Onslaught, Level 1

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Mission Type: Encounter, Deadspace
Faction: Rogue drones
Recommended damage dealing: EM
Video: Punisher
Completed in: imperial navy slicer

Single Pocket

Read the Pop up messages.
Pick up the 4x scientists (4m³) at the Survey Post container (~10km) then place them in the Mining Outpost container (~30km).
Killing the last Drone in each spawn triggers the next.
Killing the last Drone flags the mission complete.

The dust cloud here causes area damage to any player-owned entities nearby, including drones.
Triggered by the first rogue drone spawn, the damage inflicted seems to continue until the last rogue drone is killed.
After that, the area is safe for mining.
Overall damage seems to be around 400-500 HP total, so it's quite manageable even in a frigate.

Spawn 1

Auto aggro
2x Mining Drone (Infester Alvi)
1x Rogue Drone (Splinter Alvi)

Spawn 2

2x Mining Drone (Infester/ Splinter Alvi)

Spawn 3

Auto aggro
2x Mining Drone (Splinter Alvi)

Spawn 4

Auto aggro
2x Mining Drone (Infester Alvi)
2x Mining Drone (Splinter Alvi)

Spawn 5

Auto aggro
2x Mining Drone (Infester Alvi)
2x Mining Drone (Splinter Alvi)

Mineable Asteroids
From 10km to 30km
45x Veldspar (1.5 mil m3)
30x Plagioclase (814K m3)
16x Pyroxeres (480K m3)

No loot.


Comment by ChenParn
2011-03-02 09:23:00
The Key to completing this is opening the cargo container marked 'Scientists', picking up the four Scientists then flying 25km to the cargo container marked 'mining' and putting the scientists into that container.
Comment by DoctorNho
2011-05-12 02:29:06
The missing message is: "Thank you! Thank you for your help! But the only way we’ll get out of here alive is if you clear the last of the drones out. Our lasers are down."

I had a total of 14 wrecks when done.
Comment by Blitzkrieg64
2011-09-20 00:32:51
The initial (missing) message when flying towards the survey post is "Hailing unknown ship! SOS! Please! Our life support is failing and we need your help. Please! Save us!"
Comment by MalMasters
2012-04-30 00:52:33
Rogue Drone Dmg Dealt: Exp 70% | Kin 20% | Em 10%
Damage type to use: EM
Comment by KovikoSmith
2013-05-20 08:34:27
If you are using Drones, try to launch them after you are past the large cloud of debris rather than before, or they will take a lot of unnecessary damage.
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