hunter) (web/scramble)
7x Cruisers (Mordus Leopard/Lion/Puma)

The small armories have a chance of containing a large assortment of small to large ammo and light to heavy missiles.
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