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Penumbra, Level 4 Epic Arc

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Chapter 2 : Blackness Rising

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Mission 8 - Meet Sinas

Report to Sinas Egassuo's Chimera in Astoh

Mission 9 - Right Tool for the Job

Faction: Gallente Navy
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal space
Damage dealt: Kin/Therm
Web/Scramble: NA
Extras: Sensor Dampners
Recommended damage dealing: Therm (best), Kin (secondary)

Single Pocket

Rats are easy enough. Two groups of mainly elite frigs with no spawns. The elite frigs just take time to kill. But the Federation Navy Shipyard container requires a Codebreaker I and at least Hacking 3.

Mission 10 - The Breakout

Faction: Gallente Navy
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Kin/Therm
Web/Scramble: N/A
Recommended damage dealing: Therm (best), Kin (secondary)
Recommended ship: Any frig fitted with a probe launcher and code breaker (will also need a weapon and/or drones)
Optional Fit: MWD or AB for the long trek to gate
Items Needed: FedNav F.O.F Identifier Tag from Mission 9

Warp In

First, scan down the site. Apparently, the site (Federation Detention Facility) can be in any system in the Aokinen constellation. However, I found it in the first system I looked in which was Uchomida (not low sec).

When you warp to the site, the next pocket is reached through the Newly Construction Acceleration gate which is over 90km away. You can't set a bookmark closer, warp out and then warp back in (tried it), but MWD does work. There is a ton of big velds rocks (55k to 120k for a total of 2.5 million) in the room but its all 60km to 115km away. Only one ship can activate and use the gate and the tag is used up.

Single Pocket

In the next room there are 8 frigs that are very weak and only one or two will actually aggro. Eliminate the frigs and then hacked one of the prison facilities to save the prisoner. You may be able to hack another one before the rest of the prisons self-destruct. What's left are cargo containers with either 10 janitors or 10 generic prisoners. Salvage from the frigs wrecks in unremarkable.

Mission 11 - Whisper of a Conspiracy

Faction: None
Space type: Normal (Low-Sec)
Damage dealt: N/A
Web/Scramble: N/A
Recommended damage dealing: N/A
Recommended ship: Any fast frig (shuttle should do fine)

Route is into low-sec so be careful. Warp to the mish site. Sinas says to check out the telescope. Once you reach about 10km from it, Sinas hacks it for you and you can open it to get the mish item.

Mission 12 - Practical Solutions

Mission Type: Courier

Mission 13 - Forewarning

Mission Type: Courier to Deadspace Location in Low Sec
Recommended Ship: Very fast frigate or covert ops

I ran into a big fleet of frigs and cruisers tanking the gate guns so I was glad I was in my buzzard. Mish ends when you make the drop. Report back to Sinas to make the next choice: whether to continue working for Sinas or to return to Katsen Isha in Poinen.

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