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2 x Outuni Mesen [neut, scram, web] **{{color c="red" text="TRIGGER"}}**
2 x Outuni Mesen [neut, scram, web]

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======Overwhelmed Civilian Facility======
Your objective is to intercept the departing Sansha’s Nation fleets and rescue the captured civilians from their smuggler freights. Once you have filled the freighter it will evacuate the remaining civilians and your assignment will be complete.
Shortly after appearing to change their strategic focus to capsuleers, reports began amassing of Nation forces launching smaller-scale attacks on remote or poorly defended space stations. The purpose of these attacks remains unknown, but may be as simple as serving to bolster their numbers without launching a full-scale planetary invasion. The targets of these invasions are seemingly random, and no commonality between the highly disparate attacks has yet been found.
ISHAEKA-0076 has recommended the authorization of capsuleer forces in assisting with these attacks in order to provide the most rapid and effective response available.
//Synopsis from ISHAEKA-0075. DED Special Operations.
2 x Deltole Tegmentum [neut, paint, scram] **{{color c="red" text="TRIGGER"}}**
2 x Deltole Tegmentum [neut, paint, scram]
3 x Antem Neo [sniper] **{{color c="red" text="TRIGGER"}}**
3 x Romi Thalamus
3 x Schmaeel Medulla [scram, web]
===Wave 3===
2 x Deltole Tegmentum [neut, paint, scram]
2 x Outuni Mesen [neut, scram, web]
5 x Romi Thalamus
===Wave 4===
2 x Deltole Tegmentum [neut, paint, scram]
2 x Antem Neo [sniper]
3 x Romi Thalamus
3 x Renyn Meten [web]
2 x Schmaeel Medulla [scram, web]
1 x Emergency Evacuation Freighter
Each wave will drop a can containing 15 civilians. Drop 40 Civilians into the freighter to complete the site.
======Nation Commander Stronghold======
Your objective is to locate the nation commander and assasinate them. Once you have separated the commander from the rest of his fleet they will scatter and flee.
Intelligence and other supporting evidence have revealed that this facility is being used as a rally point for senior capsuleer commanders within Sansha’s Nation. When one of these leaders is killed in combat or their forces routed by capsuleer counterattack, this is where they are re-cloned, and where they retreat to.
In light of this functionality, the strategic value of these outposts must be considered. By directly attacking the nexus of pro-Nation leadership, capsuleers will be able to limit the level of coordination and efficiency amongst attack squads.
//Synopsis from ISHAEKA-0079. DED Special Operations.
2 x Intaki Colliculus [rr]
2 x Ostingele Tectum
4 x Yulai Crus Cerebi [sniper] **{{color c="red" text="TRIGGER"}}**
3 x Antem Neo [sniper]
1 x Arnon Epithalamus [ecm]
1 x Auga Hypophysis [scram, web]
2 x Mara Paleo [rr]
2 x Eystur Rhomben
1 x Niarja Myelen [ecm, neut]
1 x Schmaeel Medulla [scram, web]
1 x Sansha´s Nation Commander [scram] (Killing this will trigger site completion and despawn all the other mobs)

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