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Nation Mining Colony

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Faction: Incursion Sansha's Nation
Space type: Normal Space
Damage dealt: Omni
Recommended ship classes: Battlecruisers, HACs, Strategic Cruisers, Logistics Cruisers
Recommended generic setup: Battleships tanked with high resistances and 100k+ EHP. Cruisers with high resists and AB for speed/sig tanking.
Forces Required: 5 - 10 pilots

Incursion Sansha will auto aggress and switch targets.

Military Intelligence

- 15,000,000 ISK x ratio
- 2,000 CONCORD LP x ratio

Background Intelligence
Synopsis from ISHAEKA-0081. DED Special Operations.
Authorized for Capsuleer dissemination.

Single Pocket

Wave 1

1 x Mara Paleo [rr]
4 x Romi Thalamus
3 x Eystur Rhomben
1 x Schmaeel Medulla [scram, web]

Wave 2

1 x Eystur Rhomben
2 x Niarja Myelen (ecm, neut)
5 x Tama Cerebellum [scram]

Wave 3

1 x Romi Thalamus
2 x Niarja Myelen (ecm, neut)
3 x Tama Cerebellum [scram]

After wave 3 is dispatched the Nation Ore Refinery will spawn. Dump 256 Lyavite ore in it to complete the site.

Additional possible spawns, related to mining the Lyavite asteroid (?)

3x Eystur Rhomben

1 x Raa Thalamus
2 x Youl Meten (web)

2 x Orkashu Myelen (ecm, neut)
1 x Raa Thalamus
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