The Mordus Headhunters, Level 5

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Faction: Mordu’s Legion
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Web/Scramble: Mordus Bounty Hunters – Chances: (90% Web, 10% Scramble)
Extras: None
Damage dealt: Kinetic 73% / Thermal 27%
Recommended damage dealing: Kin/EM
Recommended ships: Completed in (1) Maelstrom w/ Active Tank and (1) Maelstrom w/ 2 Shield Transporters in 2 hours

Acceleration Gate into Deadspace.

First Pocket

Gate restricted to T2 Battleship sized hulls and below

Initial Group

No Aggro until your first shot. Frigates can be Aggro'ed separately. Shooting any Battleship will cause a spawn.

6 x Frigates
(3 x Mordus Bounty Hunter) orbits at 8k, Web/Scramble
(3 x Mordus Katana) orbits at 8k
5 x Battleships
(2 x Mordus Mammoth) orbits at 50k, Trigger 1a when shot
(3 x Mordus Gigamar) orbits at 45k, Trigger 2 when shot

Initial Group ships and the locations of upcoming spawns

Spawn 1a

Upon Shooting a Mammoth, there spawns above the Station Ruins:

3 x Frigates (Mordus Bounty Hunter) orbits at 8k
5 x Cruisers (Mordus Leopard/Lion*) orbits at 18k, *Trigger 1b

Spawn 1b

Upon destruction of the final cruiser, there spawns within the asteroids:

5 x Battleships (Mordus Gigamar/Mammoth) orbits at 45k-50k

Spawn 2

Upon Shooting a Gigamar, there spawns within the asteroids:

3 x Frigates (Mordus Bounty Hunter) orbits at 8k
2 x Cruisers (Mordus Lion) orbits at 18k
3 x Battleships (Mordus Gigamar) orbits at 45k

Second Pocket

Initial Group

Full Room Aggro shortly after warp-in:

10 x Battleships (Mordus Mammoth/Phanti/Gigamar/Sequestor*) *Trigger when shot

Initial Group ships and the locations of upcoming spawns

Spawn 1

Upon Shooting a Sequestor, there spawns next to the warp-in:

3 x Frigates (Mordus Bounty Hunter) orbits at 8k, Trigger
4 x Cruisers (Mordus Lion) orbits at 18k

Spawn 2

Upon destroying all the frigates:

3 x Frigates (Mordus Bounty Hunter) orbits at 8k
7 x Cruisers (Mordus Lion/Leopard) orbits at 18k
2 x Battleships (Mordus Mammoth) orbits at 50k

Third Pocket

Initial Group

3 x Frigates (Mordus Bounty Hunter) orbits at 8k
4 x Battleships (3 x Mordus Mammoth) orbits at 50k
(1 x Mordus Fleet Commander) Trigger when shot

Spawn 1

Upon Shooting the Mordus Fleet Commander, there spawns on four sides at 30k from warp-in:

Spawn's just a shot away!

12 x Frigates (Mordus Bounty Hunter) orbits at 8k
12 x Battleships (Mordus Gigamar) orbits at 45k

Mission Objective is to clear all of Third Pocket


Comment by MithorKarez
2009-08-19 12:33:23
A corpmate told me that killing the Mordus Commander alone does not complete the mission (anymore?), possibly it's destroying all (or just all battle) ships.
Comment by HacRa
2010-03-15 14:44:14
Mission done with passive shield tanked dominix and basilisk support.

Logistics support is not necessary untill 3rd room. (If spawns are killed in correct order without triggering next wave too quickly)
Comment by JasonStevenson
2010-04-17 01:16:06
Completed in Apoc,Varger & Mega in just under an hour with RR worked grate.
Comment by DaerIous
2010-05-08 02:37:48
In room 1, initial group, BS's will agro fleet members when frigates are engaged.
Comment by MimuLouse
2011-02-10 01:31:32
Solo run in Dual MAR Ishtar.

Pocket 3:
Kill the frigs
Kill the mammoths
Head straight down to put distance between you and next spawn points
Trigger spawn
Kill frigs (keep moving down)
Kill Commander
Mission flags complete without killing any of the 12 spawned Gigamars.

Confirmed this works twice now.

LOOT COMMANDER WRECK!!!! On bad days I get 20mil implants. On good days, I get 100mil implants.

Last run was worth 222mil including estimated value of 85K LP.
Comment by MimuLouse
2011-03-06 01:45:05
A few things have changed since the final "no more high sec L5 missions" patch:

First pocket warp-in point is about 15km from frigs and the BS auto aggro. The Frigs do not.

A couple of the first pocket Mammoths behaved very oddly. One orbited at 20km and .014 rad/second. Garde II could just barely track him. Eventually, he turned tail and started moving away leading to his demise.

Another Mammoth moved into that same behavior mode. Then it immediately went to 125km distance breaking lock.

Comment by MimuLouse
2011-05-14 20:46:38
Okay, the two people that might actually read this are probably getting tired of my blabberings.

First, concerning the above warp-in change, it's only happened one more time.

After more than a dozen Mordus L5, last night's produced a named cruiser ("Mordus Raid Leader") and named BS ("Taisu Megdesh") spawn.

The cruiser dropped an implant, but it was low value, and the BS dropped a named insignia.

Aside from breaking up the monotony, not much real difference except for a noticeable bump in incoming dps.
Comment by MimuLouse
2012-12-08 00:25:47
Okay... last one...

As before, Dual MAR Ishtar...

Retribution is VERY tough on light drones and dps heavy/thin tank fleetmates. My old technique of bringing in an alt in a nemesis resulted in aggro switch and a dead nemesis before I knew what was happening.

The Mordu's Bounty Hunters are particularly adept at switching aggro, webbing and popping light drones before you know what hit them. Garde II are a bit more useful, but the bounty hunters can keep the angular velocity pretty high even on approach. Most effective outside 30km. If you can't use the Garde, use light drones sparingly. Watch for when you get un-webbed... your lights are next...

P3 with its swarm of bounty hunters could be nothing but lethal to lights. I switched it up a bit... take out the few bounty hunters at warp-in with garde, chase down the closest Mammoth, go stationary, then pop all 3 with wardens. Chase down the Commander, go stationary and pop him with wardens.

Many of the spawned bounty hunters will get you, but the Gigamars will be too far to do much damage. You'll make it out with no worries.

BM the commander wreck, turn in and come back for the lootz. Hopefully, it won't suck.
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