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Onslaught, Level 1

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Mission Type: Encounter / Deadspace, no pockets/accelerator
Faction: Rogue drones
Completed in: imperial navy slicer

Warp-in message:
Are we glad to see you! ORE is tearing this field apart. All this debris is their doing. They're chewing up rock and spitting it out. Impacts have battered our equipment and knocked out power. But we can't cut out yet! We have a crew of scientsts out there somewhere. We've lost contact. Find them before it's too late!

On warp in you also get a line in local stating:
Vast numbers of small asteroids in the field batter your ship. couldn't see any damage on ship though

After warp in you see a survey post (cargo container - 10km out) + a mining outpost (large collidable structure - 30km out). flying towards the survey post will get you a message stating:
Hailing unknown ship! SOS! Please! Our life support is failing and we need your help. Please! Save us!

in the survey post container you have to pick up 4x scientists (4m³) you need to transport to a container that spawned at the mining outpost:

Scientists' message:
Please, get us to the mining outpost as fast as you can!

Transport the scientists to the mining outpost and drop them in the can there:
crew's message:
Thank you! Thank you for your help! But the only way we’ll get out of here alive is if you clear the last of the drones out. Our lasers are down.

Killing the last 7 drones flags the mission complete:
We’re clear! We’re clear! Thank you! We’d all be dead without your help!

Spawn at that point:
3 rogue drone frigates (2x infester alvi / 1x splinter alvi for me - all named "mining drone") auto aggroing

Wave 1
killing the last one (i killed the splinter last) spawns another 2 drones (1x infester alvi / 1x splinter alvi - "mining drone") orbiting the mining outpost - no auto aggro

Wave 2
gets triggered when you kill the last drone from wave 1 (i killed the splinter last again) spawning another 2 drones (2x splinter alvi - "mining drone") which auto aggroed me. probably having proximity aggro to the mining outpost, dunno

Spawn at that point:
4 rogue drones (2x infester alvi / 2x splinter alvi - "mining drone") - auto aggro, killing last one triggers

Wave 1:
3 rogue drones (2x splinter alvi / 1x infester alvi - "mining drone") - auto aggro

Mineable Asteroids

From 10km to 30km
45x veldspar (1.5MM)
30x plagioclase (814k)
16x pyroxeres (480k)


No loot.


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