New Frontiers, Level 3

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Raw Materials (1 of 7)

Faction: Mercenaries
Mission Type: Encounter
Space Type: Deadspace
Damage Dealt: Therm/Kinetic
mission difficulty: Very Hard (after the 3e part)
Recommended Damage Dealing: Kinetic/Thermal
Recommended ship types: Battlecruiser, HAC, Battleship


3x Industrial (Mercenary Miner) (warp away after about a minute)
2x Cruiser (Mercenary Lieutenant)
3x Frigate (Mercenary Elite Fighter) (Trigger)

Wave 2

2x Cruiser (Mercenary Lieutenant)
3x Frigate (Mercenary Elite Fighter)

Wave 3

4x Frigate (Mercenary Fighter)

Wave 4

4x Cruiser (Mercenary Commander)

Wave 5

4x Cruiser (Mercenary Commander)

Wave 6

2x Cruiser (Mercenary Commander)
4x Frigate (Mercenary Fighter)

Bring mining modules or drones to mine the Green Arisite roid.
- Note: You must mine the Green Arisite yourself. Buying it from someone will not be adequate to complete the mission.

Mine the Green Arisite and leave. Be careful when approaching the Green Arisite roid not to close since they'll aggro.


Mad Scientist (2 of 7)

Faction: Rogue Drones
Mission Type: Encounter
Space Type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: All kinds (29% Expl, 24% Kin/Therm, 22% EM)
Recommended Damage Dealing: EM
Extras: Neutralizer Towers and Stasis Towers
Warp/Scramble: Strain Drones
Recommended ships: Passive tanked Battlecruiser or HAC

Warp In

All will spawn almost immediately after you warp in. The Raiders/Sunders orbit at 2-4km. There are only few drone cruisers, so it is not a heavy pocket. Destroy the 2 bunkers to stop more respawning.

12x Drone Frigates (Sunder Alvi/Raider Alvi)

Wave 2

2x Drone Cruisers (Bomber Alvum)

Wave 3

2x Drone Cruisers (Violator Alvum)
2x Drone Frigates (Barracuda Alvi)

Pocket 2

kill the neut towers first and align when you land so you can warp out when you running low on cap
(you warp in in 35-45km from all, which aggro immediately):
2x Drone Stasis Tower
2x Drone Neutralizer Tower
4x Tower Sentry Drone
1x Drone Battlecruiser (Defeater Alvatis)
2x Drone Cruiser (Bomber Alvum)
5x Drone Frigates (Decimator Alvi/Raider Alvi

Wave 2

(After the Neut Towers are destroyed)
1x Drone Frigate (Devilfish Alvi)

Wave 3

(After Wave 2 is destroyed)
2x Drone Cruiser (Devastator Alvum)
2x Drone Elite Frigate (Strain Sunder Alvi)

Wave 4

(After attacking Delainen's Lab)
6x Drone Cruiser (Wreck Alvum/Violator Alvum)
2x Drone Destroyer (Shatter Alvior)
5x Drone Frigate (Silverfish Alvi/Raider Alvi))WEB/SCRAMBLE

Destroy "Professor Delainen's Lab". The professor is in the can dropped by the lab.

Ignore pocket 1, head straight for the lab in pocket 2. You may prefer to kill the Stasis Towers first.

Toward a Solution (3 of 7)

Mission type: Courier (0.1m3)

The Unveiling (4 of 7)

Faction: Rogue Drones
Mission Type: Encounter
Space Type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: All kinds (48% Expl, 25% Kin, 24% Therm 3% EM)
Recommended Damage Dealing: EM
Recommended ship types: Battlecruiser, HAC

Tips: I recommend an adaptive and a thermal hardener, I took much less damage than with an adaptive/explosive. Never dropped below 75% shields. (with the explo I got down to 25%)
Don't shoot the turrets, they do barely any damage and will spawn additional waves.

Single Pocket

Warp In

3x Drone Light Missile Battery
1x Drone Battleship (Supreme Alvus Parasite "Delainen-ROM Symbiote"), which drops mission loot.

Wave 1

(Spawns almost immediately)
2x Drone Battlecruiser (Enforcer Alvatis)
2x Drone Cruiser (Strain Viral Infector Alvum)
10x Drone Frigate (Splinter Alvi/Render Alvi/Infester Alvi)

Wave 2

(When the Drone Battleship's shields drop)
2x Drone Cruisers (Annihilator Alvum)
2x Drone Destroyers (Shredder Alvior)
2x Drone Elite Frigates (Strain Sunder Alvi)

Wave 3

(When the Drone Battleship dies, or is near death)
2x Drone Cruiser (Devastator Alvum/Annihilator Alvum)
2x Drone Frigate (Silverfish Alvi/Devilfish Alvi)

Wave 4

(When the Light Missile Batteries are attacked)
3x Drone Destroyers (Shredder Alvior)
3x Drone Cruisers (Viral Infector Alvum)

Wave 5

(When a Missile Battery is destroyed)
1x Drone Destroyer (Marauder Alvior)

Wave 6

(When Wave 4 is destroyed)
3x Drone Cruisers (Viral Infector Alvum)

Kill the Battleship and get the Elite Drone AI from the can it drops and take to your agent. Watch out for drone aggro.

An Unexpected Twist (5 of 7)

Faction: Rogue Drones
Mission Type: Encounter
Space Type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: All kinds (54% Expl, 22% Kin, 19% Therm, 5% EM)
Recommended Damage Dealing: EM
Extras: Neutralizer Towers and Stasis Towers
Web/scramble: Strain Drones
Recommended ship types: passive tanked Battlecruiser or HAC

The BS Drone (has different names) drops the can you need with the "Hive Mind CPU".

Warp In

(group about 55-60km, neut range is extreme, stasis towers lock range is only about 28km)
3x Drone Energy Neutralizer Sentry I Energy Neutralizer
3x Drone Light Missile Battery
2x Drone Stasis Battery Stasis Webifier
2x Tower Sentry Drone I

Wave 1

(After about 30 seconds)
4x Drone Destroyer (Shredder Alvior)
4x Drone Frigate (Silverfish Alvi)

Wave 2

(When you attack a tower)
2x Drone Frigate (Render Alvi)

Wave 3

(When you attack a different tower)
2x Drone Battlecruiser (Crippler Alvatis)
3x Drone Frigate (Raider Alvi)

Wave 4

(When you attack a different tower)
4x Drone Cruiser (Wrecker Alvum/Viral Infector Alvum)
3x Drone Destroyer (Predator Alvior)

Wave 5

(After a preset amount of time)
1x Drone Battleship (Supreme Alvus Parasite) Mission Objective
3x Drone Elite Frigate (Strain Sunder Alvi) Warp Scrambler
2x Drone Frigate (Raider Alvi)

Wave 6

(When you attack a different tower)
4x Drone Cruiser (Annihilator Alvum)
1x Drone Elite Frigate (Strain Splinter Alvi) Warp Scrambler

Wave 7

(When the BS reaches about 50% structure)
2x Drone Battlecruiser (Enforcer Alvatis)
2x Drone Cruiser (Disintegrator Alvum)

After few minutes, the Battleship Drone will spawn (Alvus Ruler, Supreme Alvus Parasite, possibly others). It has high damage, even at 50km, so be careful. As you shoot the BS, another group of drones (Wave 7) will spawn.

Go in passive tanked, ignore all sentries and neut towers. While waiting for the BS, kill off the first spawn. Wait for the BS to come out of the range of the stasis towers (you won't have cap to tractor the loot can), then go for it, pick up the can, finito.

Alternative Blitz
Go in passive tanked, but kill the Stasis Towers early. There's plenty of time to take care of the triggered Strain spawn before the BS drone with the mission loot spawns, and this way you can attack it earlier (while still closer to the structures).


Nanite Express (6 of 7)

Mission type: Courier (50.0m3)
Can be completed remotely

Ascendance (7 of 7)

Faction: Rogue Drones
Mission Type: Encounter
Space Type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: All kinds (46% Expl, 29% Kin, 15% Therm, 10% EM)
Recommended Damage Dealing: EM.
Recommended ship types: Battlecruiser, HAC

Warp In

Arrive at deadspace to find 20 or so small/med rogue drones, and briefly the BS.
Pathfinder gate to next pocket.

Second Pocket

Around 30 small/med drones and the Mother Drone BS you need to destroy.

Initial Spawn:
1x Drone BS (Delainen-Solar Cinder Entity)

Wave 1

(Spawns a few moments after warp-in)
11x Drone Frigate (Hunter Alvi/Silverfish Alvi)
11x Drone Cruiser (Viral Infector Alvum/Violator Alvum)

Wave 2

(Spawns when Wave 1 frigates are killed off)
2x Drone Cruiser (Violator Alvum)

Wave 3

(Spawns when all from Wave 1 are killed off)
3x Drone Frigate (Hunter Alvi)
3x Cruiser (Viral Infector Alvum)

Wave 4

(Spawns when BS attacked)
4x Drone Frigates (Hunter Alvi)
3x Drone Cruisers (Violator Alvum)


Go straight for the BS, ignore everything else. DPS is a bit heavier than in Part 5.

Comment by ChepeNolon
2008-05-26 19:56:39
From Kesper North:

I wanted to say, though, that I disagree somewhat with the sequence of primary targets recommended for New Frontiers pt. 5. The guide says to make the energy neutralizer towers your primary, then to pick off the Strain drones. However, doing it this way just resulted in me getting killed -- by the time I destroyed all the towers, the Strain drones were on me and I was scrammed. I actually lost several Ravens and ended up quitting this mission twice before I figured out the trick (for me at least):

Each e-neut tower spawns 3 or 4 Strain drones when it is destroyed. The safest way to finish the mission is to destroy 1 neut tower, then destroy the strain drones it spawns when it dies. Otherwise you end up scrammed before you can destroy all the towers, and if you use an active tank you're screwed.

Of course this means that if your weapons depend on cap to fire, you're hosed (unless you use cap injectors, natch). So this strategy may be best recommended for Caldari, since our missiles don't use cap. Still, I think it's the best, safest (and so far only) way I've found to solo New Frontiers 5.
Comment by TomSchlong
2008-06-08 07:57:15
New Frontiers 5 is and always has been the most unpleasant Level 3 mission for me. It has all: massive damage, lots of scramblers, heavy neut towers, fast ships flying towards you sneakily increasing the damage, lag risk due to structures in the mission and 30-40 enemies at one time. As far as I recall, I did this mission four or five times, each time differently (twice in an unrigged Drake with a cap injector) and multiple warpouts. It is very tricky and needs some planning.

Using the drake with active hardeners I flew towards the towers first and stayed at 59km range, because my heavy missiles didn't shoot farther. Then warpout before the scramblers come in range, refill the cap, get back in, kill the scrams first and then everything else.

A Raven flying away from the site should be able to take out the towers quickly (they have 110km range), and even with a cap damaged active tank it should be able to finish all the drones off (making use of the cruise missile range and the drones once you got full aggro).

New Frontiers 7 has also pretty massive damage and a BS with massaggro of 30+ ships in room2, but it's nowhere near malicious as NF5.

On a sidenote: the Dominix of a friend was able to tank full stage aggro in NF5 and NF7 without any problems. But the Domi can tank anything, so...
Comment by Sp4rt4nII70
2008-07-07 16:24:05
Here's a very easy way to do the 5th part (it's actually the easiest if done this way)

After you warp in, fly away from the neut towers and don't do anything. Wait for the mother drone to spawn. It will follow you.
Once it is about 50km away from the neut towers, turn around and burn towards the mother drone while shooting it with everything you have (haven't tried it with drones)

Once it is dead, scoop the mission objective from the mother drone's wreck and fly home.


-Take a cap injector and cap charges with you if your guns need cap, you will be neuted dead by the time the mother drone spawns.
-This way this mission can be done in a cruiser probably. No need for uber fancy and expensive battleships.
Comment by TomoeAme
2008-07-25 10:38:42
Completed all 7 with Drake. I had to warp out during stage 5 to repair shield & armour. Fitted with passive tank, heavy missiles.
Comment by LeXang
2008-08-10 21:26:22
Used my drake with active hardeners for 5/7. Warped in, blew up all 5 of the neut towers, warped out to regen cap. Warped back in and had no trouble tanking all npcs.
Comment by TechnoManis
2008-09-19 21:43:59
No loot in the structure in 7 of 7 second stage
Comment by SirHazar
2008-09-23 18:33:46
Just done 4 part on Harbinger. Warped-in, killed BS (Mother Drone), tanked spawns with 1 Rep, looted AI, warped-out on 15% Armor. No need to kill spawns.
Comment by MjedMazga
2008-10-08 19:01:06
On part 4 of 7 - I did this in a mostly passive tanked drake, I did have a rainbow cloak turned on - so I had plenty of time to write down what happened. yawn. Never got more than 30% taken off the shields.

Warped in, and the drone BS plus 3 light missile batteries were the only NPC in the room. I fired on a missile battery and this spawned:

3x Violator cruisers
4x Splinter (frigs?)
2x Decimator
3x Infestor

I then got 6 more waves. Wave's 1-3 came in rapid succession, and waves 5-6 came only after I had targeted and damaged the BS. I waited to take out the BS until waves 1-4 were killed. I couldn't tell if they were timed spawns or triggered, sorry. :-/

Wave 1:
2x Ripper

Wave 2:
2x Maurader

Wave 3:
3x Violator

Wave 4:
2x Defeater
1x Annihilator Strain
2x Devastator

Wave 5:
2x Strain Sunder
2x Shredder

Wave 6:
1x Annihilator Strain
2x Hunter

The drone bunker did not drop loot, and I did not take it out until the room was clear.
Comment by AnathemaMatou
2008-11-08 18:35:41
PeregrinePriscus adds: This mission is actually fairly trivial if done in a Passive tanked drake. 5 Heavy, 2 assault in the high, 3 Shield amps, 3 large shield extenders in the mid, 3 SPRs and 1 BCU in the low, along with two shield extender rigs and a shield power relay rig. When I warped in I focused my heavies on the light missile and stasis towers, and used my light missiles on any frigates that came in range (<36km). I worked over any frigates that came close with the lights, and any destroyers I hit with the heavies. Any pauses I worked on the missile/stasis towers. When the BS spawned, I hit it with the heavies and it went down fairly easily. Right now I'm cleaning up the heavy neut towers one at a time and blasting the spawns before moving to the next. At no time did I drop below 3/4 shielding (18176 shields with 441.76 recharge time).

JoachimLeHigh adds: This is probably the toughest mission in this series. Because of the neuts, my smartbomb strategy didn't work. I recommend a tachyon fitted apocalypse with a cap-transfer cruiser for support till the neuts are down. I also flew this mission with a passive shield-tanked drake and a blasterthron along with my beam apoc, the drake went in first, then the 'thron and I came in. I worked on the towers while the 'thron popped anything with the name "strain" in it.

BenThomas adds: Passive tanking is definitely the way to go with this mission. Each time you take out an energy neutraliser various frigs etc. spawn, even in a well tanked battleship if you take out too many energy neutralisers and forget to take out the other ships you could end up struggling a bit. I took out three energy neuts, took out the spawns, then took out the rest of the neuts and the respective spawns. Then worked my way through everything else starting with the strain drones. In a well tanked passive BS you can solo this very easily. For 90% of the mission I had no cap, and my shields never went below 80%.

CireXinehp adds: completed with a Megathron. I took out all the neuts at range with rails, then came back with the smartbomb trick, then again with rails to take the BS.

MaobihVanire adds: this is rather easy to do in a Damnation. you can target and hit things at over 90km with 5 missile launchers if you mount a sensor booster 2, so when you come into the mission you can move to greater then 80km hitting the neut towers as you go to that distance and not having to turn on MAR's (the greatest consumer of cap for the damnation, and usually have two). any of the drones that get close can be dealt with via small drones + lasers before they are a threat. once the nos towers are gone you can kite the drones around. Also, I think they have toned down the cap drain, i remember watching cap go to nothing rather fast, and was not a problem this time. as of 2008-08-12
Comment by AnathemaMatou
2008-11-08 18:36:32
Zaknussem adds: When I did this mission, I saved the Mother Drone for last. Killing it spawned 9 drones over by the Drone Bunkers. I guess that if you kill the Mother Drone first, all the drones in the mission will be spawned.

JoachimLeHigh adds: I highly recommend a smart-bomb fitted BS for this mission. I flew this in an apoc fitted with 8 large emp smartbombs, flew in, waited for all of the drones to aggro and enter range, then activated all 8. Once I vaped all of the close-range ships, I came in a beam-fitted harbinger to finish off the rest, as well as the mother drone.
Comment by AnathemaMatou
2008-11-08 18:39:34
JoachimLeHigh adds: Smartbomb trick works great in the first pocket, but the second pocket only about half the drones come into smartbomb range.
Comment by CorwinPendragon
2008-12-07 09:25:40
Part 2: I destroyed a lookout and a bunker but the spawn still happened when I shot the lab. Might have missed if there was a second one of either. Be observant on the spawn as one of the drones does warp scramble.
Comment by BoomerShoot
2008-12-27 05:35:22
Part 5 of 7 is the only level 3 mission i had to "fear" in my drake.
Luckly, it wasn't that hard. I had to warp away 2-3 times before actually scooping the can, but it was worth it.
Comment by ReDempTi0N
2008-12-27 09:41:10
A very simple way of doing Part 5 mission.....Use a CNR

Fit 2 or 3 Cruise launchers and the rest with Heavies.
2 x invuln 2, 1 magnetic, 1 x thermic, 1 x amp and 1 x xl booster
4 x flux and 1 x bcu
3 x CCC rigs

You warp in at the 60K mark or so and use cruise to take out the neut towers. After each spawn from a tower kill, they fly towards you slowly....use lights to take out the frigs and meds to take out the cruisers along with your heavies.

This way, you dont have to move.....they come to you.......and this method ruled out the stasis towers as they cant reach :)

Just shoot away till theres nothing left.

* 2 x Cruise takes a while to kill the towers.
* As your in a CNR your shield is extremely large, therefore simple cycling of the booster is all thats required. I never went below 65% shield.
*The neut towers have little effect on cap but taking them out gets the spawns which give compounds which give ISK and adds satisfaction.
*On spare highslot i fit a Drone Link Augmentor I use with caution though as they will be shot at with each new spawn.
Comment by AshareeIntrefer
2009-01-05 05:05:23
I didn't have anything around for a passive setup so I went for this with my regular Ishtar setup with cap booster for security, and sentry drones seem to be very a useful way for dealing with the towers... in part 5 I had half of my (untanked) shield left when the sentries finished the last tower.
Comment by KismetEer
2009-01-24 14:55:21
Completed all in a passive shield rigged ishtar, with no drone distance mod, but one omnidirectional. Never went below like 80% shields on any of the missions. Sentries are very helpful if you want any cap on mission 5. Shoot big things with sentries, then switch to light drones to mop up frigates.
Comment by XennDC
2009-01-24 18:53:37
5 of 7 only had 3x Energy Neutralizers Tower. No need to ignore them as they did not cause a spawn when blown up. Completed in active tanked Nighthawk with cap recharger II, cap stayed above ~70%.
Comment by Peon155
2009-01-28 23:29:15
Completed whole series in one sitting with few probs in passive tanked drake fitted as below -

Hi 7 x Hvy Launcher2, 1 x Drone Link
Mid 2 x LSE2, 4 x Shield Res Amps2 (1 of each type)
Lo 2 x Shield Power Relay2, 1 x Damage Control2, 1 x BCS2
Rigs 3 x CDF

little probs with neut stages as cap mostly irrelevant. I would advise having some levels trained in the four shield compensation skills pref to at least 3, which if you are a caldari toon then you should be anyway...

Shield recharge rate of about 300 secs and about 13500 total shield...
Comment by JennvanaaSallen
2009-01-29 22:48:57
Completed all in Passive Drake. NF5 takes a while to kill all the little drones, but I was never in danger. Cap was just above 0 for a while, but all it did was turn off the hardeners.
H: 7x XR-3200 Heavy Launchers
M: 3xLSE2, 2xInvuln (V-M15), 1xShield Recharger2
L: 2xShield Power Relay2, 1xBCS (Muon Coil), 1xPDS2
R: 3xCore Defense Field Purger
Comment by PeteTurbo
2009-02-09 10:46:11
No problems on stage 5. Just warped in with a Domi and a Drake, domi got aggro and ran away slowly, drake killed the towers, and we leisurely killed about 20 rats before the BS arrived. It locked and chased the Domi until it caught up with the stationary drake which blew the crap out of it, scooped the loot and we went home.
Never any drama, probably didnt need the second ship.
Comment by RhenAyase
2009-02-24 02:11:18
done this in a damnation, the 5 launcher without any damagebonus from ship (and heavy missile skill only at 3) seems to be enough to take out the neut towers way faster than they drain you.
so i think a passive ship isnt necassary, as log you have enough range to take out the neut towers immediatly
Comment by KeryNysell
2009-03-17 15:13:04
I haven't completed the series yet (next one will be part 5), but I can add this little note : on top of the 1995 Gneiss and 16433 Omber in the "Raw Materials (1 of 7)", there's also roughly 500K of Veldspar in there (505.907, in "random amounts" for me).
Comment by WayneVazLam
2009-03-28 04:34:49
I just completed 5/7 in my Prophecy. It wasn't a walk in the park, given the three energy neut towers killing my oh-so-precious cap, but it was doable with a lot of warping in/out and heavy reliance on drones.

The absolute key for any active tankers should be to kill those neut towers ASAP. Use whatever means you have to -- long-range guns, drones (with their range boosted by drone link augmentors as necessary), etc. It's made more complicated by the web towers that slow your advance once you get within 40km or so.

T2 drones make a huge difference. I had a mishmash collection of T1 drones I used at first, but they would get picked off one by one, despite my best efforts to try and recall them whenever they started taking fire. I decided to go and pick up some T2 drones instead, and they made things a lot easier.

Cap Booster 800s help too. It really is all about those neut towers. Knock them out, and the mission becomes pretty easy.
Comment by CorwinPendragon
2009-04-09 09:01:34
There now seems to be a 7th spawn of 5 Merc Fighters in Part 1.

Spawning order seems to be:

Initial Spawn - 4 Miners: nothing
- 3 Elite Fighters: Spawn 6
- 1 Lt. (into hull): Spawn 3
- 1 Lt. (destroyed): Spawn 2
Spawn 2: - 1 Lt (into hull): Spawn 7
- 1 Lt: none
- 3 Elite Fighters: Spawn 5
Spawn 3: None
Spawn 4: None
Spawn 5: None
Spawn 6 - 2 Commanders: None
- 4 Fighters: Spawn 4
Spawn 7: None

There is an order that prevents the triggering of spawn 6 (and therefore 4). I think this happens if one or the other of the initial Lts. are killed before the fighters.
Comment by FasTrack
2009-05-16 11:59:45
This is my first time doing this mission, but 7/7 has changed.

I warped in and there was 4 cruiser and the BS. After the few seconds the rest of the first wave appeared. (11 frig/7 more cruisers) However, the BS warped out.

There is now a Pathfinder Gate in this area.

I carefully killed 10 frigs then 10 cruisers. But, after the 11th of each was killed there was no more spawns.

I'm heading now into the 2nd Pocket. (wish me luck)
Comment by MrSean
2009-05-20 17:06:04
Confirming FasTrack's report - part 7 of this mission has changed. Slept thru this mission today in a well fitted domi.

Tried to take out the BS as soon as I saw it, but it warped away before I was able to target it. DPS in this one seemed pretty heavy for a level 3 mission.
Comment by AnathemaMatou
2009-05-24 16:01:57
7/7 was messed up during an edit, should be fixed now.
Comment by WolfBiss
2009-06-03 19:49:22
part 7/7 BLITZ without risk:
- use pathfinder gate in room 1, ignore enemies
- shoot the Drone BS while orbiting in max range, warp out immediately after destroying it. Mission done. 5 minutes.
Comment by MrT
2009-06-04 10:23:09
Part 1/1

Nice little mining mission. Roids were placed nicely and close.
47 Green Aristite
1995 Gniess
16433 Omber
430k Veldspar

Plz. add this to hints in the mission.
Comment by AmiNis
2009-07-08 14:46:47
Attempted to outrange Nuet towers.. at 180KM Nuet towers still draining my cap. Looks like you won't be able to kite this mission well without killing them.
Comment by MrTitus
2009-07-09 03:59:30
I ran Pt 5 and pt 7 in my passive fit drake, as suggested, and never had to even flinch from damage. Even with the 'heavy' damage from pt 7, which is about 60% more than pt 5, i still never broke 70% shield level.

Don't go in with anything active, it just isn't worth the ship loss.
Hint: T2 small drones do well enough against the drones.
I also had a smartbomb for a couple of these, and it helped a LOT.

Drake w/
high - 6x Malkuth heavy
mid - 3x Large Shield Extender II - 3x Shield Recharger II
low - 4x Shield Power Relay II
rigs - 3x Core Defence Field Purger I
Comment by MrTitus
2009-07-09 04:09:00
Also, forgot to mention
Target order i took
1: Neut Towers (so i can warp out if/when necessary)
2: Cruiser sized Drones
3: Frigate Sized Drones
4: Anything else in the way
5: BS Sized Drone / Final Target
Comment by NicCage
2009-07-10 15:55:20
For part 5 I found that there were triggers when a tower was attacked.
10 towers = approx 8-10 spawns+ from attacking towers
Comment by Dragonwind2007
2009-07-12 15:34:38
Parts: 1,2,4,5 and 7

Insanely easy with a decent passive tanked drake.
warp in, attack closest spawn/tower, kill spawn/tower. attack next spawn/tower kill the spawn/tower rinse and repeat till finished.
I tanked the entire mission with the primary target BS's attacking me throughout w/o any problems as I dealt with the towers and their spawns one by one.

7x arbalest heavy missile launchers w/ scourge missiles (non faction)
1x salvager I
2x Large shield extender II's,
3x mission specific hardener I's,
1x shield recharger II,
3x Beta Reactor Control: Shield Power Relay I
1x Power Diagnostic System I
3x Core Defence Field Purger I
Hornet I's (4 out only when frigates get within 35km)
Comment by GouvViki
2009-09-05 17:05:25
Shiplist at Warp in in Part7:
5x Render Alvi(F/D), 5x Decimator Alvi(F/D), 4x Annihilator Alvum(C/BC), 5x Devastator Alvum(C/BC). All Drones were at about 33km from Warp in.
Comment by Travis9x
2009-09-07 19:03:11
Did all combat stages except 5 & 7 in a Navy Omen. Tried at first to do 5 in the Omen as well, but ended up having to do it & 7 in an Abaddon. For anything but passive Caldari ships, killing the neut towers first is highly advised. Just make sure you can kill them quickly, and survive the drone swarm that appears as a result. Tachyons on the Abaddon was very helpful for killing the towers right away, but had to rely purely on my drones to kill most of the rats (except for some of the larger drones, that orbited further away than the others, which my beams were actually able to hit occassionally).
Comment by Flaming111
2009-11-27 20:16:27
many of the "Deadspace" areas, like 4 of 7, you can bm and warp in at range

Part 5, warped in at 60km with mega mod beams on apoc, standard ammo killed many nicely, radio killed 80km+ targets. 3 neuts killed off first :)

Part 7, bm'd entry, warped out and back in at 50 -dropped all with mega mod pulse apoc w/radio-standard. Pocket area spawn is 24km average. BS is 30km. Pulsed everything with multifreq (16km optimal) and droned anything inside 10km.
Comment by TitaniumShadow
2010-01-27 23:18:46
1 of 7 - Pretty heavy DPS. I had to reconfigure my Drake for max shield recharge instead of DPS.
Comment by VentrethraX
2010-12-19 14:32:27
1 of 7 - Merc Commanders are hitting with Scourge Heavy Missiles. It is advised that you switch for Kinetic heavy tank, but still watch out for Thermal/EM from lasers. Did it in my Harbinger. Had to warp out a few times, but it was manageable.
7 of 7 - Some kind of NOS exists during part 7 of this mission. I was not able to stabilize my cap at the levels I normally do. I believe it may be coming from the Viral Alvums, as I was getting better power output as they died out
Comment by RicRamses
2011-02-13 08:04:58
I have no clue why anyone had to warp out one mission 5/7. I fly a drake with 2LSEs, 1 AB, and 3 hardeners in the mids, plus two extender rigs and one anti EM screen rig. My shield never dropped below 40%. If you're jumping out before then, you're not giving your tank a chance. I warped in, started orbiting the neut towers at about 50KM and shot them all down before taking care of the drones that had spawned. If you stay far enough away, your tank should be fine, even without hardeners running. Also, I was firing 7 Advance Limos Heavy Missile launchers with standard Thunderbolt missiles.
Comment by DoctorNho
2011-02-28 23:46:20
Mission 1/7 I had more rats than advertised above. I don't know the waves, but I had a total of:

10x Commander
6x Elite Fighter
14x Fighter
4x Lieutenant
3x Miner

(37 vs 31 listed above if I added right)
Comment by SwaleHeart
2011-03-15 17:01:02
did this mission in a duel rep fit Harbinger , good fit but not the best ,, in 5/7 I used lazers on nuet towers and the drones on scram ships , had to do a lot of running and heavy breathing over loss of armor and hoping hull would be ok , finished 5/7 in 1 run ,, 7/7 is a dog of different spots , after limping out the 2nd time to repair armor and hull I switched to pulse lazers ( was using beam ) because the rats are right there at warp in spot 3000m or less , warp in and align to stargate for escape , shoot at what was close and warp when cap and armor was gone ( armor reps always running ).. did this 6-7 times till the numbers were reduced ,,, this pocket can be done but not easly ,
Comment by DrRoic
2011-05-04 13:06:41
(1/7) Total bounty was 1.775 mil ISK.
(2/7) Wave 3 had Silverfish, Viral Infector and Controller. Bounty: 190,000 ISK.
(4/7) Bounty: 75,000 ISK.
Comment by JackTwoShoes
2011-10-02 10:25:21
I wanted to take a moment to post, for others that might do the part 5 mission and are worried. I completed the mission on my first attempt using a passivly fitted drake, with less then 1mil total SP. So, it is very possible and very easy if done correctly.

What I did:

I sat at warp in and waited for the BS to spawn, killing all drone spawns and not touching a single tower. After the BS spawned, I started fling away from the towers (approx. 75km total distance) while killing the remaining drone spawns. I then attacked and killed the BS spawn.

What this did:

It allowed me to kill the BS with out having the secondary waves attack from engaging the BS. It also allowed me to engage the BS quicker then trying to fly out of range of the nuet towers, which is 100k+. I was still in range of them, but it was not an issue as none of the new spawns attacked me.

I hope this helps.
Comment by FukuZai
2011-10-23 21:12:36
done in a worm
2 rocket II
small "solace" armor rep(for the drones)

small sheild booster II
1mn AB II
cap recharger II

3 power diagnostic II

EM rig I
Therm rig I
Core defense feild extender I

runs cap stable without running the rep,you get about 2 cycles before cap runs dry.

The neut towers are a bit difficult to deal with since the new spawns have a tendoncy to shoot the drones but if you can get your AB running now and again then everything is fine untill the neut towers are down, then everything is easy-peasy.
Comment by BuilderAlphaOne
2011-10-29 14:30:41
1/7 ... deadspace without gate, but you can't bkmk and warp in at range. Killing any ship in the first wave spawns either wave 2 or 3 [or both], best is to focus on taking out all of one type of ship so you get only one added spawn until you're ready. passive tanked Damnation had no difficulties at all, even with full agro.
Comment by HezzarK
2011-12-20 04:52:35
wtf is this info for part 1 ? i went with wrong tank, had to warp out 2 times, eventualy i went to station refit, came back with only kin/thermal hardeners, scourge heavy and i had no problem -_- changed main page with part 1 damage info
Comment by AntraMan
2012-03-19 06:49:27
Might want to add that the Infested Station Ruins in part 7 do not drop anything...despite being a destructible object, so don't waste the couple thousand trauma fury missiles to blow it up....
Comment by Klann2
2012-05-29 11:16:33
Part 6 - Nanite Express I have done this numerous times with 4 different characters, today for the first time the agent had me routed through Low Sec. ALSO - (Since the update to INFERNO) none of the drones in this series are giving anything other than bounties, NO Loot and Poor Salvage - my salvage is trained to lvl 5.
Comment by DeMichaelCrimson
2012-06-12 06:03:38
Very fun mission series, good story plot.

Completed series in T3 Cruiser (Loki), T2/Faction/Deadspace fit - active shield tank with short range weapons and Drones = 5x 425mm II AC's with Barrage/RF EMP ammo, 1x Lg Shield Booster, 2x Shield Boost Amps, 2x Invul Field, 1x 10mn AB, 2x Gyro, 1x Track Enh, 1x PDS, 5x T2 Light Drones - Hobs. Cap Ctrl Circuit (CCC rigs - 2x T2, 1x T1). Sub sys = Tactical Targeting Network, Adaptive Shielding, Capacitor Regeneration Matrix, Projectile Scoping Array, Fuel Catalyst

All Neut Towers were primary, Stasis Towers were secondary, then worked on NPC spawns starting with Frigs going up. Never lost Cap or tank, never got webbed or warp scrammed by NPC's. Mission looks tougher on paper than it actually is.
Comment by BumRusher
2012-08-06 10:41:36

In 1/7, you *must* mine the Green Arisite. Don't bother trying to buy it from contracts.
Comment by SuperFrank
2013-01-18 12:30:29
for 1/7 I recommend doing it in a Drake with mining drones. The drones will finish up around the same time that you finish killing stuff.
Comment by SuperFrank
2013-01-19 08:57:57
I think there's a lot more EM damage in part 7 than is stated here.
Comment by WokkyNz
2013-11-02 22:46:10
Mission 7 the triggers have changed, instead of when killing a previous group / wave, it triggers when you attack that wave. This has happened last three times i've done this mission.

Have done this mission set (1-7) multiple times in a passive tanked Navy Drake, had no issues with dps of any mission as long as you manage aggro - esp in part 6.
Comment by TaohRihze
2014-09-20 23:02:56
It is possible to "Blitz" 1/7 by avoiding agro, this information could be made clearer. No kills required, only mining.
Comment by AribethThiesant
2015-02-08 18:18:36
This is one of the harder L3 missions, especially the last part where I had to jump out and in a few times.
Comment by JohnnySomething
2017-01-05 09:24:27
Did 5/7 pretty easily by just using the first Blitz tactic written but didn't even need much tank because I brought a Mobile Tractor Unit.
Comment by msrex
2021-04-06 18:32:00
1/7: no more mining except the Green Aristide (253m3)
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