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Nation Mining Colony

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Faction: Incursion Sansha's Nation
Space type: Normal Space
Damage dealt: Omni
Recommended ship classes: Battlecruisers, HACs, Strategic Cruisers, Logistics Cruisers
Recommended generic setup: High resists and AB for speed/sig tanking.
Forces Required: 5 - 10 pilots

Incursion Sansha will auto aggress and switch targets.

Military Intelligence
Your primary objective is to destroy the Sansha’s Nation battle station. Clearing the area of hostile forces should decloak the Nation’s ore refinery. Mine the local Lyavite asteroids and transport the ore to the refinery. The chain reaction caused by refining the explosive ore will tear the battle station apart.

- 15,000,000 ISK x ratio
- 2,000 CONCORD LP x ratio

Background Intelligence
Sansha’s Nation has established semi-mobile mining colonies to aid in the harvesting of ore. Due to the unique nature of these operations, which incorporate new mining technologies and hundreds of willing miner slaves, the daily amount of ore extracted from these operations would be sufficient for the replacement of hundreds of battleships. DED’s conclusion is that these mining operations are a primary method of supplying the new Nation fleets with replacement vessels.

Further complicating matters is the demonstrated capability of this colony to disrupt local system-wide services. The exact nature of this technology is unknown, but appears to be dependent upon first establishing a system-wide presence. If the Sansha can be removed quickly, their potential impact upon the affected systems will be limited.

Synopsis from ISHAEKA-0071. DED Special Operations.
Authorized for Capsuleer dissemination.

Single Pocket

Wave 1

1 x Mara Paleo [rr]
4 x Romi Thalamus TRIGGER
3 x Eystur Rhomben
1 x Schmaeel Medulla [scram, web]

Wave 2

1 x Eystur Rhomben
2 x Niarja Myelen (ecm, neut)
5 x Tama Cerebellum [scram] TRIGGER

Wave 3

1 x Romi Thalamus
2 x Niarja Myelen (ecm, neut)
3 x Tama Cerebellum [scram]

After wave 3 is dispatched the Nation Ore Refinery will spawn. Dump 256 Lyavite ore in it to complete the site.

Additional possible spawns, related to mining the Lyavite asteroid (?)

3x Eystur Rhomben

1 x Raa Thalamus
2 x Youl Meten (web)

2 x Orkashu Myelen (ecm, neut)
1 x Raa Thalamus
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