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Faction: Incursion Sansha's Nation
Space type: Normal Space
Damage dealt: Omni (EM/Them from Sansha lasers and Kin/Ex from Sansha torpedoes)
Recommended ship classes: Battleships (Gunboats), Logistics Cruisers
Recommended generic setup: 70% Omni Resistances, High DPS
Forces Required: 10-12 pilots
(Max Payout is given at 10 fleet members, however 12 fleet members can complete sights faster increasing the amount of isk in multiple sites.)

Incursion Sansha will auto aggress and switch targets.

Military Intelligence
Your objective is to destroy the Sansha’s Nation fleet amassing here. They will be making use of logistics arrays, so disabling them may be advisable.

- 10,500,000 ISK
- 1,400 CONCORD LP

- 15,000,000 ISK
- 2,000 CONCORD LP

Background Intelligence
One of the most significant evolutions in the Nation’s strategy has been the move away from abducting planetary populations. Their new tactical doctrine, which relies in part upon system-wide capsule interference, is clearly focused on limiting the power and influence of the capsuleer class.

The technology underlying the system-wide capsule overrides is not dissimilar to CONCORD’s own Tracking and Response System (TRS). Where it veers into new territory is in the application of new technologies designed to override local resources in ways previously thought impossible. Intelligence gathered by DED operatives strongly suggests that this facility is chiefly responsible for establishing these overrides.

Synopsis from ISHAEKA-0095. DED Special Operations.
Authorized for Capsuleer dissemination.

Single Pocket

Triggers are based on groups. The next wave spawns when all the ships in the group are killed. Ships part of the trigger group spawn will be highlighted in Blue

Wave 1

(Spawns 60kms from warp-in)
1 x Deltole Tegmentum (Neut + Paint + Scram)
1-2 x Auga Hypophysis (Scram + Web)
1-3 x Niarja Myelen
3-6 x Tama Cerebellum (Scram)
5 x Eystur Rhomben (Keeps Re-spawning)

Wave 2

(Spawns 80kms from warp-in)
1 x Deltole Tegmentum (Neut + Paint + Scram)
1-2 x Auga Hypophysis (Scram + Web)
1-3 x Niarja Myelen
3-6 x Tama Cerebellum (Scram)

Wave 3

(Spawns 30kms from warp-in)
1 x Deltole Tegmentum (Neut + Paint + Scram)
1-2 x Auga Hypophysis (Scram + Web)
1-3 x Niarja Myelen
3-6 x Tama Cerebellum (Scram)


It is highly recommended that fleets running this site run with a solid logistic back bone - while 2 logistics can do this site with an off-grid booster at low influence, you might want to have at least 3 logistic ships until you are comfortable going with only 2 and have a Vulture or Tengu off-grid.

Killing the Tamas while they are far away is recommended for DPS ships to avoid the need for a frigate killing ship such as a Blaster-Vindicator or Loki.

Ignore the Eystur Rhomben frigates as they re-spawn continuously.

Deltole's Neuting has been upgraded in Inferno, it can now neut out a battleship if left alone too long. Auguas have had their damage buffed as well. A Pub fleet should kill the Augas first to reduce incoming damage and not strain logistics. Shiny fleets should kill the Deltole first to reduce the chance of a ship getting neuted.

Trying to do some damage to frigates on approach doesn't work if the site isn't hacked, that's because the tower reps all ships at the same time. If you arn't hacking the site just have the fleet focus on the Augas while the designated frigate-killers take down the frigs.

The site will complete when you kill all group triggers in wave 3.

Typical broadcast order:
Niarjas -> Tamas* -> Augas -> Deltole

*Ships with low tracking should switch from the Tamas to the next target when they start orbiting. Or if you don't hack the site.
More Information can be found in the Glazed Isk incursion guide.
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Comment by StofolisOC
2011-02-27 08:01:31
Notes from HOV Constellation incursion 25/2/11.

This is the hardest Vanguard site by a long way.

30 minutes to complete - we used 3 logis (shield) and 7 dps ships.

HAC > BC > cruiser > BS.

Like all Vanguard sites smaller ships using transversal is better tank than big ship with a big buffer. Keep your orbital up.

The time taken to complete this site is dependent on hacking the control arrays. They have massive rep ability. We just pulled drones and saved ammo rather than trying to break tanks whilst the array is repping.

To save time fit a codebreaker to a HAC with MWD and make sure your logis lock him as he burns to the array. He can then orbit with MWD off (sig radius) whilst hacking.

Confirm above - Niarjas are the biggest threat as they jam logis, then the Auga as they web ships, reducing your velovity and therefore increasing incoming dps.
Comment by FulmarMusic
2011-03-30 13:14:22
Thats a pretty confusing mess of an evesurvival guide there, despite this it is 100% accurate...

if in doubt, warp all dps out, keep logi doing there thing, wait for letup in scramming, as this happened and we all got out, 3xbasi 1xschimmy 3xdrake(1 non-englush speaking russian) 2xraven 1xtengu... also what he said, make sure u prepare, with adaquite preparation and lokis with webs to kill those frigs fast, mission is quite easy
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