The Mouthy Merc,Level 4 (Storyline Mission)

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Faction:Minmatar & Mercenary
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Heavy Explosive / kinetic and thermal
Web/Scramble: None (needs Verification)
Recommended damage dealing: Explosive for the Republic Fleet ships /(Kinetic for the Mercenary)
Recommended ship classes: Battleship, Command Ship, HAC

Initial warp in to within 30 km of an Acceleration Gate, no NPC's; use gate to enter Pocket 1.

Pocket 1

Initially there are
5x Container ('Amarr Battleship Wreckage') - Each contains one 'Metal Scraps' and tractor beams do not work on them

Group 1 (Aggro)

4x Frigates (Republic Takan / Republic Baldur)
3x Battleships (Republic Tribal Ymir)


Triggered by destruction of the last ship of Group 1

4x Battlecruisers (Republic Venis)
4x Battleships (Republic Tribal Ymir / Republic Tribal Sigur)

Destruction of Spawn triggers the appearance of a 6th Container, this one called also 'Amarr Battleship Wreckage', but with a different type 'Amarrian Battleship Wreck'. Either use the type or just ignore the other containers to find that 6th container which holds the gate key (an 'Acceleration Gate Authentication Matrix') needed to get to Pocket 2.

Pocket 2

Group 1

3x Frigates (Republic Takan / Republic Baldur)
3x Battleships (Republic Tribal Jarl)

Spawn 1

Triggered by destruction of last battleship in Group 1, appearing at close range

3x Battlecruisers (Republic Tribal Venis)
3x Battleships (Republic Tribal Jarl / Republic Tribal Jotun)

Spawn 2

Triggered by destruction of last battleship in Spawn 1, appearing at 30k

4x Battlecruisers (Republic Tribal Norn / Republic Tribal Nutia)
3x Battleships (Republic Tribal Jotun / Republic Tribal Sigur)

Spawn 3

Triggered by shooting any of the battleships of Spawn 2
In contrast to other spawns agresses drones

1x Battleship ' The Mercenary' (Mordus Mammoth)

Killing the Mercenaries completes the mission.


Pocket 1 can not be blitzed as the container with the key is triggered by the last ship's destruction.
Pocket 2 can hardly be blitzed as you have to remove two spawns to be able to trigger the mission objective.

See my comments for further info (below).

Tags to be looted

7x Republic Fleet Captain I
26x Republic Fleet Commander II
15x Republic Fleet High Captain I
6x Republic Fleet Midshipman II
1x Republic Fleet Midshipman III

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Comment by QuasaraByss
2011-05-22 04:42:41
07:52:59 Combat Your group of Caldari Navy Wrath Cruise Missile hits The Mercenary, doing 1354.5 damage. (group of 3 missiles)
Completed in Raven, had to warp out due to spawn 2 of room 1 which appeared by surprise, right next to me. As I had no prior knowledge about this mission it took longer than it should have, but I was still ok in a normal Raven (rigged for Dps not cap). I used 2x Invuln and 1x Thermal Amp and maintained my range from the BS's, I was fine. No bounties so loot everything for tags.
My total payout was 5.95mil Isk.
Comment by PcWizrd67
2011-06-25 14:05:24
1 group 35-38km – No Auto-Aggro
1 BS – Republic Tribal Sigur - Trigger
2 BS – Republic Tribal Ymir
2 F – Republic Tribal Takan – no web/scram
2 F – Republic Tribal Baldur – no web/scram

5 BS wrecks – 32, 35, 41, 43, and 44km

Acceleration Gate – 35km

Reinforcement Wave – No Auto-Aggro
4 BS – Republic Tribal Ymir – Possible Trigger*
2 BC – Republic Norn
2 BC – Republic Venis

*After taking out the 4 BS’s I noticed a 6th Amarr Battleship Wreckage @ 32km. This wreck contains the gate key (Acceleration Gate Authentication Matrix). Gate key is consumed upon activating the gate. Gate remains unlocked. (All other battleship wrecks contain 1 Metal Scraps each)

Pocket 2
1 Group – 32-37km – No auto-aggro
3 F – Republic Tribal Baldur
2 BS – Republic Tribal Jotun
1 BS – Republic Tribal Jarl - Trigger

Wave 1 – Auto-aggro
2 BC – Republic Venis
1 BC – Republic Norn
1 BS – Republic Tribal Jotun - Trigger
2 BS – Republic Tribal Jarl

Wave 2 – Auto-aggro
1 BC – Republic Nutia
3 BC – Republic Norn
3 BS – Republic Tribal Jotun – Trigger (on attack)

Wave 3 – Auto-aggro
1 BS – The Mercenary (Mordus Mammoth) – 1mil bounty – Use Kinetic

Killing The Mercenary triggers the mission as complete.

(6) Republic Fleet Captain Insignia I
(23) Republic Fleet Commander Insignia II
(16) Republic Fleet High Captain Insignia I
(5) Republic Fleet Midshipman Insignia II
(2) Republic Fleet Midshipman Insignia II
Comment by XentaraVispari
2012-01-04 17:14:34
Standing loss with Minmatar: 2x -0.02 - Combat - Ship Kill
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