A Mote in the Eye, Level 5, Storyline

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Faction: Gallente Federation
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace, no gates, mwd does not work
Damage dealt: Therm / Kin
Extras: Nos/damp
Web/scramble: Frigs
Recommended damage dealing: Kin / Therm
Recommended ship classes: Ishtar, NH, Golem, Kronos
Recommended generic setup: If you manage aggro, medium tank is fine. However, dps from full spawn is the heaviest I've encountered.

Spawns within 20 seconds of warp-in:

3x Federation Fighter
12x Gallente Cruise Missile Battery
18x Gallente Heavy Missile Battery
4x Gallente Energy Neutralizer Sentry II (tot. 80cap/s) Hairtrigger, causes new spawns immediately when fired upon.
3x Gallente Stasis Tower

Towers 40-75km from warp-in. Immediate aggro.

Total DPS at this stage is 782, of which 42% is Kinetic, 58% is Thermal.

Fighters will respawn indefinitely until the three Fighter Bay structures are destroyed. With each structure, one fighter pops.
Fourth structure, the Power Generator (250k ehp), does not take damage until Fighter Bays are destroyed. When the Generator is destroyed, the Neut that's attached to it is also destroyed. Possibly all attached missile towers would be destroyed also, needs checking.

Each of the remaining three neutralizer towers acts as a trigger for roughly 1/3rd of the ships listed below, with some variation in ships spawned, especially frigs and cruisers vary. Ships spawn at 40-70km.

Example spawn groped by frigs, cruisers, bc's & bs's:

3x Elite Federation Libertus (Scram, Web)
4x Elite Federation Machina (Scram, Web)
8x Elite Federation Phalarica (Scram, Web)

12x Elite Federation Quadrieris
3x Elite Federation Mentes

3x Federation Praktor Arx
2x Federation Praktor Auxilia
5x Federation Praktor Diablic

2x Federation Praktor Dionia (Nos, Damp)
4x Federation Praktor Phanix
6x Federation Praktor Polemo (293dps)
5x Federation Praktor Praeses

Total dps of this particular spawn is a respectable 5078.99 dps. 37% Kinetic, 63% Thermal

Tip: Take out structures, missile & web towers, leave neuts until last. Either take one neut and one spawn at a time, or shoot at all neuts and warp your rr out while the tank gains aggro. Takes 30-50 seconds before majority of dps is in place if you stay at warp-in.
All warp in points are moved to original warp-in, so if you warp to someone or a bm that is away from the warp-in, you will nevertheless arrive at the warp-in point. You can however warp in at a distance.

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