Operation Wyrmsbane, Level 5

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Faction: Serpentis
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace, No gate
Damage dealt: Kin/Therm
Extras: Dampener (Coreli Guardian Watchman)
Web/Scramble: Web & Scram - Coreli Guardian (Protector, Safeguard, Guard, Spy, Watchman)
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic/Thermal
Recommended ships: CNR, Golem, Carrier

Ship types and the specific number of rats will vary from time to time in each spawn, so please keep in mind that this is just an example.
Missile Batteries and Towers are fixed.
Note: Spawns 2 and 3 are at 4 minute intervals.


When you warp in, there is a single mixed group. Aggro is automatic.

Initial Group:

8x Serpentis Heavy Missile Battery
2x Serpentis Stasis Tower (Web)
6x Battleships (Core Grand Admiral/Core Lord Admiral)
5x Elite Frigates (Coreli Guardian Guard/Safeguard) (Web/Scramble)
6x Cruisers (Corelum Chief Sentinel)
8x Battlecruisers (Corelatis Captain/Wing Leader)

Spawn 1:

5x Frigates (Coreli Protector/Guard/Defender)
5x Elite Frigates (Coreli Guardian Spy/Watchman/Protector) (Web/Scramble) (Dampening [Watchman])
4x Elite Cruisers (Corelum Guardian Chief Safeguard/Infantry)

Spawn 2:

2x Serpentis Stasis Tower (Web)
10x Serpentis Cruise Missile Battery

Initial Group, Spawn 1 and 2

Spawn 3:

Triggered by Hacking Info Shard
Spawns at a distance of 2,000 - 2,500 m from Shard
This whole spawn must be eliminated to be able to access the can after it is hacked successfully.

4x Battleships (Core Lord Admiral)
6x Cruisers (Corelum Chief Sentinel)

Spawn 4:

Triggered when the Serpentis Stronghold is at about 5-10% Armor
Spawn starts within 20 km of Stronghold

3x Battleships (Core Grand Admiral)
4x Battlecruisers (Corelatis Captain)
3x Cruisers (Corelum Chief Sentinel)
3x Destroyers (Corelior Infantry)

Structure Loot:



You only need to kill the Serpentis Stronghold to complete the mission.

Comment by InGrass
2008-08-14 09:42:11
Last time 14.08.2008 no Serpentis Info Shard :-(( Only lighting structure, but nothing inside.
Comment by TheSubtleKiller
2008-10-10 22:14:08
Ran this mission in a dominix with 3 t2 kin/therm hardeners and a t2 damage control with another dominix remote repping with 6 large 'solace' armor reps. Total dps from the initial spawn was around 2900 with a spread of about 65% therm and 35% kin.

The spawn that appears when attacking the stronghold mostly aggroed me (mission owner), but the frigs and a couple of cruisers aggroed the nearby drones.
Comment by VaLTrantor
2009-06-22 05:49:44
Its not needed to hack the Info Shard to complete this mission, although it would be a good idea to do so. Soloed the mission in a passive tanked Drake (although passive tank is not needed here), key was to eliminate the stasis towers fast enough so I could maintain a faster speed to avoid some hits.
Comment by EvilDoomer
2009-10-04 17:55:39
warping in at 0 is not a good idea, alot of dps from the cruiser missile towers and the frigs will have you scrambled fast.
Comment by MagoSian
2009-10-12 20:10:30
This was my second lev 5 mission, the first being Sansha on the Horizon (to which I've also added a comment). Same deal, I don't know how to present my experiences chronologically so I'll just brainstorm them and list them as they come:

-I did this in a tanked/railed mega: 3kin/2thr hardeners, logistics was a Raven with 4t2 cruise, 4 large solace RRs and a compliment of 75m3 t2 repair drones. This was JUST enough for me to tank the mission, as in the beginning my armor would slowly decline until I had wiped out a few ships and it began to climb back up.
-while this mission has no neut towers, I consider this mission to be very difficult due to the staggering amount of dps.
-much like Sansha on the Horizon, you have the option to warp in at different distances, but you CANNOT warp in beyond 100km from the beacon.
-target dampening is an issue, but it's actually not as bad as the likes of lev4 Blockade.
-I chose to first focus on Grand Admirals to lower incoming dps, but I imagine a concentrated effort to take down the cruise batteries would be just as effective.
-There was no info shard in my mission.
-total bounties came in around 18 mil, salvage was laughable (this result was on par with Sansha on the Horizon...strange).
-There is no shame in rewarping to re-establish aggro on the intended tank.

Good luck to those of you out there who want to attempt it. Just be sure you can rep like a mofo. ;o
Comment by VaLTrantor
2009-11-02 06:02:47
Soloed in a Tengu - thanks to high therm-resis no prob at all. Same strat like in Drake - kill webbers/stasis/scram fast and orbit with high speed :)
Comment by SabbraCadabra
2009-11-19 15:17:47
Rewarping can spawn Info shard. (i try this 3 or 4 times)
But if u spawn it by warping pod - do not leave grid, becose it can disapear.
Comment by VaLTrantor
2009-12-10 06:05:34
I checked that with warping in again - for me the Info Shard was never there before, but warping in more than once helped, can confirm that. Reducing DPS is indeed best done with killing the batteries - they are easy to kill and deal much damage. Second should be battlecruisers. However, esp. with a gunboat killing frigs before they enter orbit is also a good idea.
Comment by JohnAnderson
2010-03-13 04:51:46
Doing it atm with a navy scorp and a domi with t2 sentries/drones and 3 large shield transporters.

Spawns for me were different. Killing the battlecruisers triggered both the first and second spawn and the amounts were different as well. Though with this setup it's easily tankable, even with rewarps included. I didn't even need to kill the towers.
Comment by MrSquish
2010-04-12 07:29:33
I solo'ed this in a passive tanked rattlesnake. I was able to do this mission without my shield dropping below 75%. Also, I used a true sansha smartbomb since there was no neut towers to eliminate most of the initial group. I completed this mission (not counting salvaging) in less then 30 minutes. By far the easiest mission i've done yet. Also... the info shard never spawned for me.
Comment by EscoPablo
2010-04-18 11:30:04
Info Shard will spawn within the lightning structure after you warp out and back in two times.
Will drop 1 x Engagement Plan used in Invention
Comment by NeoXr2i
2010-04-23 18:01:12
Done with damnation, claymore and oneiros
was suprised at the incoming dps i had to run 4 large remote reps to cover dps
had to warp in out 3 times before info shard appeared and i destroyed teh magnetic strutures round it to get to it
got some low end research items
nice fun mission
Comment by ForteEXE
2010-10-11 21:23:40
Did it with two Tengus, one fitted for tank, the other for RR. 25 minutes or so. Killed a few spawns then the stronghold.

I SUSPECT the current blitz is to warp tank in + RR after, then focus all firepower on the Stronghold.
Comment by NvisIon
2011-08-22 13:00:57
Blitz is possible, just take out Stronghold. In a passive Tengu I knocked out stasis towers and webbing frigs just in case - tank never dropped below 70%. 2 Corr C Kinetic and 1 Corr C Heat. Shard was not present in magnetic structure even after destroying them. 15 to 20 Minuites. Easy.
Comment by MaciejSimm
2013-12-16 19:27:19
used a covops to go in and BM then warped two rr ishtars at +50 from beacon, done in 30 min
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