My Sweet Privateer, Level 3

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Faction: Gallente (privateers drop Gallente tags and shooting them hurts Gallente standing)
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Kin/therm
Extras: Nos/damp
Web/scramble: Privateer Specialist
Recommended damage dealing: kin/therm

Pocket 1

Group 1 (autoaggro)

3x Battleships (Privateer Lieutenant)
4x Battlecruisers (Privateer Sergeant)
2x Cruisers (Privateer Captain)

Group 2 (drone aggro)

5x Destroyers (Privateer Private)
5x Cruisers (Privateer Corporal)

Mineable asteroids

Plagioclase 40k
Pyroxeres 50K
Scordite ~640K

Pocket 2

Range: approx. 60 km

1x Heavy Missile Battery triggers full room aggro
1x Cruise Missile Battery triggers full room aggro

Group 1

2x Destroyers (Privateer Lance Corporal)
2x Electronic Attack Frigates (Privateer Specialist) (Damp/Scram)

Group 2

3x Battlecruisers (Privateer Corporal)

Group 3

3x Battleships (Privateer Lieutenant)
1x Battleship (Privateer Commander) (Damp/NOS) - reinforcement trigger


5x Battlecruisers (Privateer Strikeforce)
1x Stasis Tower triggers full room aggro


Clear first room and activate gate. Kill scrambling frigates, then kill Privateer Commander, scoop the objective and warp out.

Comment by TheObjective
2008-09-17 03:52:30
Completed mission with 2 x Drakes & 1 x Vexor
In 1st pocket first full t2 tanked drake aggro everything -- damage is very tiny, no insta aggro, sniping one group to another.
In 2nd pocket situation is the same. One drake takes all damage from Missile Batteries and shoots one group to another.
I'm think, thats difficulty level of this mission must be corrected from "Very Hard" to "Hard" -- one BK can do anything.
BTW, jump gates do not allow to pass anything larger Battlecruiser.
Comment by InGrass
2008-10-04 17:41:37
This acceleration gate is not configured to handle your Raven Navy Issue.
It handles:
· Assault Ship
· Battlecruiser
· Combat Recon Ship
· Command Ship
· Covert Ops
· Cruiser
· Destroyer
· Electronic Attack Ship
· Exhumer
· Force Recon Ship
· Frigate
· Heavy Assault Ship
· Heavy Interdictor
· Industrial
· Interceptor
· Interdictor
· Logistics
· Mining Barge
· Rookie ship
· Stealth Bomber
· Transport Ship
Comment by SenSaia
2009-01-02 18:23:48
This mission appears to be bugged as I entered the first pocket and second with a Paladin.
The Station in the second pocket doesn't appear to drop loot.
Comment by CorwinPendragon
2009-01-10 16:36:50
Battleship definatly can get through. Also, both groups autoaggroed.
Comment by VelhoScott
2009-02-02 11:11:56
MY APOCALYPSE RUN with no problems
Comment by DesmontMcCallock
2009-02-08 15:14:29
Blitz : Shoot only at Privateer Commander in Pocket 2. Kill him & take Mission Objective from dropped can (helps if u have a Tractor Beam with u). Warp out. (Done it with a Drake kin/therm active & passive T2 tanked + Inv Field T2)
Comment by DesmontMcCallock
2009-02-08 15:16:21
To addition take some kin/therm drones with u.
Comment by ReLLiK7699
2009-02-10 21:27:03
1st pocket 16x scordite, 1x plagioclase & 1x pyroxeres roids
Comment by CynicalRise
2009-03-01 15:56:39
Completed the first room in a Harbinger with ease. Second room however proved to be more difficult. Also I was able to bring in a battleship to both rooms.
Comment by WayneVazLam
2009-06-21 09:46:37
Pocket 1: structures drop no loot
Comment by Irbis74
2009-09-27 10:50:01
Just complete it with Legion solo in second room kill group by group without aggrowing COMMANDER ( NOS ) then kill him and rest is easy
Comment by JhavynAmarr
2009-11-28 12:43:44
Just completed the mission with a Harbinger with mostly tech1 fit and t2 hammerheads. Had to withdraw two times in order to recharge cap / repair armor. It is one of the thougher missions but still doable even for a beginner like me :)
Comment by KatyaTereshkova
2010-05-19 14:15:04
TIP: Last room, if you can manage to get your drones on commander before he targets you, you'll be golden with no cap drain (that sucks). All BS's will target drones but do not do damage to them. Just send them off to play until your ready to go after the commander. Get rid of the towers and sentry guns first (them thangs hurt!!)
Comment by CathyDrall
2010-05-23 23:39:25
For those who are interested in insignia for the LP store:

2x Federation Navy Fleet Colonel II
6x Federation Navy Fleet Colonel I
25x Federation Navy Fleet Major I
12x Federation Navy Fleet Captain I
5x Federation Navy Fleet Sergeant I
2x Federation Navy Fleet Sergeant II
2x Federation Navy Fleet Sergeant III

By far the best L3 Gallente insignia mission. I only got this one from Amarr agents though, never from Caldari Navy or Lai Dai.
Comment by NanoPhreak
2010-08-16 19:29:42
Did this in a buffer-tanked Phantasm, no problem until the commander started neuting me in the second pocket, had to warp out to regen cap.
Comment by VoyGr
2010-11-21 16:32:37
I confirm that the privateer station doesn't drop any loot when destroyed.
It takes lot of time to destroy the station though.
Comment by AirWolf
2011-05-28 18:56:40
I found this pretty hard on my (not properly fitted) apoc. Still its doable if you just snipe the commander,
Comment by SeamusDonohue
2011-07-26 12:57:16
FACTION BALANCING: This mission incurs a -2.4% standing loss with the Gallente Federation for "Combat - Ship Kill" for destroying a Gallente Heavy Missile Battery. This *might* be avoidable, if you don't touch the heavy missile batteries.
Comment by LukahnaPenumbrus
2014-07-18 15:14:08
Much above average incoming damage in both rooms for an L3, despite active resists and my being careful not to aggro more than one group. Even in my (mostly) T2-tanked Domi I had to warp out once. The loot and salvage make up for the extra time taken, though: 2.6M salvage, 17.9M insignias, and 10.1M worth of mods and misc. I had lots of drone aggro with the frigs and destroyers, too. At least I had no problem with cap.
Comment by CptDiggerdoo
2016-08-23 20:52:26
This site is restricted to certain ship types; you may use one of the following types of ship:

•Expedition Frigate
•Combat Recon Ship
•Tactical Destroyer
•Combat Battlecruiser
•Command Ship
•Industrial Command Ship
•Attack Battlecruiser
•Blockade Runner
•Covert Ops
•Force Recon Ship
•Stealth Bomber
•Strategic Cruiser
•Assault Frigate
•Mining Barge
•Heavy Assault Cruiser
•Rookie ship
•Elite Battleship
•Command Destroyer
•Logistics Frigate
•Deep Space Transport
•Electronic Attack Ship
•Heavy Interdiction Cruiser
Comment by JohnnySomething
2017-01-01 18:51:24
Was able to blitz both parts just now in a Vexor. 1st part was easy, 2 took a while even after I figured out how to do it, so not fast but minimizes standings hits. On warp-in I was able to lock on to the BS at 55km and send medium drones to attack the BS, and they continue attacking regardless of sensor damps. To kill the BS without drones dying I did have to juggle some drones in and out, and do drivebys to 30km or 15km to get locks despite the sensor damps, for new attack orders and some turret dps.

Both the diplomat (Minmatar for me) and Battleship (Gallente) gave -0.02% standing hits only.

Was able to lock and send
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