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===Naming Convention===

Since this Wiki is using words with at least two capital letters to name link/pages (like ChepeNolon), we've got to keep a strict policy on how we name the documents.

Names will be split into four sections. Name, level, a faction list, and part. Only the first two are mandatory.


~- Worlds Collide Level 4 angels and sansha: ""WorldsCollide4ansa""
~- A Better World Level 3: ""BetterWorld3""

===Mission Page Names===
Currently mission pages have inconsistent capitalisation of their names. Instead of using lower case for articles, coordinate conjunctions and prepositions **always capitalise each word**. This allows the names to be processed programmatically. Besides, few people understand the grammar of capitalising titles properly.

If the name of the mission begins with either 'A', or 'The', the word is omitted.

~- Worlds Collide becomes: ""WorldsCollide""
~- A Better World becomes: ""BetterWorld""
~- Like Drones to a Cloud becomes: ""LikeDronesToACloud""

A single digit from 1 to 5.

===Faction List===
A codified list of factions involved in the mission. Faction codes are always two letters long, and are defined below. Rogue drones are not a faction.

~- Angels and Sansha Nation: ansa

Faction Codes:
~- am: Amarr Empire
~- an: Angel Cartel
~- at: Ammatar Mandate
~- br: The Blood Raider Covenant
~- ca: Caldari State
~- cc: DED
~- ga: Gallente Federation
~- gu: Guristas Pirates
~- ib: The ""InterBus""
~- jo: Jove Empire
~- kk: Khanid Kingdom
~- mi: Minmatar Republic
~- mo: Mordu's Legion Command
~- or: ORE (Outer Ring Excavations)
~- sa: Sansha's Nation
~- se: Serpentis
~- so: The Society
~- ss: The Servant Sisters of EVE
~- sy: The Syndicate
~- tk: Thukker tribe

If a mission has multiple parts which are detailed across more than one page then append the name with the letter 'p' followed by the number of the part.

Examples: ""EnemiesAbound4p1"", ""EnemiesAbound4p3""

====Linking from the index page====
By using the forced link, you can display custom text for the link: ""[[BetterWorld3 | Level 3]]"" will show this: [[BetterWorld3 | Level 3]]

So a complete line will be like this:

Worlds Collide (Angel / Sansha) ""[[WorldsCollide3ansa | Level 3]] [[WorldsCollide4ansa | Level 4]]""
Better World, A ""[[BetterWorld3 | Level 3]]""


Worlds Collide (Angel / Sansha) [[WorldsCollide3ansa | Level 3]] [[WorldsCollide4ansa | Level 4]]
Better World, A [[BetterWorld3 | Level 3]]

Note: The 'a' and 'the' are placed last in the mission name. This is for easy sorting on the index page.
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