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======Operation Wyrmsbane, Level 5======

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Faction: Serpentis
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace, No gate
Damage dealt: Kin/Therm
Extras: Dampener (Coreli Guardian Watchman)
Web/Scramble: Web & Scram - Coreli Guardian (Protector, Safeguard, Guard, Spy, Watchman)
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic/Thermal
Recommended ships: CNR, Golem, Carrier

Ship types and the specific number of rats will vary from time to time in each spawn, so please keep in mind that this is just an example.
Missile Batteries and Towers are fixed.
Note: Spawns 2 and 3 are at 4 minute intervals.

When you warp in, there is a single mixed group. Aggro is automatic.

===Initial Group:===
8x Serpentis Heavy Missile Battery
2x Serpentis Stasis Tower (Web)
6x Battleships (Core Grand Admiral/Core Lord Admiral)
5x Elite Frigates (Coreli Guardian Guard/Safeguard) (Web/Scramble)
6x Cruisers (Corelum Chief Sentinel)
8x Battlecruisers (Corelatis Captain/Wing Leader)

===Spawn 1:===
5x Frigates (Coreli Protector/Guard/Defender)
5x Elite Frigates (Coreli Guardian Spy/Watchman/Protector) (Web/Scramble) (Dampening [Watchman])
4x Elite Cruisers (Corelum Guardian Chief Safeguard/Infantry)

===Spawn 2:===
2x Serpentis Stasis Tower (Web)
10x Serpentis Cruise Missile Battery

{{image url=" " title="Operation Wyrmsbane Base Group and First 2 Spawns)" alt="Initial Group, Spawn 1 and 2"}}

===Spawn 3:===
Triggered by Hacking Info Shard
Spawns at a distance of 2,000 - 2,500 m from Shard
This whole spawn must be eliminated to be able to access the can after it is hacked successfully.

4x Battleships (Core Lord Admiral)
6x Cruisers (Corelum Chief Sentinel)

===Spawn 4:===
Triggered when the Serpentis Stronghold is at about 5-10% Armor
Spawn starts within 20 km of Stronghold

3x Battleships (Core Grand Admiral)
4x Battlecruisers (Corelatis Captain)
3x Cruisers (Corelum Chief Sentinel)
3x Destroyers (Corelior Infantry)

==Structure Loot:==
- Cruise Missles from the Bunkers
- Serpentis Info Shard will drop regular radar site loot (e.g. datacore, decryptors or decryptor parts)
- Serpentis Stronghold drops nothing of interest

- It is strongly suggested that you use Logistics support to keep your tank alive.
- Remember to have a hacking module (Codebreaker) in case there is a Serpentis Info Shard (does not appear every time).

You only need to kill the Serpentis Stronghold to complete the mission.

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