Patient Zero, Level 4

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Faction: Rogue Drones
Mission type: Encounter
Web/Scramble: None
Extras: Constant AoE damage: 1000 EM damage every 10 seconds. Hits any players AND their drones within the pocket.
Damage dealt: 100 EM dps, Thermal/Explosive/Kinetic (in that order)
Recommended damage dealing: EM/Therm
Video: Raven (1080p60)


Auto-aggro on initial group and spawns. Watch out for continuous AoE damage while in the pocket .
Enemy ships at roughly 40km from warp-in.

3x Battleship (Infected Battleship)
3x Cruiser (Infected Cruiser)
2x Frigate (Infected Frigate)

Spawn 1

Triggered by attacking Patient Zero.

5x Battleship (2x Spearhead Alvus/3x Domination Alvus)
2x Cruiser (Nuker Alvum)
2x Frigate (Devilfish Alvi)

Spawn 2

Triggered by destroying one of the battleships of Spawn 1 (one of the Domination Alvus)

3x Battleship (Spearhead Alvus/Domination Alvus)
3x Cruiser (Disintegrator Alvum)

Spawn 3 (Final)

Triggered by the destruction of spawn 2.

2x Battleship (Spearhead Alvus/Domination Alvus)
3x Battlecruiser (Enforcer Alvatis/Striker Alvatis)

Mission complete on Spawn 3 and "Patient Zero" building's destruction. (Mission completes also when Patient Zero is destroyed and spawn 2 and 3 have not yet been spawned - just leave some ships from spawn 1 alive)

The destruction of the "Patient Zero" structure is the mission objective. No loot.

Destruction of Patient ends the AoE damage, enabling e.g. salvaging with an alt in a fragile ship or deploying drones to destroy frigate NPCs.

16 roids of Veldspar: ~ 861 000 units of Veldspar
16 roids of Scordite: ~1 100 000 units of Scordite

Comment by SinxarKnights
2011-01-24 20:24:19
I had to shoot Patient Zero to make the drone spawns start.

Spawn 1
4x Domination Alvus (BS)
3x Silverfish Alvi (Frigate)
3x Nuker Alvum (Cruiser)

Spawn 2
2x Spearhead Alvus (BS)
2x Disintegrator Alvus (Cruiser)

Spawn 3
2x Spearhead Alvus (BS)
2x Defeater Alvatis (cruiser)

Patient Zero has a fair bit of HPs. At 350 DPS it took about 7 minutes using kinetic damage.
Comment by DayitaAngelis
2011-02-06 05:01:22
And you really *can't* passively tank this mission. My log was showing no hits and I still received damage from the Rogue Drone virus well into 1/2 of my armor before I warped out. Working out an active shield tanking Tengu was not something I'd planned to do in the middle of a mission :)
Comment by Akreaper13
2011-02-07 19:15:17
23:37:40 Combat Spearhead Alvus aims well at you, inflicting 217.5 damage.
this was on a Navy apoc with 86% em and 82% therm resistance, I don't think they are doing mainly EM/Therm, I also noticed some of the cruisers useing Havoc missiles, I'm starting to think this mission is like other level 4 drone missions where Explosive damage is the primary. The only reason I survived was because of my 2 Large Armor Reps.
Comment by KwMech
2011-03-26 19:59:30
I also had to shoot the Patient Zero to start the spawns.
I did this in a Navy Scorpion set up for a normal Rouge Drone mission and it work out well.
The Patient Zero structure was fairly tough to take down though.
AoE damage happened about every 10 seconds.
Comment by RhenAyase
2011-03-31 07:06:08
used about 2*75 + ~15 volleys of ham @ 960 damage. means the structure has about 160k hp, but no resists (960 is my normal hull damage too used therm and em missiles to test)

this mission is quite easy done in a ham legion, the bs seldom hit with 10km orbit @ 500m/s, em missiles for the drones, therm for the other ships
Comment by Peace2You
2011-04-01 16:06:21
Spawn 1 appeared as soon as Patient Zero was hit.Once Patient Zero was destroyed I received no further AoE damage
Comment by MithorKarez
2011-06-24 13:47:18
Possibly there are no spawns 2 & 3 anymore. Completed for me when blowing up the structure and all but the frigates from Spawn 1.
Comment by ZenSins
2011-06-30 22:08:26
Was able to to tank this in a HM Drake w/3 active hardeners, 1 amp, shield power relay, DC, 2x BCU, 1 LSE, AB, purger rigged. Didn't realize just how rough the AoE would be on the Hob IIs and lost them immediately upon deployment. Keep the hobbies inside for this one. I just tanked the AoE for the entire mission until the end. The hobs blowing up was the most exciting thing about the mission.
Comment by ForaEvE
2011-07-29 01:17:10
Standing loss with Gallente Federation - 3.3459%
Comment by SeamusDonohue
2011-08-31 06:58:22
The area of effect damage from "Patient Zero" will also damage drones, making drones useless until the building is destroyed, first. Drone boats should be refit for turret or missile damage and seek assistance from another ship to destroy "Patient Zero". Once "Patient Zero" is destroyed, the AOE damage stops and drones may be safely deployed. It may be necessary to kite the rats while destroying "Patient Zero".

FACTION BALANCING: My records DO NOT show a standing loss with Gallente Federation for completing Patient Zero. In fact, the last time I did this mission, it was a +9.0% standing gain because I did it for a Gallente Storyline Agent. I posit that ForaEvE is looking at a loss for Derived Modification because he/she ran the mission for the Caldari or Amarr.

Please note that "Derived Modification" faction standing losses are relative to who you're running the mission for and should not be mistaken for "Combat - Ship Kill", which are always the same every time you run the mission.
Comment by EveDawn
2012-05-17 23:39:10
Very easy mission in a Golem with Gist X-type X-Large sheild boost.
Took out first group then activated spawns by shooting patient Zero.
Took out each group spawning after last ship killed each group.
Did 4700 damage to Patient Zero used 1 full group of EM cruise to finish.
Only 5.2 mil bounty but a nice 12% faction to Gallante out of the Sisters lvl4
Comment by Dethbringer1
2012-08-13 17:20:31
Finished in Tengu. Quite easy but very time consuming. unless you need standings I would definately decline this one. I fit my tengu for all tank. Should have went all gank. :( There won't be another try unless drone loot comes back or I really need the standings.
Comment by CmdrTarlton
2012-10-29 12:16:47
Just completed with Maelstrom (824.3 DPS) 1400mm arty and alt in Rattlesnake (611 DPS) with EMP cruise missiles. I lost 5 heavy drones to the AOE damage on my alt. You will need to be able to hit ships at less than 5000 meters to you as the npcs will close in fairly quickly. I didn't see any warp scramming. We stopped moving 60km from "patient zero" which is a ruined ship that likely won't be on your overview. Both ship active shield tanked. Properly prepared this was an easy mission with garbage loot and crap bounties.
Comment by JeniaAnderson
2013-01-02 06:00:54
Finished in 2 Tengu. 1 it have HAML, 2nd HML. resist EM 79%, damage from "Patient Zero" 279. easy mission.
Comment by PteroptoDidus
2013-06-18 12:18:04
For me, each wave have one more BS than the guide gives. e.g. guide says 4 , I got 5. Also, it may be a specific Domination drone that is the trigger as it was the second Domination BS of three killed from the first wave that spawned the second wave. Odyssey 1.0.7.
Comment by LabiaLabia
2013-07-14 19:07:59
Did this in an AB Vagabond.
Blitzed by killing warp-in spawn, shot patient spawning spawn 1, killed non domination bs. Killed patient, and turned in mission. Easy peasy.
Comment by WarlockD
2014-03-26 21:35:03
Did this in a Raven in an active tank and one Rapid Heavy Missile launcher since I couldn't use my drones. One thing, if you NOS the Patient Zero, you get free cap. Orbiting that thing and sucking it dry kept me nearly full cap.
Comment by SteppinRazor
2017-03-27 23:36:16
Easy mission. Salvage: 2.8M ISK
Comment by InfiniteDestruction
2017-09-22 02:51:06
22 Sept 2017
Tried to blitz this. Killed most of the initial group (kept 1 cruiser alive) and then killed Patient Zero.

The 1st spawn landed. I ignored it and finished off Patient Zero, then the last cruiser from the initial group. Then I popped all the ships in the 1st spawn except for one Domination Alvus.

Killed that ship and the mission flaggd as complete and there were no more spawns.
I did not notice any AOE damage at all. I didn't put out drones until after I had killed Patient Zero just in case.
(I was in an active tanks Navy Issue Scorpion with omni resists (EM - 89%) so I would have noticed getting hit with 1000 EM damage every 10 seconds and was watching for exactly that to see how my shields held).
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