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Naming Convention

Since this Wiki is using words with at least two capital letters to name link/pages (like ChepeNolon), we've got to keep a strict policy on how we name the documents.




Worlds Collide Level 4 angels and sansha: WorldsCollide4ansa
A Better World Level 3: BetterWorld3

Note that a starting 'a' and 'the' is not included in the link. The faction code is not included if the mission is a special for a single faction. But level should be added in all cases.

Linking from the index page

By using the forced link, you can display custom text for the link: [[BetterWorld3 Level 3]] will show this: BetterWorld3 Level 3

So a complete line will be like this:

Worlds Collide (Angel / Sansha) [[WorldsCollide3ansa Level 3]] [[WorldsCollide4ansa Level 4]]
Better World, A [[BetterWorld3 Level 3]]


Worlds Collide (Angel / Sansha) WorldsCollide3ansa Level 3 WorldsCollide4ansa Level 4
Better World, A BetterWorld3 Level 3

Note: The 'a' and 'the' are placed last in the mission name. This is for easy sorting on the index page.

Faction codes

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